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  1. Oh ok, i have one last question (promise) how do i connect my amplifier to the black box already in my boat i can’t figure it out
  2. Ok so i have my amp and my sub. (10 “kicker” tube amp”) what wires do i use to connect the two? It’s not rca is it just plain speaker wire?
  3. Thanks! I promise this is the last thing, how would i connect my amplifiers to the black box/headunit or display already on the boat?
  4. Planning on getting a bazooka, thanks! Would putting the standalone bazooka in a storage compartment reduce the bass to people on the boat? It’s a 19 foot
  5. Aww don’t say that
  6. Thanks so much for the reply! I’m gonna get a mono for my subwoofer and a 6 channel for my other speakers Just two last question, Do you know the sizes of the speakers and subwoofers on this boat? Can’t find it anywhere and i haven’t been able to stop by and measure them what battery do u recommend for a secondary to power speakers/other components i add to the boat? How would i charge this battery Edit: measured and found the size of the speakers (6.75) but i can’t find the subwoofer unit.
  7. Hey guys, im replacing the speakers and replacing the subwoofer, I’m also adding a couple wakeboard tower speakers. Trying to get great sound but more importantly the best bass or punch. my boat already has the clarion system on it so I’m thinking I’m gonna need to use the amplifier or the “black box” already installed. If so where would i connect my two new speakers on the wakeboard bar? If i do go with a new amplifier will it still work with the clarion display/control installed on the boat. It’s installed on the swim deck and in the left side console. if anyone has replaced there speakers or added some i would love to hear about it!
  8. I feel like that dorsa panel is open to provide front “lift” in a way and counteract the back engine? I don’t know much about the engineering of jets...
  9. Well what I meant was power doesn’t go through the panel wiring accept the panel mechanically turns the power on and off by being spliced into the power line.. kinda hard to explain. i figured everything out though! I bought a fuse/ground box by blue seas and individual on off switches that are rated for 20 amps each so now I can wire the switches after the fuse box before the load or lights.
  10. haha it’s my dream to fly f-35 b’s for the navy! @Chewey what did you fly?
  11. I think I’m gonna go with a single switch, there much cheaper and can handle 20 amps each
  12. That’s perfect, just a tad bit expensive, I’ll see what else they have thanks!
  13. Oh well this is over 5 separate units, 2 halo lights, a 32-42 inch light bar, underwater led, pa speaker and about 55 feet of led strip, all of the lights are rgb and I plan on getting more underwater lights so that number may go up. Are there any switch panels where the power doesn’t go through the switch panel but instead the panel I guess “intercepts “ the wire and can turn it off and on? edit: 6 units, may go up to 7-9
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