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  1. Mine had 188hrs when I got her in June and I now have around 240hrs on her.
  2. Thanks all for your feedback. Im sorry for the late reply, but I have been on holidays and have well........been boating. I will be replacing the rubber flapper before she goes into storage. I have been very carefull when coming off of plane. I also replaced all of the spark plugs with the NGK iridium plugs. the old plugs didn't look too bad.
  3. I have the new boat a 2007 275 sis. We love it. My old boat had the Volvo GXI duo prop. This new one has the 496 mercruiser mag with bravo 3. My question for those in the know is this.......I found the rubber flapper in the exhaust bellow. I found it just before a big trip on georgian bay. I did my trip without incident and I have put my boat back in Lake Simcoe. I know it is used to prevent hydrolock. But......do I really need it? I don't think my volvo had it. I did a search and did not come up with a lot of info. If those of you in the know say I do then I will replace it. So far I have lef
  4. I agree with Richard. Definitely a dock spider or also known as a wolf spider. They are big, but the won't hurt you.
  5. After looking at everything I decided to go with a Venture trailer. However the guy at Loadmaster was very helpful and knowledgeable. I live in Canada and there is a guy here that brings them up from the states so it makes it easier. No RIV etc. Thanks all for your advice and knowledge!
  6. Thank you very much! The axles have electric brakes. On my old heritage trailer they were hydraulic. Is one better than the other? Also I think its a difference of 400 dear for the 7000lb axles.
  7. Hi all, We have the new boat and absolutely love it. (Pics to follow soon). I just need to upload some pics to a photo bucket account. Any way this boat did not come with a trailer and I have been looking for one. I think I have settled on a loadmaster trailer. Anyone have one of these. I was told the double axle with 6000 lbs axles will be enough for this boat. The boat is 7300lbs dry and I imagine with fuel it would be upwards of 9000lbs. There is an option to go with 7000lb axles but do I really need too? What say you my fellow Chappy owners?
  8. I too am in need of a trailer, but from my research Excalibur trailers are garbage. Look at venture or even heritage trailers. A little more dear but you get what you pay for. Pics of new boat coming soon.
  9. Thanks I thought I had to use bolts, but those screws look like they work just as well. Thanks for the info.
  10. I just bought a Magma grill and pedestal mount. Just wondering how hard was it to reach that spot from inside the boat to get the nut on the bolts? If you have any tricks I sure could use them. Thanks in advance.
  11. So June 12, is the day I trade in my 244 for the 275. Cant wait to get it. Im sure going to miss the 244 though. She has been a great boat! My girlfriend has gone out and bought a comforter and pillows for the new boat already. LOL!
  12. Haven't done the sea trial yet. They are just cleaning it up. I'm hoping by this upcoming week I can get out and do the sea trial. Fingers crossed. If not I will have to wait until I am on my days off. Ive read about all I can about this boat, just not sure if I should add a drive shower to the outdrive.
  13. Hey Chris or Wingnut, Do you guys recommend drive showers for the Bravo 3? If so which drive shower is good? Thanks in advance.
  14. Its the Mercury 496 but not the HO. With a Bravo 3 drive.
  15. Yes my 244 is paid off. So its easy to do the deal. This is a used boat so my trade and the difference isn't too much, so it made it an easy decision.My current slip is good for up to 30', so that is good. I plan on getting a trailer and using it just to take the boat to storage and to my house for cleaning. Technically I should get a wide load permit for the boat, and I will have to look into that.
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