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  1. Have you had it wide open yet and do you recall what you ran for rpms? Also you running FH4 PROPSET? Thanks Derek
  2. We decided on the Chaparral below. 2018 287SSX. Thanks
  3. Thanks going to water test it today or tomorrow! Thanks
  4. Yeah this dam epidemic has put a halt on my purchasing as well! At least now I don't have to worry so much about someone else grabbing it.. Thanks
  5. Sweet! Would love to get some pictures when you get it. Thanks For the info!
  6. If you don't mind me asking what power is your 287ssx have and what kind of speed you seeing with it? Thanks The 287 I have my eye on has a 380 volvo with Captains Call!
  7. Hi, Yes I was thinking 84K! If you dont mind me asking how much deer was that 287ssx? Thanks Derek
  8. Hi Dennis, We looked at the boat yesterday and boy she is beautiful! The entertainment island would be nice. The porta pottie at least has dockside pump out. I also prefer to do all my own work and had heard about the impeller issue but looking in the engine compartment there seems to be a ton of room is the sunesta engine bay smaller perhaps? Thanks for all the input! I think I will be making an offer of 85K that seems like a more appropriate price! Thoughts? Derek
  9. Thanks for the input! Derek
  10. Hi All, I am looking at the boat listed below and would like some feedback, pros and cons! https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2015-chaparral-277-ssx-7329209/ Thanks Derek
  11. Yes these boats are hard to find. I only found like 3 that were being sold right now nation wide, and 59K for as clean as this boat is being a 1 owner and friends with the marina owner it was taken well care of. The boat sale with be based off a survey and detail! I will keep you guys posted thank for the insight! If it only has the 525 merc!! Thanks Derek
  12. Thanks guys! I understand she isn't going to be a speed demon. Just hoping to gain 2-3mph and be more efficient across the rpm range doing it. Derek
  13. Hi All, Got the owner down to 64k including a brand new 8k aluminum loadrite trailer. That seemed pretty good to me! Thoughts? I will need to put 3k down to take it off the market until we can water test it! still lots of ice on the lakes in maine. Thanks for the input! Derek
  14. Looking at locking down a 2010 chap 275 ssi with 496 Ho
  15. Where did you get your prop/props labbed? And you probabaly want to figure out a baseline rpm before you spend deer on a prop. Correct?
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