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  1. I don’t have any type of charger right now, just the stock single battery and alternator setup.
  2. I’m looking to add a second battery, can I run a conventional cranking battery and a AGM? my cranking battery is a interstate 24 series now but going to replace and add a secondary for accessories. Recommendation on brand? Thanks
  3. That’s strange that you only get that rpm
  4. See now that would $%&# me off to the point where I follow them to their dock and mostly likely get physical!! DON’T F*** with the kids!!!
  5. Lake George is a beautiful place. I live 30 minutes south but rarely boat it. Looks like you had a great time!!
  6. Cmitch

    1999 2135

    This forum is NOT policed, well not but Chap at least. Maybe the old hags!! Lol
  7. It’ll take up the entire swim platform, on that “H20” SSI you gotta go I/O.
  8. I have the Bimini over the tower and it definitely helps!! A must have!!!
  9. What did it come with...? 3 blade 21pitch?
  10. I use my tower to wakeboard from with bimini open and it does not rub at all. Use the transom eyehook to pull a tube.
  11. These days stage 3 is cheating!!
  12. Cmitch

    New boat!

    Well, while the 19’ H20 has been a great boat especially after the trim tab install It’s time to GO BIGGER!! Kicking around many different layouts but boats are a super hot item this year and as soon as I like one boom sold! I think I’ve narrowed it down to a 246 SSI (Overall great boat) OR 243 Vortex (I really like the layout). But the boat has to have a head not always to use the toilet but privacy as I have 2 daughters becoming teenagers this year (god help me!!!). As always happy boating!!!
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