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  1. These days stage 3 is cheating!!
  2. Cmitch

    New boat!

    Well, while the 19’ H20 has been a great boat especially after the trim tab install It’s time to GO BIGGER!! Kicking around many different layouts but boats are a super hot item this year and as soon as I like one boom sold! I think I’ve narrowed it down to a 246 SSI (Overall great boat) OR 243 Vortex (I really like the layout). But the boat has to have a head not always to use the toilet but privacy as I have 2 daughters becoming teenagers this year (god help me!!!). As always happy boating!!!
  3. It’s not about miles per gallon for me, it’s all about the smiles per gallon!!
  4. I recently bought the Mission boat fenders because the h20’s cleats are too low. They are worth every penny, the protect above and below the rub rail!!
  5. This was on Saratoga lake. East of Erie.
  6. I saw one this last weekend. It was black and turquoise with the arch, looked super Miami vice!! Lol
  7. Cmitch

    New deck

    I’ll check it out, local store has a “sale” on the Trex but we know how that goes...lol
  8. Cmitch

    New deck

    Wife talked me into a new deck and pergola... I swear I told her no summer projects but like they say “happy wife happy life” so a new deck it is! Going with Trex decking to keep the maintenance down so maybe more time on the water. Well wish me luck!
  9. Lol I’m using Bennett bolt. 12x9 but you’ll want 12x12’s. I went with the electric tabs so no drilling for a hydraulic pump. Installation was very easy Bennett makes all the connections plug and play. Look on EBay that’s where I found my set.
  10. I wouldn’t own a boat without them, just installed a set on my H20 and they are worth every penny!!
  11. Cmitch

    Vinyl wrap

  12. Cmitch

    Vinyl wrap

  13. Much better in rough water. The boat would list with a strong crosswind but not anymore. Few pushes of a button and we are leveled out. Well worth the money!!
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