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  1. gweedo

    winterize AC

    Thank you for the suggestions, I watched some u tubes on this as well, filling from the exhaust backwards seems to be the most often used technique. Thanks again!
  2. gweedo

    winterize AC

    I have an 08 290, need to winterize the ac, any suggestions on how to do it. I'm thinking pump antifreeze from the outlet backwards until it comes out the pick. I apologize, but I haven't even looked to see where the pick is. I finished the motors, generator and water heater and forgot about the AC, am I on the right track or is there an easy way to perform this task. Thnx
  3. Here is a great example, watch it on you tube, I have used this method for years (referenced above by Chap243) and I have never had an issue. Go to you tube, www.LIboatersclub.com. this is taking off the hose and filling. I bring to temp, remove plugs to drain, replace plugs, then remove each side of T stat hose and fill until it comes out of housing, (the T stat will not close, otherwise the AF wouldn't come out) then I do the same for the risers. easy and I know everything is filled, you will see it come out of the drives as well. For me I need to research on how to winterize the AC unit.
  4. Thanks for the replies. all three batteries are new and very expensive (Life time or long life don't remember) I am trickle charging because when I plug in the boat the house batt goes low enough for the CO monitors to begin chirping. I need to test the boat charger itself now. regarding the gauges, I'm thinking loose connection(s) somewhere, at times they work normal and other times not at all. When I got home I turned on the key in the driveway and the gauges bounced up and down like normal. Regarding the genny, the trouble code on the front said low voltage. I'm not much into the electrical side of mechanics but I'll give it a shot. Thanks again for the replies, any suggestions help me out!
  5. Make certain you use the proper grease that doesn't allow water to break it down. when you put on the new seal, it is imperative the hub on the rear seal is smoothed like new, especially on the bottom side where most of the grime/rust will accumulate. I recently purchase a boat and discovered the bearings were gone. I was out of state with no tools, so $700 later having all bearing replaced from a trailer manufacturer (who also uses bearing buddies) I drove home only to find my middle wheel covered in grease. I took it apart and found the new seal torn. the cause was the underside of the hub the seal rides on. I sanded clean, installed new seal and no problems. I have been boating 25-years and have always used the bearing buddies and I have never had any kind of a bearing issue. Many contributing factors, heat, how long does the trailer sit, weight and service. just my two cents. Good luck
  6. gweedo

    Vacu flush info

    LMAO Johnfrmcal, I only saw the drain pipe momentarily, but it seemed the size of a quarter. I think an 1 1/2 will suffice, I don't like going to the doctor. I'll look for a small plunger that will fit down the toilet. I'm glad the super soaker squirt gun worked for me this time. great tips from everyone and I appreciate it. never thought about the portable bags, our houseboat had two heads. now I check my other post, my gauges are working on and off, need to figure that out now. Thanks again!
  7. gweedo

    Vacu flush info

    Took boat out for the first time, the holding tank was left full by the PO. took and had it emptied, when I tried flushing it, it backfill into the toilet bowl. without going through the disgusting process, using the only thing available (super soaker) I emptied the toilet. couldn't hear the toilet pump working. I was able to use the super soaker and force water through but still didn't pump. sat around trying to ask people about the system to no avail. after about 10-15 minutes I decided to try it one more time before worrying about it later since this was the first trip out to test the boat. I could hear the pump working, I flushed the toilet and it worked! thank goodness! I ran it a few times more and it continued working. So to my question, I am wondering if it takes time to build pressure after being emptied? WHAT are you doing when the head is not in use, do you leave it on or off? does the pump continue to work while not in use or does it have a shutoff. when I flushed I could see the pipe below, I was amazed on how small the opening is. It seems impossible for this to function well. I read in one blog one guy mentioned they do their business and flush, then do the paper work and flush again to easy the amount of product being consumed. I don't mean to get personal, but I am trying to avoid damaging or clogging the system. what do you do? is there a better system with something like a maceoator available? had one in our houseboat and never had an issue. Thanks,
  8. Good morning all, I have tried googling and searching this site for the issue but can't find an answer. 08 sig 290, took her out for the first time after performing extensive service. started out great all the gauges were working. drove about a mile to a marina to have the holding tank emptied (which the PO left completely filled, which will be another topic for me on how to use) went to leave and none of the gauges were working. drove out about a mile shut it down a couple times and nothing. shut down to open Bimini started it up and all gauges worked. In the driveway all gauges worked, but I did notice I had to have both engine batts on for the gauges to work. I don't think the batt charger is working correctly, still need to check it but, I had all three batts on trickle charger and all were fully charged up full. when I turn on the ignition key the gauges bounce up and down like normal and work, sometimes they bounce and then no reading, and sometimes they don't bounce and none of the gauges work. I don't know if this means anything but, I tried to start the generator and it kept stalling, the code on the front said Low voltage. when the gauges are functioning, the volts were 14. so this may be another issue specific to the gen. it did run before I purchased the boat. Second issue is: On the "digital gauge" the hour gauge, rpm and volts on the starboard motor does not register. ( I replaced the exhaust manifold on that that motor and found a melted wire harness that was touching the manifold, I checked the wires and they looked good, put on a new harness and tied them away from the manifold). on the port motor the digital gauge show all the info, nothing missing. So regarding the gauges not all working at once, it seems it may be a looses connection.
  9. gweedo

