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  1. Good luck to you and Have fun boat shopping
  2. I would go the Ssi route. I think even the 263 only has an 18 degrees deadrise. I have a 243 sunesta and when rough at lake of Ozarks it has quite a lot Hull slap but like your wife we chose it for all the room and storage. If I really nee then what I know now I might have went with the 256 Ssi
  3. I believe the SSI has a sharper deadrise at the Transom... so I would think that would ride better although I do think the newer Sunesta are deeper v than they used to be. I have an 03 243 Sunesta and only has 18 degree deadrise. Ssi might be closer to 21 or even 22 degrees at transom which is a true deep V
  4. Curious I recently watched fireworks from my boat and just kept it in idle for probably 40 minutes. Does that make engine hotter since not as much water is running through? Maybe a dumb question. I just just thought it felt hotter than usual once I got it on lift. Temp Gauge seemed normal
  5. I currently own a 03 243 Sunesta. Yes lots of room but does not do real great in choppy water due to the 18 degree deadrise. now if it is calmer conditions it is great. I love this quality and the interior storage but I might have opted for a 256 SSI if I wasn’t a rookie boat but then:) just depends on where you are using it. I’m at lake of Ozarks.. granted Memorial Day weekend is hard on the biggest boat there!
  6. Thanks wing nut... I will have that checked next.
  7. Could use some input. Seems like when I am under 1500 rpm I can feel the engine surging a little. Then when I opened it up I only get 3500 rpm and 35 mph. Normally it’s 5000 rpm and 50 mph. I put sea foam in to help if bad gas is issue. I also had all new spark plugs put in. Still does it. Anything else it could be or maybe if bad gas I just need to run it all out and refuel . It’s a 350 Mag MPI mercruiser
  8. Yeah I only have a couple small knicks but they might get worse. Seats are conditioned and cleaned often. I’m just afraid if I do just couple of seats the vinyl color difference would be really obvious. But I will just get the seats repaired in the off season this time. I love my boat but $3-5k is probably not worth it. Thanks all
  9. Yikes. I was afraid of that. I’ll take some pics when I back at the lake. Thanks for input
  10. Curious if anyone has a ballpark on the cost to replace all the vinyl in a 2003 243 Sunesta.. a couple seats have minor issues and in the next couple years I might just replace all. Probably not he best use of money since most seats are in great shape. Just do not want mismatched vinyl.
  11. Youngz


    Cecil marine is where I got mine. Fits perfect. You can then too. Very helpful.
  12. Here is the layout they sent me and I circled the pieces that make up the front playform
  13. Sorry for sideways pic! I’ll find a better one hopefully
  14. Youngz

    230 Suncoast

    You have trim tabs? If not they will help. Guessing $1200-$1500 deal. Sorry if I missed it if you already have them.
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