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  1. Perseverance pays off.
  2. That’s ridiculous. If I had to change props every time i needed my boat to perform properly due to loading I’d sell it in a heartbeat. You’re underpowered.
  3. This entire thread has been about electronic fuel injection. You obviously know nothing about boat engines and aren’t qualified to give advice. Go back to spam baiting. You’re really good at that.

    Forum Is Trash

    Cyclops, there’s no doubt the more you respond to the spammers the more spam we get here. A 2 year old can see the effect all your replies are having on this site we all used to enjoy. Why can’t you see it?? JUST STOP!!!!!!
  5. http://www.easyupswimhandles.com/order/
  6. Somehow I don’t think you’re the target audience for this motor.
  7. Most likely simply a paper change for marketing reasons. The 4.3 is a six cylinder variation of the small block Chevy V8 first introduced in 1955. There aren’t gonna be any new revolutionary HP increases in this 65 year old design that haven’t already been done. I’ve read Mercury uses a +/- 10% policy when rating engines. VP is probably the same That’s why the HP numbers always end in 10’s and 5’s. Looks good on paper. The 496 Mag is rated 375 hp by Merc but the GM Marine brochure rated it at 392 HP. The same brochure shows the 496 HO only producing 419 HP. The 27 hp performance difference in
  8. You’re doing it wrong. I knock a hole in mine and let it drain down into the pan. It drains completely, no mess. Works great. Seems logical to me.


    Cyclops, why don’t ya head on over to the Romper Room forum. Seems like a better fit for ya and you won’t be annoying the adults.
  10. CKSNAP


    Guess you’re not gonna take my advice.
  11. CKSNAP


    Don’t be a d**k.
  12. CKSNAP


    Hey old one eye, Why don’t you try humoring Phillbo for a week or so and lay off the mouse clicking. Then we’ll all see if your theory is right.
  13. I meant it won’t work without the resistor. Not an expert but I believe it prevents noise in the CAN circuit.
  14. The wires going to that plug are coming from various components in different locations on the engine. If you’ve got the Smartcraft label on your engine that plug is on there somewhere. Keep looking.
  15. Paulswagelock is right. It’s the wire with the purple terminator. You’ll need to get a yellow terminator or it’s a no go.
  16. If your setup is like mine and have dual batteries with an isolator you will have about .5 to 1 volt drop through the isolator. That’s normal. Just an FYI.
  17. No, but he was a bona fide I/O expert. I think you’re catching my drift.
  18. C’mon don’t you guys remember know it all “Ric” from a couple of years ago?
  19. Or did anyone else notice it’s starting to smell like a little like Ric around here?
  20. You don’t possess the grammar skills to concisely say what you mean and I‘m the dumb dumb???? I’m going to retire from this thread now as I am unwilling to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
  21. Here again your naïveté shows. Since of course it’s a liquid cooled engine it was designed to have water running through it. As for the 5k rpms I have personally witnessed the running of engines at the Mercury test facility on the Fox River in Oshkosh WI. They typically ran the I/Os with test props at full throttle for 2500 hrs straight stopping only for scheduled maintenance. It was quite impressive to see and hear. They had a lineup of outboards running also. They were all running in the Fox River. Since you lacked the simple skills to get your 5.0 to run properly and apparently weren’t w
  22. The small block Chevrolet is one the most successful engines ever designed. Millions have been produced since 1955. An ingeniously simple design it is the favorite of motor sports enthusiasts everywhere. Since you apparently lack the basic skills needed to keep one running right you look rather silly coming on this forum and dissing this engine.
  23. Well, I have a real 230 SSI not one of these new cheap 23’s. My 16 year old flip up seat bolsters still work fine and I use them all the time. Also my Merc I/O has been trouble free all these years and can still push my boat to almost 65 mph. You should have done some research, you could have saved some money and bought a better quality used boat. Ha!
  24. I added VV Mobile to my 230SSI about a month ago. The plug on my 496 was all the way on back of the engine. Had to get the yellow resistor also as my boat didn’t already have it. Works well except for the occasional Bluetooth glitches that seem to plague every Bluetooth device I’ve ever used. A restart of device or engine cures it.
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