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  1. glenn982335

    GPS / Chart Plotters

    Thanks Iggy and Hatem . . . . . I like the location Hatem has and am considering the same size Garmin. On the 98' 2335 the windshield seems awfully close to the top of the dash. I need to put a tape measure on it to get a better idea before I purchase. Will post a pic when I get it mounted.
  2. glenn982335

    GPS / Chart Plotters

    New here. . . . Don't know if Chobbs ever got his answer on WHERE to mount it. . . . . I have the same question . . . . New owner of 1998 2335 and want to add a GPS/Chart Plotter. Leaning toward a Garmin Echo 7" screen. There is not a lot of space on top. Anyone have pics of their installation to share?