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  1. First car - 1978 Camaro (I still have it stored, hasn't been registered since 1989 but fire it up a couple times a year.) First boat - 1985 Conroy (Glastron) Z-16 with 75hp merc outboard.
  2. Thanks for this, I knew I liked you for some reason. I love the Nash 5 choice, that's a fast manual for the time! I was always wrenching on cars as a kid growing up on the farm. Drag raced, built a dirt track car and raced that at 17 (only one time then sold it) and even built a monster truck out of a 1940s Oshkosh plow truck. I never had anything super fast but we had so many great times in that workshop and at the track! You brought back some memories.....
  3. "almost laughing" Keyword = almost.... That suks!
  4. I haven't been there myself but I did find this old thread that might have some insight. https://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/general-boating-discussion/155600-table-rock-lake-questions.html Have a blast!
  5. Oh no! Where is the boat now? Is it on a trailer like this one? That would be a year newer and a 4 foot upgrade for me....plus I'm a sucker for a new project. What motor? Literature shows anywhere from 200hp to 454 mag. @Denny may want to chime in. Oh and @SSTas well. I'm in Minneapolis. Jerry
  6. Still hoping to get some insight from any of you that have been boating in the Apostle Islands....... Hello, anyone there?!?!? In the meantime I have found some of the basic information that is available from the government sources that oversee the area. I figured I'd add them here for others that run past this in the future. Here is the basic boating information. https://www.nps.gov/apis/planyourvisit/boating.htm And here is where you would go to get camping info and reservations. Sort of nice to see the map of all the camping areas as well as where the docks are located throughout the islands. https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/251865
  7. I like the welding clamps, quick and easy and doesn't affect the roller plate for when you need it for it's initial purpose. Slick setup overall. @Denny, you must have repainted your drive when you installed the drive shower, right? Look at the shine on that drive!
  8. I just emailed myself a link to this..... Great explanation @Wingnut ! That made it totally clear for me and even though I don't need this now I know I will down the road. Thanks!
  9. You are right on the mark, that is the issue I need to tweak. I can get good pressure on it because the strap that holds the drill tight is between the tire and the where I ended the support. So when the strap is tightened it pulls down the drill end tighter on the tire. But there is a sweet spot, if it is pulled to tightly is starts adding to much pressure on where the wheel runs on the axle so it overtakes the grip attained. The tires are pretty dry and hard so I did try a little sand paper to freshen them up a little, but I only had a little 120 grit handy at the time. It helped but not enough. I'll probably hit the tire a little with my grinder and a flap disc to roughen it up more. I did try an old trick from when I used to pole vault. We would wrap the grip area on the pole with tape a few rounds then twist it inside out and keep wrapping it. It sticks to itself and stays in place sticky side out. I did this to the chuck on the drill and it worked GREAT......in one direction. When I changed the direction of the drill it just spun the tape right off, I should have anticipated that. Reminded me of a story. When I was 17 (1980s) growing up in Wisconsin and into cool cars we'd never drive our "nice" cars in the winter. We'd park them away from the salt and pick up really cheap "winter beaters" to drive in the snowy months. They normally only lasted about a year...... One year I picked up a really trashed 1968 Plymouth Satellite. The 318 had bad rings and valve seals and would blow blue smoke like you wouldn't believe. One day I pulled out from a stop sign in the little town I grew up in and a cop quickly spun around and pulled me over. I knew I wasn't speeding and was (for once) totally confused why he pulled me over. He said "I saw you burning rubber and smoking your tires when you pulled out, that's reckless driving!" I laughed and said there was no way this car could ever do that. I put it in gear, hit the brakes and smashed the pedal down to the rusted floor board. All that happened was the engine bogged down and his squad car shortly disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke, it couldn't even break my tires loose the smallest amount. He shook his head and told me to drive careful and get my car fixed. Times were different then, I suppose if that happened today they wouldn't have let me drive it away.
