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  1. montypolk


    That's it Thank you!! It rarely gets used just never noticed it.
  2. montypolk


    I found these in my boat I bought 2 years ago, 256ssx do they have any function for this boat?
  3. Has any one replace there interior carpet with either brand? How do you like it compared to carpet & how long has it lasted? Thank you.
  4. montypolk


    Looks nice, did you replace the carpet with seadek also? Do you know if that option is available?
  5. Did you change out your battery tray? What group size are you using? I cant find anything over a 800cca in a group 24?
  6. Starting & Deep cycle vs duel propose. What is everyone using? How long are they lasting? 256ssx, VP 8.1L we put about 75 hours per season. Thank you
  7. No luck using various fish tape, seems Its not completely hollow about 18" up from the galley. Any issues I should know about with folding the tower down?? Thank you.
  8. Thanks everyone for the Advise. My set up is like Hatem's pictures, very helpful!! I see my wires in the battery switch compartment, but i think I'm going to have to pull my cooler panel to get better access. I did not see an extra wire but will pull one for the future. Again thanks for the advise very helpfull!!
  9. Does any one have any advise on fishing wires in a arch tower 2008 256 ssx? Was replacing light and wires fell through the tower. Tried coat hanger no luck. Thank you.
  10. Pump grinding noise, it just doesn't seem to be a smooth running pump sound. Again this is the first Vacu-flush for me so, I'm not familiar with the sound it makes when building vacuum.
  11. OK, it only takes about 30 sec, i guess it just seemed like a long time. Water left in bowl for 5 days still there same level. What are the signs of the Air pump motor or vacuum switch going bad?
  12. Does it help with the noise?
  13. Yes runs about 1-2 minutes after flush. Yes bowl empty's....No I haven't heard one build vacuum other than mine, brother in law was in town this weekend , has the same system on a formula said it is loud?
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