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  1. Hi I am looking to purchase a zipper extension for my enclosure, it says 8mm or 10mm for the zipper for the enclosure. I don’t have access to my boat. Do you guys know if it is 8mm or 10mm?
  2. Sounds like the previous owner was not very meticulous about His boat. Thank you.
  3. I bought a 2014 Chapparal 327 ssx from Florida, lift kept. Now in NJ slip. Did not realize 5-6 years was one of the marks where you need to replace a lot. I thought lift kept was good and now it has seemed to be the reason for nothing but problems. I suggest not getting a lift kept boat and also having a mechanic inspect the boat before you buy it as I only had a surveyor. Manifolds both need to be replaced, all O2 sensors, water pressure sensor, and possibly sea water pump. And there was much more replaced after we bought it. Got an awesome deal on the boat but have many issues. I guess that’s the cost of a deal ‘too good’.
  4. Hello All, Hope everyone is safe and healthy. It is boating season again!!! I purchased a 2014 Chaparral 327 ssx last year and have had a couple problems but got them resolved and hopefully can take the boat through the Manasquan Inlet in NJ soon. The boat is currently getting bottom painted, and I forgot what the cost was last year I got it bottom painted. Does anyone know around how much it should cost?
  5. Can I still operate the boat with the ‘port catalyst notification?
  6. Hi, I am connected to the new fusion stereo i had installed. But I can’t get it connected to the speakers. Anyone know how?
  7. Thank you to all who replied, I bought it from a dry storage in Miami, FL. Boat has some engine issues that weren’t picked up during inspection.
  8. Ok great! Thank you for the info! I was about to rip the stairs off. Because I was reading in the 290 signature they’re under there
  9. Hi, I was told that is just for the Air Conditioning and shower. Do the drains in the bow of the boat go to there?
  10. Hi, it won’t let me add pictures. Says they’re too big. But, it’s dark navy blue with merc 350 mags. And brought her to NJ from Florida via a trailer company. Thank you.
  11. Hi, my forward bilge pump recently stopped working or a wire had an electrical leak. And I checked every hatch, and Connor locate a forward bilge. Let me know!!
  12. Hi all. Just closed on a 2014 Chaparral 327 ssx down in Miami, FL!!! Only 180 hours. Got it for a good deal! Just needs bottom paint and some other minor things and rust cleaned off parts of the engine and screws.
  13. Thank you, safer I bad conditions and maneurvibility around the docks?
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