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  1. Ordered the part, made the swap, works like new! Thanks again for the link.
  2. yeah, thanks. It's even more frustrating than that, because I noticed it when I bought the boat - and reminded them that they needed to fix it prior to delivery. Obviously that didn't happen.
  3. One of the LED courtesy lights in the arch of my 2018 257 SSX isn't working. It came from the dealership this way (brand new). They delivered it 40 miles for me, and told me they wouldn't send a repair electrician out that far to fix it. So I can either wait until the end of the season, or I can try to fix it myself. Does anyone have any experience replacing those LEDs? Is it hard? Where would I get a replacement part? (I don't see them on the parts list) Thanks!
  4. My Aux. input is not working on my 2018 257 SSX. Am I missing a setting? I set the "mode" to AUX, but I am not getting any sound. I have tried multiple input devices, and nothing comes through. The input is down by the cup holder in the starboard bull-works next to the captains chair. I can not access the cable to see where it connects, or if something came loose. The cable going into the back of the command unit is just a single cable (image attached), so I can't sort anything out there either.
  5. It's "Biscayne Blue" Can not wait! She hits the water in 16 days!! Thanks again for the help.
  6. @Hatem Awesome - thanks so much. I just bought this boat, but it's at the dealer waiting for the season to start... I appreciate the answers!
  7. OK - Thanks. I knew there was a drain there, but I didn't know if that was just for the self draining cooler built into the bow seating, or if the anchor locker drained through there as well.
  8. Does anyone know if the anchor locker drains overboard, or into the bilge on a 2018 257 SSX (or in the 2013-2018 model years)?
  9. Does anyone know if the bow reboarding ladder is strong enough to have an adult climb out of the water on it? Or is it designed to be supported by solid land? It looks like it hangs off at such an angle that I'd be afraid the telescoping tubes would bend or fail. This is on a 2018 257 SSX (or in the 2013-2018 model years)
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