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  1. Duke75

    244 Sunesta New

    Ok guys, thanks for the advice. I ordered a 2019 244 Sunesta black full gelcoat with blue sport graphic, about every single option available, including exhaust upgrade and every speaker possible! With 6 teenage kids, my wife and I are really looking forward to replacing our 1995 Sunesta that has years on her. Will post picture when I get it in! i did order the vacuflush system for the head, but my lake doesn't have a clean out station, so will have to look into ordering a self pumping clean out tool for when I pull it out of the water and take to the nearby campground that has a black water cleaning station. Pomme De Terre lake in MO is where this will be kept!
  2. Duke75

    244 Sunesta New

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. Duke75

    244 Sunesta New

    About to build and order a new 2019 244 Sunesta - Need some advice on options to decide which ones are worth them and which ones are not. Please provide any advice on type of options you would strongly recommend getting from Chaparral and which ones to buy aftermarket down the road. Also, going to get a blue boat and thinking of having the bottom done as well, is that hard to maintain and keep clean or is leaving it white better? Thanks for any help you can provide! This boat will be on a large lake in MO