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  1. But not the greatest heads to work with if I'm going to add a better intake, can, carb ect???
  2. Ya so I'm pretty sure I don't have the magnum as I'm pretty sure I dont have a high rise manifold, my big question is what heads I have, i know it says oval port, just want to make sure the are not the peanut ports, did they ever install the peanut heads on a merc motor from factory?
  3. Got it, I'm in Ontario and we just got a nasty snow storm, guess I gotta dig my way out to the barn lol
  4. Any possibility that I'd I've the magnum as stock, or was the base 454 all chaparral used back then
  5. I've got a mirage 23p on it now and I'm happy with how it comes out of the hole even with 6 people in it. Tops out around 57mph @ 4800 ish rpm. Getting it labbed is pretty much fine tuning the balance and pitch ? I want to figure out heads are on my BB, I've heard that if it's the peanut ports that I should change out the heads
  6. Everything around the transom looks solid, there is one crack in the gelcoat on top of the swim platform that I'll be repairing this spring but that shouldn't effect the transom? I have no idea what hp the transom is rated for, is there a way to verify that? There is a lot of original stuff in the boat, the interior is still original and still in pretty good shape, so I'm guessing the boat was taken care of. Do you know what was the standard block, heads and cam would have been from the factory? I've been trying to figure that out and can't seem to find out anything concrete.
  7. Hey all, new to this page, hope I'm doing this right. I've got a 1990 2550 SX with a 454 with silent choice and bravo one drive. I'm looking for good bang for your buck power upgrades that I can do with my current setup. I'm also curious as to what 454 I have and which heads are usually standard on the merc big blocks. Also what generation Bravo I would have. Thanks in advance guys
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