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  1. Sweden

    Uploading Pics

    Yes I have one solar panel and its like a bag so you can put it Where you want, its a 100w and I hava one 50w on the roof
  2. Sweden

    Transom lights

  3. Sweden

    Transom lights

  4. Sweden

    Transom lights

    This is new for this year
  5. Sweden

    Sea water to toilet ?

    Hi i’am from sweden so sorry for My english I have a Chaparral 350 2003 and i wonder if i have some switch or something to take sea water to My vacum toilet instead of Fresh water, in 3 days the fresh water is empty because My wife is going on the toilet all the time ?
  6. Sweden

    Uploading Pics

    From sweden
  7. Sweden

    chaparral 300 signature

    Try to search on wish