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  1. I'll add to the post when I get it attached. I thought that same thing about all the teak on some of those sailboats. I mentioned it to my daughter as we worked and asked how she liked to help with something like that. She responded with a good old fashioned teenage eye roll and shoulder shrug....... She was great on this project though, a really big help with a positive attitude throughout.
  2. Okay, I just edited my photos in the posts. I moved my photos to PostImage.org. (Free image hosting site) Did this help? Can the pictures now be seen by everyone?
  3. Hmm, I had this issue before. They are coming from my Amazon Photo account. Let me look into getting them changed. Can anyone see them?
  4. Here is the link to just the time lapse of applying the first coat of oil. Cool to see the transformation happen so quickly. https://youtu.be/VIMJLB8tYS0
  5. We used two heavy coats of the TotalBoat Teak Oil. Letting it set for 20-30 minutes before wiping off the excess. I found a lot of contradictory information about the wait time between coats, anywhere from almost right away and 8-10 hours. We waited a few hours before applying the 2nd coat. And the finished product. It's not show quality but is going to work great for us after I add the new 3 step bottom mounted ladder.
  6. After a good washing it was time to use the 2-Part teak cleaner. Part A really takes out the gunk and darkens it up. Part B is a neutralizer and brightener, lightens it back up to normal. Here it is just rinsed off before using the cleaner, looks a lot better already. This is what it looks like after Part A is used on the right side only, the left side is just wet. Now after both sides have had Part A applied and the Part B Brightener was used as well. Midway through the underside. And here you can see what the color comes back to after it
  7. I picked up a REALLY weathered teak swim platform for my 1986 198XL last year. It's been sitting in the garage and I finally found the time to take on the restoration with the help of my daughter. I put some timeline video and pictures in a video and uploaded it to YouTube you can check out here https://youtu.be/GW-bqcl81mw and I'll put some additional details below. The TotalBoat 2-part cleaning system worked great and I was really happy with their Teak Oil as well. What we started with a really rough looking platform. I am replacing the old step and upri
  8. My wife has been pushing for one of the Lily Pad versions and I've been reluctant as it'd take up too much space on our 19 footer. BUT I just order up one of the Intex inflatables that were recommended here. It has a massive amount of positive reviews and can be deflated for my smaller boat, huge plus. I already inflate massive amount of stuff for the kids so I may as well add this to the arsenal. Actually I'm thinking it might eliminate some of the others for a net gain..... Boating = the best Social Distancing family activity this coming summer?!?! (after lockdown)
  9. First car - 1978 Camaro (I still have it stored, hasn't been registered since 1989 but fire it up a couple times a year.) First boat - 1985 Conroy (Glastron) Z-16 with 75hp merc outboard.
  10. Thanks for this, I knew I liked you for some reason. I love the Nash 5 choice, that's a fast manual for the time! I was always wrenching on cars as a kid growing up on the farm. Drag raced, built a dirt track car and raced that at 17 (only one time then sold it) and even built a monster truck out of a 1940s Oshkosh plow truck. I never had anything super fast but we had so many great times in that workshop and at the track! You brought back some memories.....
  11. "almost laughing" Keyword = almost.... That suks!
  12. I haven't been there myself but I did find this old thread that might have some insight. https://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/general-boating-discussion/155600-table-rock-lake-questions.html Have a blast!
  13. Oh no! Where is the boat now? Is it on a trailer like this one? That would be a year newer and a 4 foot upgrade for me....plus I'm a sucker for a new project. What motor? Literature shows anywhere from 200hp to 454 mag. @Denny may want to chime in. Oh and @SSTas well. I'm in Minneapolis. Jerry
  14. Still hoping to get some insight from any of you that have been boating in the Apostle Islands....... Hello, anyone there?!?!? In the meantime I have found some of the basic information that is available from the government sources that oversee the area. I figured I'd add them here for others that run past this in the future. Here is the basic boating information. https://www.nps.gov/apis/planyourvisit/boating.htm And here is where you would go to get camping info and reservations. Sort of nice to see the map of all the camping areas as well as where
  15. I like the welding clamps, quick and easy and doesn't affect the roller plate for when you need it for it's initial purpose. Slick setup overall. @Denny, you must have repainted your drive when you installed the drive shower, right? Look at the shine on that drive!
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