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  1. All I know is that I want to go for a ride in your boat now. I want to feel those G’s!
  2. I have not heard a bad thing about them and I like this from a cruiser perspective.
  3. Which is why I’m making phone calls, asking questions on a boating site where someone might be familiar with my boat, and listening to advice. It’s a lot to learn.
  4. By the way, my prop is in good shape. No dings or any noticeable damage.
  5. My WOT is right at 4800-5000, so a pitch change is not a goal. What I’m lead to understand is that the 4x4 prop at the same pitch will bite harder and give less speed robbing “slip” than the 3x3. I spoke to the older Hill in California and he suggested no pitch change and was adamant that, if I’m not looking for more top end and am happy with the hole shot, the 4x4 would certainly drop cruise RPM’s while the changes elsewhere would be insignificant. I was hoping to hear real world experience. Not really finding it with my exact setup.
  6. I’m not sure what the issue here is. Do those numbers look odd? I also have the Mercury Smartcraft gauge and it pretty much coincides with the analog tach. Speeds also are close to mobile device GPS readings. Those gauges are relatively accurate. The little bit of reading I found from others with my type of boat/power have similar numbers. Is there something wrong here?
  7. Hull is clean. Bottom painted with the good stuff. No way I’ll see 32 at 3200 with this single screw at 6900 lbs. I’d take that in a heartbeat. I’ll give up top end for 30 at 3500
  8. Can’t find much info for my specific application, but I want to drop the cruise RPM range for my boat. I’m told the Hill Marine 4x4 prop will do just that. The pic shown is where my boat feels best, but I’d like to drop the RPM’s closer to 3500 at this speed (or whatever the true speed is when the speedo shows this). Anyone have much to say about my setup? 2008 Chaparral Signature 250 (true 25’ hull with 2’ swim platform) Mag 350 Bravo 3 with original 2.2 ratio and 3x3 22 pitch prop Current read:
  9. I am in the process of buying a 2008 Sig 250 with the Mag 350/BIII. I stopped in to look at a SR 260 Sundancer they had there and the broker, who is someone I have known back in the day, said, “If that is the kind of boat you want, don’t buy that one. I have a much better one.” Mind you, they specialize in SR and that is about 85% of their business. They have an excellent track record and I trust them. He steered me towards the Chap. He said the same thing that I hear and read about the single screw SR pocket cruisers: You will be on the trim tabs all day. On the test cruise, I walked my 240 lbs side to side and was very pleased with the way it held up. Not much listing. This boat also has the auto Glide system, so that was also a plus, but they don’t stop it from listing. They just correct it. That said, they didn’t have to work that hard. I’ve read many other options about the Chap hull being a great one one these boats. In fact, I have yet to read a negative comment. Can’t say the same about the SR.
  10. This is good to know. Very encouraging. Thank you!
  11. Hey, all! Grew up boating with my dad on Lake Saint Clair here in Michigan, then was out there quite often with friends for years after. After a few decades of hiatus, I bought my first boat (Crownline 202BR) in 2014, sold it in 2015, and am now buying a 2008 Signature 250. I believe my boat is the stripped down version of the model that year. No windlass, no AC, Standard vinyl design on no-frills seats... it was priced accordingly with the 350 Mag/BIII at 322 hours, so I grabbed it. I have never used a GPS. Seriously, at 51 years old, I have never had or used one. This boat is equipped with the Garmin 741xs. As I researched to get acclimated to it, It was about $1000 to purchase, and had excellent reviews. However, now it is discontinued and there many complaints about the lack of support. Should I care? I'm not traveling the ocean or wanting to plot courses unknown. I know the lake well and really only need current info. Still, the fact that there is no support, does that mean my info is outdated? Is this still a decent unit or is it relatively useless. I can always use my ipad with the sailor app.
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