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  1. Thank you for the advice. I changed the ingition solenoid and and cap and rotor. Boat is running great now.
  2. Good Evening, I had a new 1994 5.0 mercrusier put in my boat. Ran great until fall last year. Now doing the same thing this spring. We ride for approximately 30 to 40 minutes then the boat loses power and spits and sputters. It will start again. Try to take of and the same thing happens. Let the boat sit for a while then I can go for maybe 3 to 5 minutes. Any help would be appreciated. Carburetor looks very clean. Took that off today. Put a new coil in it as well. Thanks, Thanks,
  3. It was the harmonic balancer. Must of slip. Put another one on and was able to time it rather quickly. Thank you.
  4. Put a thunderbolt IV on it and still can't get it to time.
  5. I had that issue this spring. Found a mud wasp nest in the vent on the side of the boat. When filling it, can you feel the air coming out of the vent?
  6. I have a 1994 5.7 mercruiser. Can't get it to time properly. It has the thunderbolt v module on the side of the manafold. I do not have a purple and white wire to put it in timing mode. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks,
  7. Having timing check again today. My mechanic adjusted the throttle cable at the motor but then put it back to the original spot. When I throttle I have a gap of about three inches where I throttle and get not response from the engine. Then I start to move. Seems like I'm not getting the full use out of the engine because of the play in the throttle cable.
  8. Does anybody else have a problem with the ski storage area filling with water when it rains? I have a 1994 220 sunesta. Seems like there should be a hole in it for it to drain.
  9. I have a quicksilver 3000 throttle box on a 1994 Chaparral. When putting it into forward, it goes in right away. Then I have to move the handle forward quit a bit before the motor starts to accelerate. Is there a way to make the adjustment at the throttle box or does it have to be done at the motor? Thanks,
  10. Had to use my carburetor, risers, manifolds, starter, manual fuel pump etc.. I put new distributor, wires, plugs, rotor and coil. New water pump, thermostat and oil impeller in the lower unit and new oil pump.
  11. I have a 1994 Sunesta 220 Chaparral. I just put a 1994 5.7 mercruiser remanufactured motor in it. It is hard to plain off and I don't have the speed and power I should have. Any idea of what it might be? Also my throttle is really hard to use. Very stiff and hard to get back into neutral. Thanks,
  12. I think I might need the module hanging next to the coil. The coil, distributor, plugs and wires are all brand new. The only things I didn't change are the module by the coil and the ignition sensor. Not sure what else it could be.
  13. We do have the cam and crankshaft timed. I am going to get another ingnition amplifier from another boat and try that. I no it's not the ingition sensor yet because I'm not getting the voltage to the distributor cap.
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