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  1. jsather007

    Parts for a 1986 198xl

    I just emailed you and responded back to the original post you made a couple months ago. I'm interested. Jerry
  2. jsather007

    Project boat/or parts

    @eneitzer I sure do. Thanks for checking back in! Do you a windshield support available like I show above in my earlier response? I though it would be easier to find an aftermarket replacement than it has been. The support is 20 inches long. Any chance you could provide me some pictures of the interior and exterior views? There is a good chance I could use a few items since these boats are just one year off, nearly identical. Jerry
  3. jsather007

    Where to get the best prop for my boat ?

    I am lucky to have PropMD located in my backyard, they are great! Props is really all they do so they know their "stuff". They sell new and do great repair work and have a great shipping setup in place to serve the whole nation. They did a repair for me early this year and I could have swore they switched out my old prop with a new one. Give them a call and I bet they will have good advice. https://www.propmd.com/ (And no I don't have any affiliation with them, I know is sounds like I'm producing an infomercial for them here.....)
  4. jsather007

    Uploading Pics

    Okay, sorry again for all these attempts but hopefully this will help others down the road. I think I figured out this for my situation, using Amazon Photos. Instead of copying web address of the picture from the web browser I was able to right click on the picture I wanted while in Amazon Photos, then select "Copy image address" then paste it into this box. Like this I think this is what Hatem was trying to tell me but I was too dim to follow along.... Thanks for your patience ya'll" Now just sit back and admire that beautiful gel coat shine.....
  5. jsather007

    Uploading Pics

    Okay, trying from my mobile phone. https://www.amazon.com/photos/album/A2QK437NK4DBW9:lONMLWMKQJe5ZqCe2As6tg/gallery/A2QK437NK4DBW9:lri38NfaS6iW8h8hFVoojw?pageIndex=0
  6. jsather007

    Uploading Pics

    I'm trying another picture posting test. I'm not crazy about how my posting with Flikr added all the extra crap to it, looks kind of spammy. Check out the sweet gloss on my project Chap, can you see my reflection?? Ha! My arm already hurts looking at this thinking about all the work that will go into bringing this back to life. https://www.amazon.com/photos/album/A2QK437NK4DBW9:lONMLWMKQJe5ZqCe2As6tg/gallery/A2QK437NK4DBW9:tWDvNQOxT5OYJXI55sTpVA?pageIndex=0 hmm, I don't think that worked..... Maybe this one..... https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/TCkSwhbISdGWgtcKYc71fQ.Y43EydYRy0Df5LgvSq4jq2 This is from my desktop computer, I may have some security protections that keep this from working quite right.
  7. jsather007

    Uploading Pics

    One step ahead of you, I have a full size teak platform that I picked up a couple weeks ago in the garage waiting..... (of course now I just created more holes to fill after the replacement...) Needs a little work to clean it up but that's why teak is so great, very forgiving for an old boat like this.
  8. jsather007

    Uploading Pics

    That seemed to sort of work. Can anyone else see this? This was the day I picked up my latest project, had to shovel out about 2 feet of snow before it got hitched on... Welcome to Minne"snow"ta ya'll!
  9. jsather007

    Uploading Pics

    20190218_104928 by Gerald Sather, on Flickr Testing out photo sharing.....
  10. jsather007

    Project boat/or parts

    Good observation Hatem! I've seen the same but I'm now quite sure mine was nearly identical to the one in the factory brochure that I added above. In my case the former owner (that I never met as I bought this at auction) must have been quite a fisherman. He filled in the end of the "T" on each end of the rail with silicone after he removed the bow point. Makes sense if he didn't want his line catching on that rail around the front. The black step you see is actually how he attached a trolling motor. There are still holes remaining where he removed the original teak on the bow point as well. He had also added a "kicker" motor mount on the transom, all of these are coming off for my use. Lots of holes to fill.... (I'm adding a link below that shows the siliconed end as a test to see if that link even works on here for me, I'm a newby) https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/prfBLy7aQjeqG6FtrPbqRg.k4eWr_P4h-3k8BY9RKagno I've thought about just cleaning out the silicone and added a couple inches of 7/8" SS with bullet end caps on each side for now. That may be my short term solution and would look similar to what you showed in your picture. Do you mind me asking what you use to store and post your photos you share on this site? (sorry, this is off topic) I want to start a build thread but want to get that figured out first. I don't want to end up with non view-able pictures down the road by screwing it up as I get started. That whole Photobucket change really left a lot of screwed up forums in it's path all around the internet. But maybe that is the only alternative? I added around 10 total photos when I did that post above and set up my profile yesterday, that pretty much cleaned out my storage on this site already.
  11. jsather007

    Project boat/or parts

    I have a brand new project to me that this would help me out with greatly (maybe). I have a 1986 198XL and need a couple items. The from bow rail is missing on mine. The part that connects in the last support on each side and comes to the point, that make sense? And I need the windshield support rod that comes down from the windshield to the port side dash. Actually all that I actually need is the top side ball connector on the rod, the rest is fine but it would just be easier to switch out the rod with a good one. I'll try to attach some pictures of what I need. The pictures show the "good" rod end to show what I need. The broken one, that is obvious. And it shows my missing bow rail. In addition I added the factory brochure photo that clearly shows the bow rail I am missing. Now I understand that not all of these boats came with the same bow rail so you may not have what I am looking for. OR maybe you do because I don't actually like the look of the big rail like what came on mine and might like to change to change to another version that ends before the point of the bow. Easier exit off the bow for my teenagers..... Let me know if you have anything that works. btw, for anyone that might be interested I think I'll start a project post for this one and upload several pictures. Thanks for posting! Jerry