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  1. Raft-up

    depth gauges

    hey guys, appreciate all the the help. explained to me that because mine is a surf boat with the forward facing prop that at higher speeds there is such a disruption with the water where the transducer has to be placed that there will be a disruption in the readings. guess that makes sense. they further explained that if the transducer was moved more forward that no readings would be transmitted. my question now is does that sound right to you all. second, any other surf boat owners have the same issue?
  2. Raft-up

    depth gauges

    thank you for the responses, not sure of the brand I have, factory from chap. I am going to pick it up tomorrow from the dealer. will take a picture then. stupid question Wingnut, is the arrow on the transponder? thanks again for the help.
  3. Raft-up

    depth gauges

    question for more experienced boaters then me, does your depth gauge work at higher speeds (20-30 mph). I have a '18 257 ssx that doesn't register when going faster then 10 mph and my deal just informed me that that is the way it is designed. doesn't sound correct to me. need advice. thanks.
  4. Live in Georgia, so little snow. I would shrink wrap mine yearly. Loved it. would give a good cleaning. remove everything not screwed in. damp rid in every closed space. when springtime came around, perfectly clean and ready to go.
  5. got it. would you drill a hole in the the bar for the bolt? that's a neat idea too.
  6. that sounds interesting. not sure what that is. will have to look it up.
  7. storage of the seat might be an issue. was thinking about your idea of attaching blocks to the seat where the bar could catch it. not sure about longevity with screws in the plastic base. really a design flaw.
  8. look in starboard bow storage under the seat there is a chrome bar that fits between the seats. gives support but doesn't stop if from sliding back.
  9. I have the same problem. has happened so much that it bent the front bracket. if you come up with a solution please share. was thinking of wrapping the crossbar with a rubber strap, like you would use for stretching, to see if would catch more and stop it from slipping.
  10. thank you. have seen some phase 5. you are right, I like them too. will check out victoria, not familiar with that brand. thanks again.
  11. eddiewo, I would be interested in what is your opinions on the different boards that you have tried. the shops around here do not let you demo.
  12. I have an '18 257 ssx surf. we are having such a good summer with it. having the right board for our wave is key. we need more of a skim board than a surf. my son throws the rope every time. I still have to to hold the rope. i think once i get a bigger board, will be just fine. my boat is so comfortable for cruising which is my favorite thing to do. great for other water sports too. the wave is not as good as dedicated tow boats but so much more versatile for my family.
  13. Hey Mitch, my problem with such a low towing position, is that when pulling tubes the rope gets caught up in the wash requiring one of those balls keeping the rope out the water. hate that just because another item to store. don't have a solution for you just wanted you to be aware of my issue before doing something to your boat.
  14. I am having the same question. not enthusiastic about putting a screw in plate on the swim platform which is what the dealer suggested. would love some other options.
  15. Raft-up

    Ski mode

    what's the model of the boat? are you talking about the cruise control?
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