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  1. Well we were tubing and soaking people getting into the boat put water into the bilge.
  2. hit something pretty hard this weekend in my 2015 226ssi. Cruising at about 35mph I saw something floating in the water at the last second and pulled hard to port side and hit whatever it was in the water on the back starboard side. Couldn't see anything while in the water and when I put it on the trailer today I found this. Should I be super worried? We kept the boat in the water all day Sunday and Monday tied to a dock and didn't have to use the bilge anymore than normal it seemed.
  3. last year I purchased a 2015 226ssi. Boat was amazing all last year. My brother in law has a cottage on a small lake here in the fingerlakes of NY. I would just trailer the boat about 1.5 hours round-trip to go there on the weekends and would just tie it off on his dock. The boat fenders did a number on the hull gelcoat. I have a black hull so everything scratches it. I was also paying about $500 for a land lease to keep my boat and trailer last year. Not allowed to keep boats in our driveways where I live. I'm looking at buying a hoist this year and leaving it at the cot
  4. I have the enertia on my 226ssi with the 4.5 250hp motor. I'm able to get up to about 47 to 48mph with 4 people and hear on board. My boat is about 800 lbs heavier so I would imagine speed would be about the same for you. Holeshot is. Very good now, sorry i didnt time it to plane though.
  5. I have the smaller 226ssi and also smaller motor 4.5 merc. The new 4.5 makes 250hp and I'm able to get up to 49mph with 4 people in it. I wish I had found one with a larger motor but this is a 2015 and only had 67 hours on it.
  6. Much harder and longer than doing my truck lol. Had the boat for a couple months and figured it was time to wash and wax him. Used starbrite instant hull cleaner on the yellow under the boat. Then used meguiars boat wash for the wash and used alot of elbow grease and meguiars cleaner wax for light oxidation and finished with meguiars flagship marine wax. Things I learned about this process. 1. White fenders on a black hull leave lots of Mark's. Wasn't able to get them all out but with a DA polisher I will be able to. 2. I could tell a difference between just the cleaner
  7. Hey guys, Just bought my first gel coat chaparral 226ssi and have had it in the water half a dozen times and it has started to get yellow on the bottom of the hull. Looking for good recommendations to clean it while not ruining the gel coat. Star brite seems to be pretty popular but looking for cleaners you guys have all used. Also looking for a good soap and wax to apply as well after cleaning it. I've tried the search but doesnt seem to be working for me
  8. I just purchased my 226ssi and bought new fenders but need opinions on how I should mount them to the boat when at a dock or tying off to another boat. I personally wouldn't mind tying them to the cleats but for ease of use for others on the boat to help, I was wondering if anyone uses some kind of snaps that are adjustable for different docks and such? I'm not keen on drilling fender locks into the side of the boat so realistically looking for something on the cleats. Would a metal snap work on a cleat? My old boat we would just tie them on to the bow rail but looking
  9. Picked it up yesterday. 59.2 hours. Came with the bow and cockpit covers but looking for a storage cover. I'll be keeping it on land on the trailer at the marina because we go all over with it. Anyone have any recommendations? I had a cheap $40 Walmart cover for my old 19' wellcraft which worked for about 2 years before it started leaking. Also how do the covers work with the stock bimini cover? Do you have to take off the bikini to get the cover on or can you fold it all the way down and have the full cover on it?
  10. Thank you. This will all be done by the dealer before I pick it up in march or april. I do all the work myself. I had a 92 well craft 4.3 alpha 1 and always changed the gear oil and engine oil filter ect. Always winterized it myself as well. Saves me about 500 a year in maintenance
  11. Only annoying part about the process was the financing guy trying to sell a 3 year warranty and interior protectant 3 year warranty. He included all that in the payment. He didnt realize I had already done the math and told him his numbers didnt add up and that's because he included 5k worth of add ons. Told him I didn't need the warranty because the boat and engine still have 2 years left. Typical financing guy trying to add stuff on. Had to keep telling him I declined all of that
  12. Pulled the trigger yesterday on a 2015 226ssi with 57 hours on it. Has the deluxe package, in dash GPS, 4.5 merc alpha 1. Premium audio with amp, bimini top, snap covers, mooring cover and alot more Original sticker was over $69,000 Boat sale price was $44,999 Talked them down to $37,000 Boat is immaculate. Not a scratch on the gel coat and no wear or stains on the interior Pics are here https://www.marksleisuretimemarine.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=6678945&p=1&s=Year&d=D&t=preowned&fr=
  13. Debating on buying a 2015 chaparral 226ssi with deluxe package and 4.5 vs merc 250hp and 60 hours for $40,000 Another dealership reached out to me and offered me a brand new leftover 2018 monterey 224fs with similar options same 4.5 merc and 7 year warranty on everything for about $43,000 plus ttl and delivery. I thought these 2 boats would compete directly with each other but 2018 226ssi are over 80k
  14. I'm going to look at the boat today and if I like it will put a refundable $1000 deposit on it pending a test drive this spring. I had a 92 well craft 186 with the 4.3v6 190hp And that was fast enough for us on our smaller lake. That boat was 14.21lbs/ hp where as the 226ssi is 15.6lbs/hp so slighter higher weight to power ratio but hopefully not to much of a difference
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