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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, that confirms my suspicion exactly. Im sure it stings losing over $5k so soon, and despite someone else’s comment saying boating may not be for me ( which i disagree with) i still say thats real money leaving your pocket. If you are not a millionare, but want to still get a new boat on a budget, im simply saying this sunk cost should be considered. As a first boat it seems hard to confidently know in advance if that boat will meet your needs. I too am debating in a 21 or the 23 foot H20. Theres apparently no boat rentals for anything but cheap pont
  2. Thanks! I did look at the Axis, which i do like, but even the used ones Im seeing are more money than the NEW 21’ H20 surf boats. I could be wrong, but something used with 400+ hours seems like a risk in terms of maintenance/repair costs.
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Appreciate it!
  4. Hi All, Just looking for some general advice on making my first boat purchase, to make sure I’m not making a very costly mistake. Although all signs point to yes Im looking to get into wakesurfing, at an afforable price. Havent been able to find many options under $75k other than the Chaparral H20 Surf series. I’m strongly considering the 21’ H20 Surf. Found a new one and negotiated down to around $55k for standard 240 hp Volvo penta engine but with a few other options including upgraded trailer, ballast tanks. First- has anyone actually wake surfed the H20 Surf boats? Ar
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