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  1. Natsdad2019

    Vacuflush not flushing

    2005 285 ssi. Bought used. Clearly wasnt winterized properly as it was full of last years ummm. "Stuff." Anyway, vaccum runs constantly had a cracked elbow replaced, and the duckbill valve replaced. ( manual looks like there is only 1.) tank pumped out water refilled. I get one flush and then nothing, but the vacuum pump still runs constantly. Running out of ideas! Anyone have this issue? Thanks!
  2. Natsdad2019

    Captains call wont go quiet

    Phillbo, i dont get it either.... there is a noise ordinance but i have no clue why i can have a switch to keep it quiet. So much for live free or die. Lol.
  3. Natsdad2019

    Captains call wont go quiet

    Thanks guys. They won't actuate because the wiring has been removed. Switchanle exhausts are illegal in NH. i only want it quiet, so the switch hsnt an issue to me.
  4. Natsdad2019

    Captains call wont go quiet

    If i cant figure out how to completely switch it to through prop I think im going to look into new "plumbing" to bypass the through hull portion altogether. My slip neighbor boat is identical to mine without the through hull and you cant even hear it!
  5. Natsdad2019

    Captains call wont go quiet

    I just took delivery of a 2005 285ssi with a captains call exhaust. When i hit the switch to quiet it, it did nothing. Then i Found out that NH law requires switchable exhausts to be disabled. Problem is it is disabled in the loud setting. I had a tech manually close it and it did get quieter, but still has exhaust coming through the hull. He pushed it as far as it would go. He thinks the diverters may be worn? No disrespect to those who enjoy the sound, but we really prefer a quiet exhaust through the props. Any input greatly appreciated!