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  1. Carl D that looks awesome.. from the pics it looks like stick down not snap in correct? No issues cleaning yet I assume...
  2. Ok I know I have hemed and hawed over this but I really want to aqua marine deck my entire cockpit but I have heard that would not be smart since it does stain easily. It’s on my swim platforms and we are not on those as much as in cockpit.. So leaning towards Infinity luxury woven vinyl. If anyone has the seadek or aqua marine deck in their entire boat could you speak to it’s wearability... I’d rather here it from real life examples:)
  3. Sorry I meant under the boat from his video.. the black circle next to the white through hole. I have that same deal and it seems like a spot water could seep in
  4. I do have a question what is the black deal next to that white thru hull fitting? Is that transducer?
  5. Could it possibly be just bad gas? Not sure what this fuel codes mean though
  6. I have only had that problem of not getting on plane and only getting to lower RPM. For me it was as simple as cap and rotor but sounds like you have other issues too.. maybe when it down poured on your way home water got in the cap? I have heard when those get wet they start acting up. Might be corroded I’m certainly no expert and all my knowledge comes from this forum and when crap goes wrong on my boat.
  7. I’ll post pics. Plan on using aqua marine deck. I was hoping they’d have another promo offer like last year..
  8. I think I am going to finally put Aqua Marine Deck in the entire interior of boat to replace my carpet.. question is for anyone who has done this.. is it easy to clean? I have on my front and rear platforms and it appears ok but we are not trampling on that like we would inside the boat.
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