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  1. The stringers were pretty much toast all the way back to the rear bulk head. Like I said, I removed the all of the stringer and there is form on the bottom of them. I saw on a you tube video that a guy posted. He said you need the foam between the hull and stringer so the hull can flex a bit under power. If it can't flex it could crack. He said that you shouldn't attached the stringer right on the hull.
  2. Pretty much all the stringers are rotted. The came out like wet saw dust.
  3. Hello folks i am back. I wanted to let you all know that I removed the deck on my boat and both strings were completely gone, they were like wet sawdust. so I have remove most all the decking and the stringers. I have a couple of questions putting the stringers back. I noticed when I took them out there is foam on the bottom of them, form is between the stringer and the hull. I have read that the foam is like a shock absorber, is that correct? Also I want to put the new strings back inside the old fiberglass, I want to use that as a guide and then put new glass over that. Can I do that or not. All advice appreciated.
  4. I think the reason for the damage to the bow area is because when water leaked through my cover into the bow area it would run down the fiberglass and drip where the fiberglass meets the deck. I think I am okay up closer to the front of the boat. As far as the stingers at my ski locker I have banged on them and they seem pretty solid. Once I pull the carpet up and cut out the rotted decking I will check out the strings in that area. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are Okay. I have not taken a close look at my motor mounts just yet but I should be able to see them pretty easily as it is pretty wide open back there. I plan on doing that this weekend.
  5. The boat in that video is like mine except my boat has two captain chairs in front and a bench seat that runs across the back with a 5.7L merc. I did some further investigating since my last post. I opened up my ski compartment and stuck my hand up toward the bow area to inspect that plywood and I can tell that it does have some damage but I don't think it is that bad not bad enough to disassemble the entire helm to repair that small of a piece of wood. I'm just hoping that my stringers are Okay and all I have to do is repair the rot which is all on the starboard side.
  6. My carpet runs just to the helm way entrance, not into the bow seating area.
  7. My carpet runs to just under the front seats the bow area is fiberglass setting on wood. I really don't want to disassemble the entire helm to get to that wood. would like to just repair the rot on the stern side of the boat and be done with it. When I pull the boat out of the water at the end of the season will post some pictures for your input. If some of the strings did show signs of deterioration and did not replace just replace the rotted decking would could be the consequences.
  8. Thanks for getting back Rwright1985 not sure what "pop the cap" means. After the season I plan on pulling the boat out of the water and pull the carpet back to see exactly what I am dealing with. I'm hoping that I can just cut out what is bad and replace with new decking. Also if it works out I would like to put something back down other than carpet, something that will not hold moisture.
  9. Hello all new to this site I have a 1995 2130 SST which has some soft spots on the deck. Does anyone know if the stringers are glassed in or exposed wood? Also, I'm wondering if I should pull all the decking out and replace or just repair the rotted area. All advice is appreciated. Thanks
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