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  1. I haven't been back out on the water yet.... I don't have a windshield wiper and no water had accumulated at the windshield so I don't think it's from either of those points. When I checked last time, the speedo tube seemed completely dry from the outside, but I'll certainly double check it! I may also bring a screwdriver with me the next time I'm out and yank off the gauge panel to see if anything is actually dripping from the gauge itself.
  2. More fun! I spent the day working from the boat a couple days ago. (Moving around on the lake occasionally). About halfway through the day I noticed water hitting my legs/feet while underway. I stopped and looked behind the helm (laying on my back on the deck, looking up at the wiring harness, steering, backs of gauges). Water was all over the wires, dripping from the steering cable unit, and dripping from the fiberglass below the gauges. I tried to feel the back of the speedometer and it seemed dry. Is that the only place that water can find it's way up there? Perhaps it's dripping from the bottom of the gauge?? (The gauge reads 30mph or so when doing 39/40, so maybe there is a leak causing lower pressure...) Has anyone else had a problem like this?
  3. That's the only one I had found before posting... I actually bit the bullet and ordered that one last night. Hopefully! As another "well that figures...." moment - The boat I purchased had new vinyl on all seating surfaces. While out on the lake yesterday, I stepped on one of the seats and a 6-8 in tear at the seam was the result. (I'm not that big a guy, but apparently the vinyl wasn't super well fitted). That's going to cost me as well. As far as hobbies go, I've had project cars, motorcycles, guitars, aquariums... but I've only had a boat for 3 weeks and it's draining my accounts quicker than anything else has! That's cool - I'm going to have to pick up a sheet of that, I'm sure a use will pop up!
  4. The wake surfing boats throw off some pretty heavy wakes (by design), which can rough up the river-like Lake Austin. The starboard (right) side of the boat, on the stern.... It's a fiberglass lid. I hope I don't have to have one fabricated!
  5. So..... I get to the lake, everything is intact and closed. 20 mins into boating around I hit some rough wake surfing chop... I go look at the back of the boat and the little starboard transom storage compartment lid is broken in half and mostly missing! Has anyone else had one of those lids do that?! Any suggestions of replacement sources? (Part number is SS66, but Google and eBay aren't turning up many options. A boat really is a hole in the water you throw money into... Sheesh
  6. Thanks! I know there's a way to reset / set the TPS on a car (I've done it on my project car with a paperclip....) - Is there a way to do the same on the boat? (if it's easy enough, I see no reason to do that while I await a reply from the fuel pump guy. ) I didn't see that the fuel pump guy includes a new fuel pressure regulator with his pumps, so just in case.... I agree 100% on not getting the "knock off" version. I would much prefer going with the true OEM (not just the volvo penta labeled ones). I did read somewhere that the regulators were made by Bosch... Can anyone confirm this? Any ideas on the part number?
  7. I appreciate the comparison... It does help, and confirms my thoughts that the boat is not performing as it should! (Family members keep telling me "...but, it's a big boat... they aren't that fast!"... ) For reference: I'm currently at a top speed of 43 with one other person on board, bimini up, and wind at our back. Currently running a tank full of premium fuel with seafoam in the tank. I'm going to be looking into the fuel pump rebuild. It has also developed an issue with randomly dying after returning to idle quickly after high rev's. Could this also be related to fuel pressure, or could it be something silly like the idle air sensor going out (or whatever volvo penta likes to call it)? Does anyone know any vehicle cross references/aftermarket part numbers for the volvo penta fuel pressure regulator (3808522) and / or the idle air sensor?
  8. Hmmm... Thanks for the info! I've got a compression test tool that I'll throw on tomorrow. I also want to give another fuel pressure gauge a shot before dropping the coin on a fuel pump (those suckers ain't cheap!!!) The one I have is brand new $50 Bosche and I'm not sure I trust it yet. If anyone remembers the guy that does the rebuilds, I'd be grateful! There is an aftermarket replacement pump on Amazon for near 200, but it appears to be for the 5.0/5.7, not a replacement for 21608512. I'd like to pick up a cheap replacement while the other gets rebuilt.
  9. I agree!!! I think it's performing like a pile of poo!
  10. The high side I was referring to was at the rail
  11. I'm using GPS for the speed, adjusted the trim to get it smooth (as level as possible). I just checked fuel pressure... It's a solid 6-8 on the low side and on the high side the needle flickers constantly between 35 and 50.
  12. Thanks for the reply! Hours: 175 Props: f5rear 3851475 5b, f5front 3851465 5b Altitude: 680ft above sea level I'll be checking the pressure at the fuel rail today. (The loaner gauge I got the other day has a broken connector... )
  13. Hey all, I have become the... somewhat proud... owner of a 2005 274 with the 8.1 Gi-F. All the info I found (which wasnt that much) said that this boat with the 8.1 should do near 50mph. The first time I took it out the best I could get was 38 at an rpm under 4k. I've cleaned the fuel regulators, put in a new fuel filter, changed the plugs, verified new coils (previous owner swapped 5, I did the last 3), cleaned the flame arrestor, new plug wires, ran pure fuel system cleaner through the fuel rail as well as the the normal addition to the gas tank, and have seafoamed the intake. I also rebuilt the raw sea water pump (new bearing, seals and impeller). The end result is that it's running smoother, but the top speed is still at 40 with the rpm up to 4100-4200 with just me on board with a 3/4 full gas tank and fresh water tank. The props are in excellent condition and the hull is glossy and smooth. The standard size bimini has been up in all testing. Am I expecting too much? Any other tips on getting a bit more performance out of this thing?
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