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  1. Thanks so much for all the input. I am following the break in period to the letter and believe the variables discussed are the issue. I loved the comment by RIP5.
  2. I'm 12 hours into my new 2019 277 SSX with a 350HP VP Engine. Top speed only getting to 44MPH which is extremely disappointing considering I was led to believe it was a 50MPH boat. Any one else having similar issues or any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the quick responses so far! I appreciate the input. The boat will be stored dry in a garage during winter but in a slip all season. Yes, I am buying with the windlass feature!
  4. About to purchase a new 277 SSX but can't decide on color - Eclipse Black or Eclipse White. Love them both with matching tower and the silver stripe. The boat will predominantly be used on fresh water river so I expect grime on hull bottom and heard black was more forgiving and did not show stains as much. I've heard keeping black side hull from showing everything is a nightmare and that white was more forgiving. My question is: Which requires less effort - keeping the white bottom clean or the black side looking great?
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