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    Is it just me???

    No, but he was a bona fide I/O expert. I think you’re catching my drift.

    Is it just me???

    C’mon don’t you guys remember know it all “Ric” from a couple of years ago?
  3. Or did anyone else notice it’s starting to smell like a little like Ric around here?
  4. You don’t possess the grammar skills to concisely say what you mean and I‘m the dumb dumb???? I’m going to retire from this thread now as I am unwilling to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
  5. Here again your naïveté shows. Since of course it’s a liquid cooled engine it was designed to have water running through it. As for the 5k rpms I have personally witnessed the running of engines at the Mercury test facility on the Fox River in Oshkosh WI. They typically ran the I/Os with test props at full throttle for 2500 hrs straight stopping only for scheduled maintenance. It was quite impressive to see and hear. They had a lineup of outboards running also. They were all running in the Fox River. Since you lacked the simple skills to get your 5.0 to run properly and apparently weren’t willing to pay someone to do the job right, what possible value could your opinion have? ”A great many people do not have the right to their own opinion because they don’t know what they are talking about” Andy Rooney
  6. The small block Chevrolet is one the most successful engines ever designed. Millions have been produced since 1955. An ingeniously simple design it is the favorite of motor sports enthusiasts everywhere. Since you apparently lack the basic skills needed to keep one running right you look rather silly coming on this forum and dissing this engine.
  7. Well, I have a real 230 SSI not one of these new cheap 23’s. My 16 year old flip up seat bolsters still work fine and I use them all the time. Also my Merc I/O has been trouble free all these years and can still push my boat to almost 65 mph. You should have done some research, you could have saved some money and bought a better quality used boat. Ha!
  8. I added VV Mobile to my 230SSI about a month ago. The plug on my 496 was all the way on back of the engine. Had to get the yellow resistor also as my boat didn’t already have it. Works well except for the occasional Bluetooth glitches that seem to plague every Bluetooth device I’ve ever used. A restart of device or engine cures it.
  9. I switched out the bulbs in the courtesy lights with LEDs. They are 194s as I remember. Picked them up at the auto parts store for about 7 bucks each. Plug and play. Nice white light. Also did the fixture in the head.
  10. Same one I use. Works great!
  11. See now there’s a TORQUE curve.
  12. I can add to your stretch. I was in a Hyundai dealership awhile back. One of the techs had a large bunch of dipsticks laying on his bench. Looked like a big bunch of yellow flowers. I inquired. If the customer complained of excessive engine noise the engine was checked with a decibel meter. Below the threshold the engine got a new dipstick and more oil to match the new higher level. Above the threshold they got a new engine. Go figure.
  13. That’s ridiculous. Excessive rain water in the bilge could ruin your starter and cause rust and corrosion on other parts. The extra weight could damage or collapse a boat lift or trailer. A boat low in the water could get swamped. I could go on but a reasonable person can see disabling your bilge pump is not too smart.
  14. Do not forget to test the antifreeze in the engine. Your heat exchanger could have an internal leak and dilute your coolant with raw water to the point it will freeze and destroy your engine. Easy, quick check.
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