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  1. Chewey

    LED Lighting -Potential interference of VHF

    The garage door and other industries have known this for years. Wonder why it took so long for the marine industry (or at least in this case the USCG) to catch on. The technology is better than it was, but it's still going through some growing pains (like this). Hopefully all the kinks will get worked out soon and going to buy a simple light bulb won't involve as much research as buying a new TV!
  2. Chewey

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    Hey Cleaver...did the rep specify what kind of tires he was talking about? Your post doesn't say trailer or passenger tires that they tested 10 psi low that experienced the failures or if he was just talking about tires in general. Just curious,
  3. Chewey

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    True...because those underinflated tires build excess heat vs a properly inflated tire.
  4. Chewey

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    The only thing I would add to Brick's advice is going up a load range. Heat is the enemy of tires. The higher the load range rating the more heat tolerance you have. Considering boat trailering is mostly done during the hot summer months, I like it as additional insurance. I've been towing different types of trailers for 18 years and what I've learned through experience is that passenger tires tend to wobble/sway more when used on trailers because their sidewalls aren't as stiff (probably ok on a light single axle trailer, but I didn't like them on my dual axle trailers), proper inflation is key to reducing the heat in the tire, always carry as many spares as you have axles (when one tire goes out, all of that load goes onto the other tire(s) on that side and overloads it), and if you are going to be trailering in the heat, go up a load range. I've lived in MS, AL, AZ and FL for the past 20 years so the additional load range thing may only be applicable for those of us in the real heat. But since I've made that change, my trailer tire issues have gone away.
  5. Chewey

    Determining Trailer Tongue Weight

    That checks David. 10%-15% for conventional trailers and 7%-10% for boat trailers. It's all about the CG (Center of Gravity). As previously mentioned, boats are wayyyy stern heavy unlike conventional trailer loads. It comes down to lateral stability (usually referred to as sway). If you put too little tongue weight on a conventional trailer, your CG is too far back and you end up with an unstable pendulum behind your truck that'll pull it right (or left!) off the road. Had that happen to a guy in front of me a few years ago when his travel trailer started to sway and it pulled him off the side of the highway and ended up with the trailer on its side on the bank.
  6. Chewey

    Volvo Penta 5.0 GXI-B (300 Hours)

    Mine acted similar when my fuel pump went out. Common problem on Volvos from that time frame. May want to check your fuel pressure.
  7. Chewey

    bimini top - help for a new guy please :)

    It's tough to tell from your pic, but do you have 2 loops on top of your windscreen? That's how my 220SSI attaches. You clip your front straps into the 2 metal loops. For the speedometer, make sure the pitot tube on the transom is in the down position. Sometimes they get hit with something (in or out of the water) and they will flip back. Otherwise, you would want to make sure that the tube is connected on both ends (the pitot tube end and the speedometer end) and then just make sure the pitot tube or the line aren't clogged...it's usually the pitot tube rather than the line. Here's a picture of what the pitot tube looks like Of course, this is for a Volvo motor/outdrive. I believe the Mercruiser is built into the outdrive. In that case, just make sure it's not plugged. And lastly, boat fuel gauges are notoriously inaccurate. I know my motor burns 7 gallons an hour on average and I usually use that as a gauge more so than the built in gauge. You might find that the gauge will become accurate once it isn't so full...or it could be a bad connection.
  8. Chewey

    She's a Keeper

    I miss our Grown Ups only cruises. We have to tow 3 hours to get to the lake so it's pretty much all or nothing for those trips. Glad you and missuss got some time.
  9. Chewey

    Who has a pellet smoker/grill?

    The best resource I've found for BBQ is amazingribs.com. They've got comparison articles for equipment and accessories and I haven't been disappointed yet. They don't sell anything themselves, but review equipment and provide a ton of information. What I like is how they come at it from a scientific perspective and analyze old wives tales. Their recipes are pretty good too, but I've discovered that my palette is a bit different so I use other recipes. I definitely use their techniques though. My latest acquisition is a Weber Kettle with a Slow n' Sear. I've been impressed with how consistent of a temperature it holds throughout the smoke and how easy the whole rig is to operate from set up to clean up. I've looked at pellet grills and because of the drawbacks mentioned here have decided to put it off (possibly indefinitely). Lots of different ways to get good 'Q, it just depends on how much work you wanna put in and most importantly learning how your rig (no matter what it is) works. I've got a gas grill, offset cheap drum smoker and the Weber kettle and each has its use and own personality.
  10. Chewey

    2017 Upgrades complete!

    I just added the bluetooth adapter to my father's day list. I've been using an ipod going into the 2.5mm headphone jack I remoted into the glove compartment, but I like this better. Bring on the Pandora!
  11. Chewey

    Spare Tire mount

    I have enough room in front of my winch post to lay the spare on there and use the simple spare mounting u bolt. If you look at the pic, you'll see part of it. I have a canvas cover that was made to match my boat cover. I also finally got around to mounting my second spare on the aft of the winch post. I haven't ops tested it yet, but I don't think my hull will hit it when loading/offloading. Sorry I don't have a better pic, but I think you get the idea.
  12. Chewey

    Is this a fuel pump going bad

    Since it's only your starboard side, I would actually rule out the gas. I fought a problem like this for months on my own before I broke down and asked a professional for help. Ended up being the fuel pump. About 980 deer IIRC. Mine burned up some of the wiring harness with it so that took a little extra to fix. I wanna say they are down around 500 deer for the parts. Mine first manifested itself like yours in that it wouldn't get past 2800 rpm, then it became intermittent on whether it would run. This happened a few times until it got to the point where it wouldn't even start. I thought it was bad gas or water in the gas. Can't tell you for sure it's your fuel pump, but the symptoms certainly fit.
  13. Chewey

    Fuel stabilizer?

    You've heard the expression "It's a dry heat" right? They're talking about AZ when they say that. Right now it's sprinkling outside and it's still only 23% humidity! I boated in FL (panhandle and Tampa) for 5 years before moving out here and rarely filled the tank. I usually kept it at around a half a tank and never had a problem with condensation in the tank. Never showed water in the separator. Who knows, maybe it was the Sta-bil.
  14. Chewey

    Fuel stabilizer?

    I have always used marine sta-bil on every fueling to help deal with the ethanol issues. Plus help counteract any varnishing type effects as gas seems to go stale quicker nowadays. The question isn't so much how often you'll be using the boat, but really how often you'll be fueling the boat and adding fresh gas. I tend to never go more than half full (56 gallon tank) cause a typical day doesn't require that much gas and it's less weight to have to move around, and this way my fuel doesn't sit in the tank as long. So I end up fueling every weekend I use it with a stop at the pumps on my way to the water. On a boat using E0 that gets runs once a week on average, I don't think it's needed...until you are forced to use E10 or it sits longer than expected.
  15. Chewey

    oil drive 2001 ssi 220

    I use Mobil 1 Full synthetic 75W-90 gear oil in my Volvo SX outdrive. 3 bottles @ 10 deer each.