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  1. Jay S

    Changing Batteries

    Obviously the only reason I replaced the batteries as they were dead and would no longer hold a charge.
  2. Jay S

    Changing Batteries

    What is the main cause of the eReverse Module Error and how does one fix it.
  3. Jay S

    Changing Batteries

    I sure could use some expertise. I have a 2017 223 VRX 250 Twin Rotax. After I changed replaced the original batteries I had the yellow check engine come on and I was not getting any significant power. I turned off each engine and tried again. Still very little power but much better but the engines sounds like they were miss firing. I read where the electrical breaker needed to be reset so I did that. I haven’t had a chance to see if this solved the problem or not. Does anyone know if the breaker could have caused the engines not to perform properly? appreciate any and all comments/suggestions as I am new to jet engines. Jay
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