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  1. I will never winterize my boat....80 degrees here suckas. But I just cut my lid out of starboard, good enough for me.
  2. Come see the FL boat shows, some guy down here is building a boat I think he is using a 35 everglades as the tender.
  3. From what I saw with my 3.0 the starter cost about 50 to rebuild, GM marine Starter from our auto electric shop was I believe 140, and aftermarket was about 100. It is pretty rough getting into the Bilge to do it because of the reach, I would slide starter in and get nut on brace snug to help hold everything then start with the bolts, be careful not to strip like what happened to my old block from prev. owner.
  4. Rwright1985

    204 Ssi

    183ssi here, it is awesome. Mine is underpowered a hair but good enough for the family. Takes the ICW chop like a champ and I think rides better than many Center Consoles I have been on.
  5. Rwright1985


    Ohh I get that, I meant samething as in since it is apart now whatever he feels should legitimately be changed I am okay with.
  6. Rwright1985


    Ehh, it isn't too bad I hope this mechanic can do it faster and get me a better price than I am expecting, but that is my estimate off my experiences in the past from dealing with cars. This is a different guy, seems really knowledgeable and decent so far. Just wish he would have shot me a text (had someone set up an auto-text) when he went radio silence from his medical issue, saying he had something critical happen that he will get back once he is capable. I will let the mechanic make the call on changing the coupler but I am not opposed to that as it is a few hundred bucks insurance and same thing with the universal. My rule when boat went in the first time was to make it safe and reliable for me and my family, same rule applies. Cyclops, I get them not wanting to deal with labor on the warranty if it is just R&R engine, it wasn't their factory trained mechanic that did install. If they say rebuild they dang well better eat the cost on the rebuild as with 35 hours it was more than likely really poor part which GM should cover or poor assembly which GM should cover. If they try doing full review of it I want to see what they find based on any fractures, miss-torque/alignment, inadequate oil flow... I have been wanting to get into failure analysis and forensics since my sophomore year of college and it would be fun to try to challenge their engineers. Closest thing I have had is hardware review for FAA ETOPS Certification, which I loved. P.S. Sorry I geeked out
  7. Rwright1985


    Yup, Hit it with a stethoscope, popped the fuel pump off so it was just motor and drive, sound was louder and Def. coming from #1/2 area sound matched speed of RPM so coming from crank and not cam. Waiting for Mechanic to pull and get warranty paperwork moving, but probably getting hit for 1k-1500 I am thinking in labor (2 hrs drive removal & install, Remove/strip old block, Dress new block and install, sea trial) bad thing is mechanic had some health issues so slowed him down with getting to me.
  8. Rwright1985


    Brand new motor in end of January, Dead for past month and a half, need to swap motor, still got warranty but labor coverage is $500, after 35 hours of use
  9. Depends on the money you want to spend. I got some infinitys for cheap from academy, did a SKAR amp and it is loud. not much for bass since it is 6.5's but I was trying to be cheap and still have decent quality
  10. Similar discussion here. Make sure it is the floor. May be better buying solid boat with many mechanical issues and using this as a donor for motor/drive and what not.
  11. I have an 03 183ssi, called them and they said they rename to inhouse name and dont keep tabs on it. I ordered replacement OEM seats from a newer boat in the yellow/white config through gra(my frames were rotted) and upholster matched off those pretty dang close. He used spradling. You can get a sample book and some places rent them too.
  12. If you look for a manual for the old radio you can see the color coding for the old harness. The only thing might get tricky if your not satisfied with how existing is installed are the Battery (constant hot) and ignition as people play with those depending on preference (If boat sits a lot battery wire may not go to the battery or if they leave radio on at a sandbar ignition wire may be routed differently). I say get new radio and unhook old harness 1 wire at a time and connect to new harness per wiring diagram provided. Typically you will have 2 wires per speaker channel (4 speakers, 8 wires) 1 battery wire which is constant hot (but usually routed to battery switch or tied into ignition wire on boat due to preventing drawing battery down with long periods of sitting) 1 wire for ignition (sometimes radio battery wire tied in here too so 2 wires from radio harness to boat or it gets routed to battery switch so radio can be on while anchored at a sand bar) 1 wire for ground and 1 for remote power (Power antenna, amp...). If you are running more speakers than 4 should be wired in parallel or series which is resistance math to get right. A basic radio is easy and there are many online guides for free.
  13. IMO get what you like, Fusion has an amazing reputation but gets expensive. If you dont have a proprietary amp or anything special any radio will work and wiring is simple and provided with the cd player, only thing questionable is remote. Since you have a remote already you can probably pull wires for whatever connection new remote will need, just make sure everything is same mounting ( some remotes are a standard hole, some have funky mounts) You can look at the parts guide for your boat on chaps website and if it is stock see what came with it. On my 186 the cd went out so i replaced with AM/FM Bluetooth jvc and got infinity speakers and a Skar 4ch amp. Biggest thing was pulling battery switch to hook amp power and fishing RCA cables, remote wire and speaker wire down the sides of the boat which installing everything took 1/2 day, cost was 60 for HU, 250 for amp, 125 for 4 speakers and 100 for amp kit. It is loud as heck. You can get some HUs that fit a gauge slot and can do away with the slot in the head, just tie off wiring and pull what you need. Fish stick, busted up fishing rod, tape measure all can work well for fishing since most of the areas go to open cavities, just get the right wire type.
  14. Canvas shop, buy tool pipe and fitting to make your own or make new with external fitting. They sell them @ marine depot for same price as amazon when I ordered mine.
  15. Good news is it isnt red, red always turns pink. Plus black would get hotter. But congrats on the new toy.
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