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  1. Great I'll hope for the best then. thnx
  2. Update...2300 Deer to go through both outdrives replacing everything...unless the u-joints are bad, Oh well now I know its done, so now everything 100% has been serviced top and bottom. now to move onto the Genny and battery charger. BTW, does anyone know if the trim sensors are bad, will it not register on the gauge? Thnx
  3. UPDATE... So I took the senders apart and they were dirty, cleaning them made no difference. Frustrated I took it to the shop. Afterwards I thought about what I could have missed, (light bulb) I did not move the senders to see if they were adjusted correctly. Well wouldn't you know, they called and said the senders were way out of wack, but they weren't in good shape and should be replaced, of course. Now they go up and down but nothing is showing at the gauge, I don't know if the gauge isn't working because the senders are bad. I will ask them today. Do any of you know?? So while they have the outdrives out and since I have only owned it one year, I am having everything replaced, billows, senders, pick up hose bearing and they will give it an inspection etc. anything else I am missing, I want to know everything is done while the OD's are out. Thnx
  4. Sorry I didn’t even mention it is dual b3 outdrive.
  5. Thnx I’ll try the green wire tomorrow. The blue wire worked. I checked the fuse but it’s not the glass type, it’s a yellow 20 amp. I did clean the two solenoid connections n the ground. I’ll keep on trying connections. I was under the impression the port side was powered by the starboard side but it doesn’t appear that way, seems like the harness is next to portPump n split off from there. I’m hoping because the starboard side is buried. Just frustrated, so I transitioned to removing the port side exhaust manifold to replace gaskets, now that needs to be surfaced. My luck. I’ll get back at the trim ASAP. Thnx for the info I really appreciate it
  6. I have the same issues with bravo 3. I touched small blue n it ran. What if I touch large blue n it doesn’t work. Or if it does work what do I check if the throttle switch doesn’t activate it. The switch is sending power when touched so not the switch. I’m so confused or more frustrated. Thnx
  7. We’re did you attach ground to?
  8. Hello Phillbo, what type of ladder, actually folds or telescopes. How much room does it take up? thnx
  9. Clean the fuel lines. take out as much old fuel as possible, be certain filters are replaced and put HELIX in the fuel, keeps fuel up to 2-years, raises octane and will clean out the carb system whether its carbureted or fuel injection. this stuff is awesome! we call it the carb rebuild in a bottle, really cleans things up and keeps them clean.
  10. Hello again, working on the 07 Sig 290 and trying to figure some issues with the trim and gauges. BRAVO 3's 1. The trim button on the throttle handle works for down trim, and the two buttons in front of the throttle handles work for down. the two buttons in front of the throttle WILL raise them up, but they will NOT raise up with the throttle button. Any ideas on what should I check. What I tried...put a test light on port pump, shows power on the grn/blu wires when pushing the up/dwn throttle switch. I don't hear any clicking. Where would I find related fuses to the trims? I'll run a wire from the hot side of batt and touch the grn/blu wires and see what happens. like I said, down works great, absolutely nothing for up on either pump. I started searching for other threads and got some ideas. 2. The gauges do their function test when I turn on the Starboard key. they won't do the function test with the port side key. the only time the function test will work with the port is when I have the starboard key on. last year after I purchased it I took it out once after doing extensive maintenance, the gauges would work off/on. but I don't remember if they just didn't work when trying the port. anyhow what's happen now is what I first described. Any ideas or is this how they are suppose to work, only if the starboard key is on? The previous owner installed a Lowrance, I know it turns on and has a menu. I don't know a thing about them but I do have a book. don't know if that is effecting anything as mentioned. Thanks in advance!!!
  11. gweedo

    grease zerks

    Thank you!
  12. gweedo

    grease zerks

    Hello Phillbo, I spoke to you last year regarding Powell. Can you remind me of the indoor storage you are using there please. still not sure if we are going to get a slip or take it out each time, we may even sell it, not sure depends on a few things. Regarding the boat and salt water, the boat actually came from AZ, Lake Pleasant, the guy I purchased from bought it from the original owner and owned for a year, I think it was in salt for that year. I spoke to the original owner and obtained good info, but the guy I bought from is young with lots of $$ and didn't care about the boat. So i'm cleaning it up and getting it up to par.
  13. gweedo

    grease zerks

    Thanks for the responses. I have the B3 outdrives, one was replaced in 2018. So the gimble is on the outside, I should had referred to the engine couple shaft as being the hard to get to. I attached a couple pics of the rusty water staining, you can see barnacles or signs of saltwater. although after replacing another cracked exh man and doing a ton of services last season, I took it out for a test run, there was not overheat issue and I did not see any signs of a water leak. so is there a leak and the rust plugged it up? is it a cracked exh man or bad gasket? my other concern is the water jackets in the outdrive may be contaminated since the water pickups were under the boat were 75% plugged. I have the gaskets so I think for safe measures i'm going to R&R that side and see what's going on. Regarding the hole in the hull, looks like it goes just under the bottom edge as well, i'd love to fix it myself and save $500 I was quoted. just don't know what to use or how to do it. I attached a pic. (Can't believe the surveyor and I missed this, crap) Thanks again guys,
  14. gweedo

    grease zerks

    Been a minute since being on the forum, glad to be back. 2008 Sig 290 purchased last year. put a ton of work into her n took it out once. want to get her in Powell this year. Got injured over the winter n couldn't finish up the boat. better now, need to grease the zerks on the rear engine shafts to the drive, how in the world do you reach them. I'm no small guy, I can see them but I can't reach them. Also remind me please (I don't have the book here, just moved into a new home and haven't been able to locate it yet, book is probable on the boat) the gimble bearing grease zerks are on the outside of the boat by the outdrives correct? Boat isn't here, in storage and going to pick her up. only had it out once to check all the repairs I performed last year. I'm going to take of another exh. man that has signs of old water leaks and barnacles, no water is seen but it obviously leaked from the guy I purchased from. hoping its just the gaskets. anyhow also thinking of removing the outdrive to check water chambers for barnacles. the water pick ups for the gen and etc were about 75% full before I cleaned them. the other outdrive is one year old, little different style with two more water pickups at the bottom. guy I bought from said it was in salt water 4-months, now I call BS on that after getting deep. In looking at some you tubes it doesn't seem too difficult to R&R the outdrive. any tips, only thing I would be concerned with is getting the shifter cable right. Also need to check instrument cluster, last year they worked then didn't. The PO put a Lowrance on it, i'm hoping he knocked a wire loose. Anyone change the billows/ how difficult. if I start going that deep than I'll change out everything so I know its good. I just don't want to get too deep and find I need to take it in. Just discovered a 1/4 size hole in the filled with silicone, near the speedo. anyone know a good glass guy in the Prescott Az. area. Thanks, I'm sure I'll have more ?'s .
  15. gweedo

    Solar charger

    Good idea and that's a lot of batteries. I had 55' foot house boat along with a deck boat, that was awesome. Sold when retired and moved out of state, and just kept a 21' to cruise around in. Then we moved to Arizona, not far from Lake Powel (don't know if you heard of it, it's massive) anyhow the sig 290 is ideal for that lake. You are on your own out there so I need to get this thing right. I appreciate you suggestions Thanks Iggy!
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