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  1. Wow. Very nice. I'll bet we'd all enjoy a before and after shot so we can see just how updated she is... Look brand new!
  2. Yesterday after working fine for most of the day I noticed that the UP trim on my 5.7 Duo prop was no longer functioning. At idle speeds it seemed to work just fine but under load did not want to trim bow up. If I started out with some UP trim, it would hold position; and it would trim down just fine. Seems like the fluid pressure is not adequate to move the drive under load, but will tilt for trailering. Any ideas? Is there such thing as a "weak" pump? I suppose maybe internal seals allowing leakage under high pressure maybe? Not sure how to start my trouble shooting.
  3. I follow my bother's advice: Buy one size bigger than you think you 'need' and never look back.
  4. I just replaced the MR-15 in my (new to me) '03 230SSI with a MR-140 and added an MP3 jack near the drivers remote contorl Works great. Have you verified that the circuit breaker behind the STEREO main power switch is pushed in? There is the main switch near the nav light switches; and each switch has it's own dedicated breaker in a box on the forward bulkhead in front of the drivers seat. I don't recall seeing any in-line fuse holders when I did my swap.
  5. I've had my new me me '03 230 SSi for nearly a month now. And I've accounted for 15.4 of her 69.8 hours.
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