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  1. you are my size and i sit on the bow with my legs fully extended i will be against the gunwale however i shift them a little toward the center and i am fine the trade off is move up to the 25ft for another $25000
  2. i have had my 23 sun coast for 1 year and use it in the back bay waters of the jersey shore. i am completely happy with the 200 yamaha motor and have had no issues
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    looking to buy a new trailer for my 23 suncoast and looking for suggestions, located in pa
  4. wwchris

    23 suncoast

    Glad your happy with the Suncoast I spent hours researching this boat and really couldn't find any negative post.I live in Pa and will use the boat at our shore house in new jersey, I looked for used ones and dealer leftovers but Yamaha upped there engine warranty to six years! I also liked the added seat backs they added on the swim platform. I looked at the 250 but for my needs back bay no wake rides and the fact my fiancé hated my speed boats I went with the 200. Any info highs or lows I would like to hear>
  5. wwchris

    23 suncoast

    Today is the day after hours of research and looking at several boats I decided on the 23 suncoast !
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