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  1. I paid about 1000. Sanded, primed, and painted with some apparent “good stuff” LOL. It was removed and reinstalled for the job.
  2. In my case, my outdrive looks okay, but was due for a recondition. Being a single screw at 7000+ lbs, I feel that outdrive is working hard to push it, plus us and our stuff. No shame in keeping her cool.
  3. Might be quicker to just call and ask. He’s usually quick to answer/respond. Can’t hurt.
  4. Had a few under the wire. I think we topped 20 for Simetek. Between the Crownline and Chaparral owners, we’re doing our part to keep the economy moving!
  5. 10 ain’t bad I guess. I would have thought we’d be at least 15 by now judging from the interest. But, like you said, many have good intentions, then don’t follow through for whatever reason.
  6. Hey, Chuck! Thanks for stepping in. Can’t wait to install mine.
  7. While I am convinced it will definitely keep the outdrive cool, if all it did was keep it clean like that, it is still worth it to me. I just paid good money to have the outdrive reconditioned and coated. I’d like to try to keep it that way. Thanks for the encouragement!
  8. I started a group purchase for these Drive showers. If you’re interested, the current discount is about 40 bucks. You’re welcome to call and purchase it under my group name, and you will get the discount too. Here are the details: For the Simrek Drive Shower order: OK, the deal is on. He’s going to tally the numbers at the end of the business day a week from today. So next Friday at about 5 o’clock he’ll see what the number is and apply the appropriate discount. It looks like we have more than enough to get a great discount. He’s a great guy to talk to. His name is Chuck and the phone number is 352-729-3093. Tell him you are ordering with the group order under Nick Gerace. He said that, if he’s going to do all of these individually, he would split the shipping. He is asking that we pony up five dollars for shipping. I have already ordered mine to start us off.
  9. All I know is that I want to go for a ride in your boat now. I want to feel those G’s!
  10. I have not heard a bad thing about them and I like this from a cruiser perspective.
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