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  1. RRTex

    boat key

    I am told that depending on the letters on the key it could be a Tracker Switch and new key can be purchased at any Tracker Marine aka Bass Pro etc. I had called local Chap dealer and they stated Chap used Tracker switch some years. I did not purchase a new key so do not know if this is true. Mine starts with PK.
  2. Adding smart tabs to my 220 SSI and when I drilled the top holes for the strut I hit a void and water is coming out. I tried to stick something through and it stops nor can I see any hole inside the engine compartment. 1) Does this mean I have a wet transom? I would assume water is coming in via swim platform tie down hooks on back of boat. 2) If this hole is wet can I get it dried as much as possible and go ahead and install the tabs using 4200 in the holes with the screws?
  3. On my 220 SSI the wires come out of the boat with one of the covers below facing rearward. The base of the tower is solid so the cable tube comes up to the first hollow tower tube which means about 5 inches of cable tube shows. I can get a picture of it if you would like one.
  4. What is best way to remove these? Looks like I need to unscrew from inside of boat but wanted to make sure.
  5. RRTex

    Engine Hatch

    I power washed the inside of it yesterday and may leaving it as is. My thoughts are to either spray black bed liner on it or use something like in the image below.
  6. I should have mentioned the 15" is for the ski locker and not the engine hatch. Just added it for reference. Only difference from the SL29-70 and what I purchased is they are not Attwood and are 90# rather than 70#.
  7. I recently needed new struts for my 2007 220 SSI and ordered from the link below. Good quality and work great https://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/ 1X 15.00'' Lift Supports Depot SE150P40S10 Lift Support With 10MM Claw Ball Sockets | SE150P40S10-W 2X 36.50'' Lift Supports Depot ST360P90M13 Lift Support With 13mm Ball Socket Long Cup | ST360P90M13-W
  8. RRTex

    Engine Hatch

    That is the feedback I was looking for and was assuming would be the case. I will do it while on the boat.
  9. RRTex

    Engine Hatch

    Has anyone removed their engine hatch or cover on an 220 SSI? I have removed the old black insulation foam and want to clean up the inside and either bed line it or add reflective insulation but concerned about the weight of it. I can do while on the boat but would be easier off.
  10. RRTex

    Spark Plug Change

    Great point Iggy!!
  11. My Volvo 5.7 is currently winterized with fog oil. I am going to replace the spark plugs but wondering if motor should be started and run the fog oil out first and then replace with new plugs or just put new in and run oil out later on new plugs?
  12. The glove box is the same key as ignition and this latch looks much smaller. Perhaps I should look again though.
  13. On my 2007 220 SSI the hatch on drivers side is lockable. Any idea where I can get a key for it since one was not with my boat when I purchased used?
  14. Sorry to revive an old post but does anyone know how to get a duplicate key for a 2007 Chap without having to buy a new ignition? Can Chaparral still do them?
  15. This recent post may help but is for Volvo and Simrad. Basically you are trying to connect all to a NMEA 2000 backbone to get it all to work together. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/39759-yacht-device-install-on-a-2005-volvo-gxi-e/
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