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  1. Expat

    Replace stereo / add bluetooth?

    Best thing I ever did for my boat was to disconnect the head unit and install a BT dongle directly to my amp input. Screw the remotes, they sucked anyway and your phone it a portable remote. I have the Fusion and it has great range and I was able to control the boat stereo from the beach while it was anted out about a 100 feet away. We also use the Life Proof cases on our phones that are waterproof. This past season was the first in 9 season of owning my boat to have zero stereo issues and anyone that wanted could easily pair and play their music and control volume. Ditching the head unit also removed the parasitic amp draw from it.
  2. Expat

    Mag 496 Down on Power Intermittantly

    You could not pay me to put 10% ethanol in my boat anymore. I learned the hard way. I know some places you have no choice, which sucks. If you are adding stabile make sure it is the stabile for ethanol. Adding the wrong stuff means you are usually adding a product that is mostly alcohol and making the problem worse. There are tons of great articles on the web about ethanol, so do yourself a huge favor by reading up on it. When your ethanol fuel separates the entire tank of fuel needs to be drained, you cannot fix it once phase separation occurs. I have it happen on my boat many years back and it ran like crap no matter what I did and how many times I changed the fuel filter. The fix was to drain the fuel tank and clean the injectors. Cleaning the injectors is very easy to do yourself and very expensive for a shop to do and I seriously doubt any shop will do it as good as you can do it yourself. Search it on youtube numerous how to videos. I check my fuel tank bottom at the beginning of each season prior to starting the first time. I take the line from the fuel tank to the filter and connect it to a portable electric fuel pump and pump some fuel into a clean white 5 gallons bucket to inspect.
  3. Expat

    Discharging Waste Holding Tank

    Mine has the macerator and can pump overboard with the key switch. I never do that but I do frequently flush it with water and pump it out in my yard. Granted I have a 5 area yard and live in the country.
  4. Expat

    Heading to Destin next weekend

    If you have a GPS with coastal charts you will be set. The ICW back towards the sound and Fort Walton gets VERY shallow just outside of the channel, but fine inside the bouys. East Pass is easy, just stay in the channel. If tide is running out and southern swell coming in you probably do not want to attempt to go out in the gulf. Running the ditch (ICW) to Panama is safest for sure but the outside can be run quickly and easily but it is VERY weather dependent. If the conditions are right you can anchor off the beach on the gulf side but not many do this since the water gets deep quicky and the swells near shore are quiet large more often than not. Another reason is that ALL the beaches inside and very nice and the water is calm. Heck you can beach it right in the Destin Harbor and have a great time. Personally I would forgo running to Panama City area on your first trip as there are TONs of places to explore in the Destin/FWB area. Check out Hellenback's for pizza in FWB. Just after you go under the bridge it is the first slip on the left. Run the Santa Rosa sound on down to at least Navarre (30 min run and follow channel) and have lunch at the restaurant there. Again just take a left right after going under the Navarre bridge and follow the channel markers in. Have fun! My signature picture was taken at crab island.
  5. Expat

    Signature 270 hull design

    Wow just wow! I cannot even imagine the time and talent required to accomplish such.
  6. Expat

    Oil sitting in a filter during winter

    I change mine at the beginning of each season for reasons stated above. I run the engine long enough to get nice and warm prior to removing the old oil. There are frequent extreme temperature swings in the winter in the deep south that promote condensation and I do not want my fresh oil exposed to that.
  7. Expat

    Got Boarded By The Authorities Today!

    That still does not make it right for them to do so....show me your papers! All the papers you need to see are the numbers I already paid a fee for and stuck on the sides of my boat. If I am doing something wrong then stop me. If I am out enjoying life and the fruits of my labor and not breaking any laws then leave me the #$^% alone and spend the time you saved looking for others that are breaking the law.
  8. Expat

    256ssi Upholstery Question

    Anyone that owns a boat like that and does not have enough sense to store it inside or at least covered needs to be beat with a whip.
  9. Expat

    Got Boarded By The Authorities Today!

    I have serious issues with being stopped for no reason whatsoever! These guys, whatever branch they are, use the reason for checking lifejackets etc solely for the reason of getting probable cause to further investigate you and write you a ticket to help fund their agency. Seems like it gets worse each year too. I am sure the laws are different in Hatem's area but if asked about weapons in the south I would tell them that it is none of their business to ask that or just say yes. If someone is breaking the rules or looks suspect then yes pull them over and check them but if someone is obeying all the rules and simply out enjoying life with their family then leave us the #$^% alone! Each time I got stopped this year they wanted to see lifejackets and fire extinguishers. They knew #%^$&%$ well that someone with a boat like mine had the required LJs and fire extinguishers, they were just seeing if they could score themselves a BUI. Why can one go decades and hundreds of 1000s of miles in a car and never be pulled over and yet cannot have a nice Sunday boat ride with family or friends without being harassed??? I know some of you will say they are just doing their jobs and making sure everyone is safe. I would counter that by saying, why do they not just sit at the launches and check people there or go to marinas and do the same. This would allow them to check far more boats in a far safer manner. Heck for that matter why do they not require safety inspection stickers instead of the unsafe practice of stopping boats underway in channels and boarding them?
  10. Expat

    Engine Hours

    Broke over 500 hours on mine earlier this year, nothing but routine maintenance all done myself. 80+% of my hours have been in salt water. Changed the drive output shaft seal last year. Drew that Yammy drive looks like a VP DP clone!
  11. Expat

    OMG blew another coupler today

    If the mechanic cannot tell you for sure what the problem was and how he fixed it so it does not happen again, sell or trade the boat. Sometimes it is the best thing to do and a great excuse to get another boat.
  12. Expat

    Screwed up installing trim tabs!

    Yeah I could do the work myself moving them but I prefer not to. My buddy built space shuttle and rocket engine parts so I think he will be able to make some slick mounts pretty easily. I will post pictures once is is all said and done.
  13. Expat

    Screwed up installing trim tabs!

    I called Bennett and they were FAR more helpful than than Lenco was. Unfortunately they recommended either moving the tabs inward or going with a wider tab, neither of which that I wish to do. After a bit more study, all I need is and adapter to extend the lower mount further out. I have a buddy that is a master machinist so I am going to have him make me a couple adaptors and I should be in business then. Actually I will probably just let him make a new lower mount that is one piece and allows the actuator to mount further back, that would be better than an adaptor.
  14. Expat

    Screwed up installing trim tabs!

    Well just got off the phone with Lenco, they were not much help at all. They said I need to contact whoever I purchased the tabs from (West Marine) and handle any issues through them!? They also said since I could a kit I would need to return the entire kit. I explained I already had the tabs mounted and was not going to remove them and just needed to swap the a short actuator. They said the shorter actuators would not work with the edge mount tabs. I said will surely you make an adapter or bracket since the mount just bolts on the tab, they said nope! I even told them that I now Bennett swaps the tabs out with no problem through the factory direct, still no help. Well now I am going to call West Marine and see what help I get from them. Right now I am thinking I should have went with Bennett instead of Lenco since it was basically a coin toss to decide to start with.