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  1. I winterized the boat for now, not able to run it, but I'm thinking it may be the bottle because it was full when I shut it down and now its less than a 1/4 full. I need to finish winterizing in a few days, I'll pull the bottle and check it for a crack. the problem is the fluid in the pan is under the fuel filter side, so that could simply be from a lean but who knows. I've had (not my first boat) this 2-years, put 5K into it (besides a new outdrive in 18) and had it out once. no more time this year so it's parked for the season. Now that it is in absolutely 100% ready for the water
  2. It wouldn't start, kept getting a UU code, under voltage. I used an OHM meter and found one bad fuse, still no start but the UU code went away. I'm not big on electrical so I resorted to my automotive experience. You need air, spark and fuel, I had everything except fuel. I tried over and over to bleed to but not fuel. I looked on another forum , I think sea ray, and found an extensive thread on the subject. many no starts were caused by a bad /plugged injector, but, how do you know if the injector is bad if no fuel is getting to it. So I took an educated $700 deer guess based on
  3. Good morning, just got my 5ecd Genny running after installing a new fuel pump and fuel module, it ran great. came back the next day and found a small amount of coolant in the tray. cleaned it up couldn't find anything so i figured it may have been spillage. came back several days later and found more coolant and the over fill bottle was a few ounces lower, couldn't find anything obvious. any ideas ? not sure if there are any fittings in the rear I can't see? hoping it's not anything serious like cracked block etc. I am winterizing the boat, but I'd like to locate this before next sea
  4. Update, Good news, I replaced the fuel pump and fuel module, had the injector cleaned (it wasn't dirty) The thing started right up and I ran it for 10-minutes, it didn't miss a beat and sounded great. Thank goodness because it was a 700 deer educated guess. Thanks for the responses and special thnx to Wingnut for all the info you sent me and advice.
  5. Opps forgive me, it's 1 AM. I forgot to mention. Last week I did blow a little air into the line towards the tank, could that cause any damage? I did heard a click noise when I blew but I don't know where it came from . Okay That should be it.
  6. I am assuming the anti-siphon valve "is" working since no fuel came out of the line while it was disconnected. Is that a correct assumption? unless I guess if it's defective or plugged.
  7. Okay thanks, I was asking about priming just to make certain fuel was coming from the tank. This week I installed the new fuel pump, fuel module and filter. Last night I got my injector back and the report shows it was working as it should. So I will install the injector in the morning and see what happens. I just don't want to run the pump and burn it up if fuel isn't coming from the tank. I Know I have at least 40-50- gallons of fuel so that shouldn't be a problem. I really hope I don't need to deal with the fuel tank, because if that ends up being the issue then I spent 700 deer for n
  8. Sorry one other question, can I prime the line like with a vacuum pump to get fuel in the line?
  9. Great thank you, after I install I’ll let the pump run until I see fuel (hopefully) pressurize. Any ideal how long before the fuel should show up? I’d hate to burn up a new pump/module Thnx again
  10. Good morning, on my sig 290 I am replacing the fuel module and fuel pump On the 5ecd genny. My question is, should fuel come from the tank when disconnected from the pump or does It only come upon demand. Nothing is coming from the line when disconnected , I am assuming that may be a safety feature but I can’t find the answer. I am going to be installing the new system and I would like to make certain, otherwise there’s an issue with fuel delivery, and if that’s the case I just wasted 700 deer. Waiting for the fuel injector test and cleaning as well Thank you, Guido
  11. Well since there are no suggestions, I have decided to replace the fuel module, the fuel pump and filter and I sent the fuel injector out to be tested and cleaned. there was some debris in the injector housing but the module looked in good condition.
  12. Update had the outdrives taken off and the senders replaced. they were rusty and cracked inside, no repairing them. had all the rubbers replace as well since the drives were taken off. 2800 deer. everything works now, even the gauge. off to work on the generator now on another post.
  13. Okay so here is what I checked today 1. Spark is good, 2. No fuel coming from shrader valve when bleeding 3. I removed fuel line feeding genny, ? is there supposed to be fuel coming out of the line or only when the fuel pump calls for it? because nothing comes out. So I used an air hose and lightly blue into the fuel filter and the feed line, very lightly. I then primed and got a small amount of fuel from the shrader, so I tried to start it and nothing. no more fuel from the shrader either. 4. I removed the fuel pump and module, had some salt gunk inside but not too m
  14. Okay sounds great thank you. I have had it plugged into shore power for the past week, so I didn’t know if that was an issue. I don’t have the CO detectors Hooked up, I purchased two new ones as you suggested last year. But they kept beeping when it wasn’t, plugged in. Guess I should connect for while plugged in. Gonna try working on the genny again today, I don’t that I’ll even get a chance to take it out this year. thnx again!
  15. What is the voltage sensitive relay module. both of mine are lit up by the batt switches.
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