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  1. I heard this ticking sound and asked a few people what it could be so far I've been pointed in the direction of a collapsed lifter. One person said it could be a cam lobe ground down, not really sure. I removed the valve cover and the last rocker on cylinder 8 was very loose and had at least a 1/4 inch of play. So the plan is to remove the intake and replace the lifter if that's the problem and if not then the whole motor will have to be pulled and went through. Any input and advice is always appreciated.
  2. Got to the root of the problem Solenoid stuck in/gear out.
  3. Yep your right it’s a pita to reconnect them, I have two batteries one to start/run and the other is just for my amplifier. Will installing the perko connect them so they both can stay charged by the alternator or should the amp battery just be charged separately when not in use?
  4. Looks like water in the starter lol, guess I’ll be at the pier this weekend. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hello I have a 1990 2350 7.4L mercruiser and the starter has been acting up. One day I went out to the lake and got ready to take the boat off the trailer and it wouldn’t start just kept hearing a click click click. Luckily I didn’t untether the winch and I was able to load it back on the trailer and pull over to the side and evaluate the situation. After removing the doghouse I turned the motor by hand with a breaker bar and socket on the balancer and I was able to loosen the motor up a little bit it finally cranked up. Launched the boat and had a great day on the water I cut it on and off at least 6 times. The following weekend I decided to check it the day before taking it to the lake and it had the same symptoms and I did the same thing to get it started but this time I sprayed pb blaster in the hole above the starter going into flywheel housing. The next morning it started just fine and I was off for a day of fishing. Today I came out and as soon as I connect the battery the starter immediately starts trying to crank and the ignition switch is turned off. I checked the solenoid on the starter and there was rust but it didn’t appear to be enough build up to make contact. I used pb blaster, a wire brush and sand paper to remove all the rust I could see. After reassembly it did the same thing when I connected the battery. So now I need to know if it could possibly be the ignition switch gone bad or if it’s the starter or if there is another solenoid I need to check. Thanks for any input
  6. Thanks I'll definitely look in to that cause the speedometer doesn't work.
  7. First time reading it, thanks!
  8. Since I put the 140 stat back in I haven’t seen temp over 140-150 7.4L cruising 28-33 sog off gps
  9. Yep that one looks bad and looks to be leaking. Going to order a new one, I put new gaskets on the risers but I will still put new ones on soon as I get the manifolds.
  10. Not yet but definitely on my todo list along with the exhaust manifold, I’m getting water in the bilge so I’m thinking it’s water from the crack in exhaust manifold or a leak in the hose. I’m trying to get it sea worthy to take down to the gulf. Any other things I need to check before it hits saltwater? So far my list is exhaust manifolds, new gaskets, exhaust shutters, new hoses where needed. Going to change oil, filter and water separator.
  11. Thank you @Wingnut and @cyclops2 ! Tested it out last night and it ran great!
  12. Soon as it got hot I got off the throttle and kept it at idle and it cooled back off. The one rubber I did take off looked ok, no scorching or melted rubber.
  13. It was running fine until I opened it up to 45 mph then it went up to almost 200 on temp gauge, must of forced all the rubber pieces to oil cooler once I got into it good. When it overheated both risers felt equally hot.
  14. And so we have it, clogged oil cooler full of impeller fins. I think the previous owner had impeller failure and replaced but didn’t get the broken pieces out. I will still open the sea pump I just put on 2 weeks ago to confirm it’s not the new one. j
  15. this is what I see so far, put thermostat back in. I still need to pull oil cooler hoses and check other side manifold and riser.
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