  10. It seems like we don't have a big active membership from the MN/WI and Lake Superior area but I'm hoping to get some feedback from the few of us there are. I'm looking at taking the family on a road trip to Lake Superior to check out The Apostle Islands. There is an outside chance we could do this over Labor Day weekend but that seems like a nightmare of being way overcrowded. Right? I'd trailer the boat, it is a 19 footer so we clearly would not be sleeping on the boat. So what are good overnight options that would be affordable and fun for a family of 6? We have a family cabin a little less than 3 hours away so it's possible we could make a day drip out of it as well by leaving really early and coming back late. Maybe that is an option to just check it out for the first time then make plans for a longer stay at another time. I'm open to all information and suggestions. Camping? Mooring options? Is there AirBNB? What has been your experience there? What should I be cautious about? What should be avoided and what should not be missed? I've never been on "the big lake" so would be staying near shore for the most part and keeping a very close eye on the weather.
  11. Yes I was referencing Denny's flagpole, looks great. I love the lathe but do I also see a jerry-rigged bandage on your thumb that forgot to mention? Just pack the cut with wood shavings, wrap it in a paper towel and get back at it..... Feel free to add this idea to your patent, royalty free.... Is there room (width) in the opening the drive drops into to add a tray insert when you are using it as a work station? I'm thinking a 6-8 inch deep insert with dividers that you can drop your spray cans into so they don't fall over. I am ALWAYS knocking over my cans, then of course they land on something like an open socket set that tumbles over and sockets fly everywhere. Normally they end up under some really low and oily areas that I have to smash my face against while reaching under to retrieve the missing pieces. WS6 = FUN! (I still have my built 2nd generation Camaro that I had in H.S. , it hasn't been licensed since 1989 but still runs great) Is there a member "fun car" thread in the dock talk area? Should be, seems cool boats and cars go together nicely.
  12. My boat doesn't have an hour meter so I'm estimating engine hours of between 800-3000 hours With that I'm going to assume it is fully broken in at this point and I should be able to run WOT at all times, right?!?!?!? (sarcasm) But @chapblue it seems you are going to be just fine according to the manufactures specs. Thanks @NJ Chaparral Dealer for adding the specs, that seemed logical.
  13. Turning it over by hand could have also just moved it past a high compression part of the rotation making it easier for the starter to get the engine moving. If the check described by @cyclops2 turns out okay (hopefully!) I'd suspect a bad starter. I had a similar starter issue on my new to me project boat this past spring. It had what appeared to be brand new Sierra starter acting up like this. It would intermittently do the "click, click, click, click, click, click then the starter would catch" thing. Other times if I turned it over a little by hand it would catch right away. I pulled the starter, looked great on the outside but the inside of the actual starter motor was a mess. Clearly it had gotten filled with water at some point and was rusted. The brushes were all rusted and stuck, a real mess. I was able to clean it up enough to get it to work more consistently until I got my new starter delivered. No stater issues after that. A little advice, get a lightweight/high torque replacement if it is an option. I ordered a factory spec replacement, what a heavy SOB!! Not a lot of fun trying to hold that in place and get the bolts started while laying on my side/back with my arms extended like pretzels......
  14. I wondered what side you would fall on this one after I've seen your great looking woodwork.......... Good to here.
  15. After I read that it felt like everyone was looking at me.......... I've done that more than once, never on a boat though, usually on a farm implement back in my youth on the farm. I've had several of the cheapo filter wrenches bend in half and/or crush the filter. If you think the marine environment is harsh just think of the running through the dusty farm fields day and night in every temperature and weather condition. Removing anything normally takes cheater-bars and/or heat. This was my approach with my 4.3 and it worked great. After I sucked it out through the dipstick tube itself I also pulled the drain plug from the pan to see how much was left. I was shocked at how little oil was remaining. But every engine will have a variance to how close the tube gets to the bottom of the pan, I am lucky I guess. Plus since the dipstick tube itself is obviously a larger diameter than the plastic tube you would stick though it from the extractor it takes less force and comes out more quickly.
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