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  1. Amazon has these lights in multiple colors..
  2. Precision propeller located in Newburgh NY.
  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase the extended swim platform for a H20? Thanks Chris
  4. I’ll be on the ole GSL this weekend!
  5. I went with the cheaper aluminum 4 blade nemesis and noticed an incredible difference in performance. Haven’t checked for fuel economy yet.
  6. Cmitch

    New boat?

    We own a 2017 H20 19’ and the fit and finish on my boat is up to par. Quality control is spot on for this particular boat!! Only problem I have is I wish i waited for the 23’ and bought that but other then the size we are extremely happy with our H20.
  7. I’m no expert but I’d say they would be comparative, again definitely worth the coin!
  8. The nemesis is aluminum and I have a 19’ h20. Top speed is 51-53ish on GPS with perfect conditions. (Just the wife and I). The boat shoots out of the water on plane in half the time the stock 3 blade took. Definitely worth it!!
  9. I have a nemesis 4 blade 21p. WOT runs 5k
  10. No no no. It’s totally fair to know how much these things are marked up. We all want a fair deal and if no one knows markup then how would we ever know.....Chap doesn’t care one bit if anyone knows the true cost, markups, or whatever. We will still buy their boats, but it’s just nice to know how much they are truly marked up.
  11. I run a 4 blade 21p on my 4.3l 220hp and it performs great!
  12. Cmitch

    244 sunesta

    Thanks all!! There is a brand new 2017 leftover at a local dealer, I’m trying to beat them up as much as possible!!
  13. Cmitch

    244 sunesta

    Upgrading from H20. Any 244 sunesta owners on here, I’d like to hear your opinions on the sunesta. Other option is the SSI... thanks
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