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  1. When its not coming off with a hammer and a 2x10 and you dont know what was done before, it was a newbie assumption. ISplines cleaned up nicely with acetone and covered with grease for the winter. Will polish the props and clean out the gunk over the winter. Make use of my buffing wheel. Thanks again!
  2. So I purchased the Volvo Prop Puller for 195 deer. greased the threads and slid it on. Prop came off easily. Seems like the old grease was preventing it from moving. Even with 1 inch left on the shaft, there was no way I could do it without the puller. The old grease was being pulled as well, adding to the resistance. Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions! If you are in need of the puller in South Jersey, I have one!
  3. Both nuts are off, its the first one.
  4. Thanks for the fast replies. In in NJ, so wee bit far. I did see the modification of the Volvo tool. Its an 04 with only 140 hours on it. It was stored in a Boatel fresh to brackish water. 1 season in salt. I was going to purchase the volvo puller for 194 deer, and saw the warning of 150 foot pound. I used a 2x10 and hammer with penetrating oil to no avail for 1 week. I saw a video with a hydraulic puller and steel cables, but I thought I would try here first. So its either buy the volvo tool and modify, or go Harbor Freight...
  5. I have read on this subject here and other sites. Does anyone sell a puller other than Volvo? Theirs is good for 150 foot pounds and not for frozen props. I have seen some homemade, but thought I would try here first. Thanks! and here is hoping!
  6. have an 04 SSI and same exact situation. I think its running down the poles for the Bimini top.
  7. Thanks! Sorry to be a bit on the dense side, The new pump has no float. So the Brown/Orange on the Boat side would go to the new Brown on the pump side (Automatic operation) The Yellow on Boat side goes to black on Pump side (Ground) That seems straightforward That leaves; 2 Brown on the Float 1 brown on the pump.
  8. I want to replace my old Atwood 1250 with external float with a new Rule-Mate integrated unit. The problem is that the old Float has two brown wires going into a Brown and Brown Orange plug, While the Pum has a Black and Brown. The pictures shows it below. I think its Pump Black to Boat Yellow Pump Brown to BOAT or FLOAT BROWN? Float Brown /White to BOAT Brown/Orange
  9. The original Atwood 1250 float sits up on a platform in my boat (same exact as yours). Compounding that is the pump impeller sits a good half inch off hull bottom. I just bought a new RULE-MATE 1100,,however it has 3 wires, not 4. Thats in another post.
  10. I should be more specific, not boats, but parts. Used, NOS, and wanted. Not talking current product offerings, and not to conflict withproduct or offering.
  11. Anyone here looking to sell theirs?
  12. Would it no be of advantage to have both a For Sale and wanted area of this forum?
  13. I am looking on where to get a bow filler and rods for a 260ssi. The seller said it came with it, but it turns out is the Stern filler cushions and rods. Any aftermarket or good source for them? Checked ebay and craigslist to no avail. There is a set on ebay for Sunesta, not sure they would fit.
  14. Just purchased an 04 with 100 hours on it that resided in a Boatel. The side scuppers are long gone. My calipers best measurement is 1 to 1-1/8 inch across, yet I cannot find a replacement that size. Thanks in advance.
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