    need a tip

    Okay I was able to do it without removing the riser again. I took the exhaust pipe all the way out, because it would not bend backwards or down to slip onto the elbow. extremely hard, tried everything just wouldn't go. So I removed the exhaust pipe completely, loosened and lowered the lower rubber coupler. put wd40 on my finger and wiped the inner of the top and bottom couplers. Turned the pipe sideways and slid it onto the top elbow all the way on, then I turned the pipe into position and slid the lower rubber coupler up and tightened the clamps. thanks for the response.
  10. gweedo

    need a tip

    08 Sig 290 5.0 mpi, replaced the exhaust manifold. I only have about an 1 1/2 " of play at the top, I have to keep the bolts in the riser and partly through the 1.7 spacer. held the bolts from going through with tie wraps. the exhaust tube kept preventing me from placing the riser down without destroying the lower gasket. so I moved the exhaust tube out of the way, now I am having difficulty connecting the tube. I have checked this site and you tube before asking. anyone install the exhaust tube without removing the riser, once I do this I'm finished and gonna take her out for the first test run. Thnx for your help.
  11. Good morning and thank you for the information. I located a manual for my charger and it shows how to test it. For now I have transitioned to three battery tenders to keep the batts charged up. it took awhile but they all charged up, and to be honest I have not checked the Galvonic light to see if it's on or not. I have been doing a ton of maintenance and I'm hoping to complete the exhaust manifold install today and remove another riser. I noticed a lot of rust when I was changing the spark plugs. It appears to be the gasket(s) leaking but I won't know until I remove the riser, my luck it's another bad manifold. Grandkids leave today so I will have no interruptions; I'd really like to get it in the water this week! Thanks again for the input.
  12. Phillbo, I'll test it locally at Lake Pleasant, if everything checks out okay, I'll be heading your way to Powell and dip her there. I need to check into some Marinas, any suggestions where to and not to go?
  13. Thanks for the reply, I'm told the chirping will occur when the Battery becomes low, once I charged them the chirp went away. regarding the baseline service, yeah I do my own, x-two, oil n filt, outdrives, prop shafts, fuel filt, complete tune up, replaced one raw pump and rebuilt the other, thermostats, literally everything including the Gen that is serviceable, including the hard wall hoses. Just waiting on the manifold. I'm up early looking into the Galvonic monitor issue, I have my two grandsons visiting from out if state and we were supposed to take it out and do some fishing. I only have a 6-days left, If I can solve the issue, I'll install the manifold when it gets here on Tuesday and take it on Wednesday before the 4th. The look in their face's telling them we may not be going fishing is difficult to experience.
  14. Hello all, recently purchased an 08 Chaparral 290 with twin 5.0 MPI with 400 hours. I am currently servicing just about everything, the boat only ran 29-knots on the test drive. I purchased from a guy who owned for 18-months, I was able to contact the original owner who said he did 54-mph all day. just to give you an idea of what I am up against, fuel filters were filthy and one was missing the secondary filter, the air cleaners were packed solid, the anodes were at least 60% gone, raw water pump leaking, cracked manifold, trust me I can go on and on. #1 So I am waiting for a manual, here are my issues. there are 3-batteries, one of which is the house batt. it is going dead even though the boat is plugged in and there are two green lights on the charger. I put a brand new lifeline batt in and after operating the hatch 5-6 times its going dead after a few days. I have checked everything to make certain nothing was on. the CO monitors were chirping. I used a portable charger and the batt charged up. #2 now... when I go inside and turn on the shore power and batt charger the "Galvonic Isolation Monitor" now turns red. the reverse polarity light seems to work as it should. So since the previous owner changed batts, I'm not certain the cables are correct, I know when I took the house batt out, one trim quit working, I installed the new house batt n now the trim works, so its obviously connected the house batt and not an engine batt. I am mechanically inclined but electrical I am not. anyone know how many wires come from the charger 3? or does it go to an isolator and then distribute to the batteries? I don't know if a hot wire shou come from the charger to each batt or not. I don't recall the charger brand, but I am pretty certain it the original. I know when I installed a Charles charger in my houseboat it had a line for each bank of batteries Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
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