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  1. Is that an OMC Stringer drive? If so, would the transom need to be beefed up?
  2. Generally, when thermostats are put in upside down the engine will overheat as the "Pill" is not in the block and doesn't register the heat (don't ask me how I know).
  3. PAT

    2016 Chaparral H20 Interior Issues

    How about make-up or suntan lotion?
  4. PAT

    Interior Seat Repair

    You should be able to find a vinyl repair kit at any autoparts store. Some even come with a little electric iron to melt it in place. You'll have to mix/match the color.
  5. PAT

    Bleeding of Snap Eyelets

    Are the snaps made of Stainless Steel or Nickel. The Nickel ones tend to leave streaks.
  6. PAT

    Possessed trim indicator

    I have an '02 Sunesta and the trim gauge does something similar. The wire running from the transom to the trim sender in the drive is broken and shorts out against the drive causing it to jump around.
  7. PAT

    Fuse panel sunesta 252

    I thought the 252 was more like the 254 with the head on the port side (my mistake). It is in the same place only on the other side of the wall. Yours is facing the helm, on the 254 it's turned around and facing away from the helm, in what is storage in the 254.
  8. PAT

    Fuse panel sunesta 252

    Isn't there a storage compartment in front of the helm with a door access panel on the side. The breaker box should be in that compartment on the wall to your right as you look in.
  9. PAT

    Running engine out of water

    I have a 2002 Volvo and the flush hose goes directly to the block so therefore it's not good for flushing with the engine running.
  10. PAT

    No shim stamp on Bravo 3 drive shifter cavity

    I had a similar problem on a Volvo Penta SX...turned out to just be the shift cable. Had it replaced and now shifts like new. May not be your issue but worth checking...sure cheaper than new cone clutch.
  11. I bought a salt-water boat with 60 hrs and it's been in fresh water ever since. Same as you, boat dry stored and flushed after every use. I've never had any issues with the manifolds or risers (or anything other than WP impeller) and it's going on 14 years and 600 hrs.
  12. PAT

    2016 223 VR info needed

    We just use toilet bowl cleaner to clean ours. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly and re-wax when done.
  13. PAT

    Trailer, bunks position (Strakes)

    I would think you'd want them directly under the stringers. Just my opinion.
  14. PAT

    Boy dies, very sad..................

    I don't think you can assume that someone crossing in front of your bow that they are in the wrong. There are "right-of-way" rules that need to be followed. Depending on the direction of the boat crossing your bow, you may have been the one to yield.
  15. I just clip my radio to a spoke on the steering wheel (radio facing back). It doesn't get in the way and never falls off. If I had a glove compartment I'd probably put it there but my boat doesn't. Cell phone goes in one of the cupholders.