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  1. Hay tommy go to jetboater.net may there you have a better results in answers. i don't see anybody here that really answers question.
  2. hey ,, thanks for the positive vibe,,, i just like to be on the water,, many times just standing still,,, And I'm also on jet boat.net ,,your right i get more info on that site, some one has the same boat and was the one who put me on to the code,,, and told me he has a double 250 Rotax and it also gave him the Code,, He also link me on to getting the CANDOO PRO Diagnostic Reader,,,, this reads the computer of the boat and tells you your HRs and resets the hours so maintenance can be done, also program keys ,,im still learning,, but it did for me what it had to do was reset the HRS so the Required maintenance code is reset till the next oil change, and plugs....please keep me in tune with your threads,,,, link me on.... Thanks say in touch... we need to help each other more the MARINA KILLS the POCKET.....$$$$.
  3. yes i do have the medallion screen ,,, and i also bought the boat with 48hr ,, and i now have 72hr but the marina where i bought it from didn't do any oil ,or plug change i bought the boat late september all they did was hold till i pick it up in may,,,,i mean the boat is in GREAT CONDITION,,, ALMOST NEW,,, But they never change the oil,,, i mean if you know something about what is really means ,,hey please let me know ,, as i can see the 203 VRX Chaparral 2017 Boat in my opinion is a great boat and VERY EASY to maintain and work on that why i chose this boat ( again my opinion), I'm in Newburg NY. I launch in the hudson river , people say it half N half ,(salt N fresh water).. and please your No bother,, We can learn together ,, cause the marinas charge to MUCH money for something you can do....What year is your boat?
  4. i went to the dealer , and ask they told me according to the hours it was time for oil change ,,, and i have a CanDoo Pro,, and i diagnosted the boat and the hours ,, the dealer never change the oil,, oil change done, change the spark plugs and reset the hours,,, boat its GREAT!!!! have you done a oil change??, Let me know how many hours your boat has, , and let me know at how many hour does your maintenance light light up... thanks..
  5. it means, time to change the oil..
  6. hay guys ,this is a 2017 VRX 203 CHAPARRAL , has a 250 ROTAX single engine , the alarm is a shot brief sound ,i did do the spark plug ,oil change and filter,.the code appear on star up....
  7. Hay brother boater hope everything well, my warning light just came on indicating (STARBOARD MAINTENANCE REQUIRED ) what does this mean, is it time for a oil change, and 2nd, How can i reset the light after i do the oil change,, HELP!!! ..
  8. HAY J ,, what do you do for gas do you gas up at a Marina or at a gas station do you know whats the difference ,, i use premium at the gas station with 3 ,, 5gal tanks . let me know , Thanks
  9. Hay J,,, i have the same boat and i flush my boat after every use on the water ,this is just me i want to have piece of mind that the water tank has fresh water, i also rinse off the motor .... stay in touch i will also winterize my boat i here IT VERY EASY...
  10. Hay fella boater brother, i have a 2017 203 chaparral i was reading up on when to switch on the blower on/off, is it necessary on the newer boat with fuel injection system. let me know how long before start up and when on the water before start up again .. Thanks
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