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  1. Cmitch

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    I know this is a old post but I gotta say my experience was great!! We picked up a 19 h20 sport and everything was spot on. My dealer went above and beyond showing us everything about the boat. Included fenders, lines, and all safety equipment. We are beyond happy and wil stick with Chap...
  2. Cmitch

    Recommendations on gps/fish finder combo

    I think I saw that unit at west marine and liked it!! Display looks good and the 3 way screen is nice too. I appreciate everyone’s input!!
  3. Cmitch

    Recommendations on gps/fish finder combo

    No, I’m a river or lake boater. But those are definitely things to think about in my years to come...
  4. Cmitch

    pro's and con's of uncovered slip

    That just make me laugh out loud!! I trailer and launch frequently and I’m sure “I’m that guy” once or twice but hey haven’t we all been “that guy”?! Lol
  5. Cmitch

    H2O Ski & Fish - livewell cooler lake water

    I have the H20 sport and mine does not... I was thinking of spraying bed liner on the outside of the “cooler” (if that’s what you wanna call it) or maybe even spray foam insulation. But man it gets just as hot in there as my engine bay after running her...
  6. Looking to get a gps/fish finder combo, nothing too crazy as the boat is only a H20. 5 hundred deer is my limit, I’d like to hear people opinions. Thanks!!
  7. Cmitch

    pro's and con's of uncovered slip

    Hahahahaha hahah I need a slip near the launch!!
  8. Cmitch

    H2O Ski & Fish - livewell cooler lake water

    I totally agree!! I was thinking of trying to insulate it better, any thoughts?
  9. Cmitch

    Cavitation plate

    Prop must of thrown something up and it broke the cavitation plate, is this covered by insurance?
  10. Cmitch

    New Chaparral Time

    My H20 handles great at low speeds. However I do like the seating arrangement on the vortex but I’m a prop boat man!!
  11. Cmitch

    Opinions on 2014 19 Foot H2O Sport

    I have a newer 19ft and I’m happy for a small lake boat. I’ll be upgrading here soon!
  12. Cmitch

    4 blade on h20

    Went from the stock 3 blade 21p prop to a 4 blade 21p nemesis, what a difference!! Low and mid range is a completely different, she jumps up on plane immediately definitely worth the deer!!
  13. Cmitch

    Chaparral 19 H20 Sport Gallons Per Hour

    It’s not about gallons per hour it’s all about the smiles per hour!!
  14. Cmitch

    Changes to Chaparral 18 H2O 3l 2016-2019?

    I have a 2017 h20 and I can’t tell if any changes. From ‘17-‘19