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  1. 287SSX

    Where does the bathroom sink drain?

    through hull, over board
  2. 287SSX

    Chaparral 276ssx

    Congrats ! I have a 2012 287 SSX great boat. I took off the rail at the end of the rear lounger, now I can hang my legs off ! Good Luck with it. The first thing I would do is install a stand-off at the fuel filler. Under 10 deer. Its about 1/2" thick. during the time those vented fuel caps are actually venting, you can get water in the tank ( had it happen twice). The water runs off the cleat right into the cap area and into the tank (When the cap is venting). Has not happened again since....money welll spent.......Jim
  3. 287SSX

    P/N for stern light Bulb

    Trying to cross ref an LED replacement stern light bulb and mast light bulb while I'm on line. Trying to avoid heading down to the marina and pulling them, not lazy, just busy right now Anyone have the original p/n of each 2012 287 SSX is Hatem out there ?
  4. 287SSX

    I was more offended to day. By Home Despot.

    Those self checkout lines used to pixx me off, it was like ur taking my money AND im doing your job 4 u !?!?!? but now I have accepted that fact that yes, I am doing their job too and happily use them ...although I still try to use the "little" stores when I can and do my part to help my fellow small business people
  5. 287SSX

    Plug, What Plug?

    Ya know, if you go really fast, you really dont need a plug, lol
  6. 287SSX

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    NOT like when I have to check out / work on the holding tank vacuum pump....I panic just thinking about getting up in there, lol
  7. 287SSX

    Can I tow this....

    thnx !
  8. 287SSX

    Can I tow this....

    Thats the answer....good to know, thnx !
  9. 287SSX

    Test Post

    we USED to, proud to say we've been "Race Free" for like 7 years now ! My son raced quarter scale sprint cars called Quarter midgets.......
  10. 287SSX

    Steering Helm Play Measurement

    Im seeing something with my steering actually. Running, blocked up I had about ± 2" each direction from center, ( wanted to check becasue it started the end of last season) but now that Im splashed ive been out 3x and sometimes it seems like I have a lot of play. I have to do some troubleshooting. It wanders a lot, Lways did but thats the hull design, this is underway. THe catch is that sometimes it seems fine. I just have to make sure its not me but I've been told the assemblies/ pistons, etc. need to be replaced every now and then. Will followup with what I find...2012 287 SSX 430 hours
  11. 287SSX

    Can I tow this....

    Just curious, that much toungue weight? Im thinking you have to position the boat on the trailer different, no?
  12. You wouldnt see any of that if you had a Volvo ..IM KIDDING, IM KIDDING......JUST BUSTING YOUR CHOPS !!!!..sorry, couldnt resist
  13. 287SSX

    Bottom Paint Questions

    No question, if you pull it Dont paint it. If you slip it you have to paint the bottom and the outdrive - different paints. I swear by Pettit Ablative hydrocoat for the bottom, I use an outboard ablative spray can also by pettit. This season I had to actually use a paint on the outdrive because the actual paint had worn off in some spots, but that should last another 5 years or so with only having to do the ablative spray each season. I keep mine slipped in salt water and splash from, at earliest, April ( but no later than the Kentucky Derby) to Halloween
  14. 287SSX

    Posting of New Topics

    We have Comcast /Xfinity so I am used to that