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  1. dan02gt

    seadek 21h2o

    You're probably going to have to order a template kit and make it yourself. I had to do that on my old Stingray, but it turned out great. They also credit the cost of the kit when you place your order.
  2. I had to replace one of mine. I used Shields VinylVent. Looks just like the factory stuff. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GQG0YW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_7.IIEb70Z8X0T
  3. My guess would be it's the leather wrapped one with the floating logo in the center.
  4. They are marine specific. Mainly to ensure they don't make sparks that could lead to an engine compartment explosion. The starter and alternator are the main ones.
  5. The Penta will work just fine with your outdrive just swap all the Mercuiser stuff you can over it (coupler, manifolds, carb/intake, ect.). They are all just GM 4.3L V6s.
  6. This should do what you want: https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Sea-Systems-Add-A-Battery-Kit/dp/B01DVOH5W2 This kit has a ACR to keep both batteries charged. It also allow you to combine your starting and house battery in case of a emergency. The other option is a Blue Seas 9001e battery switch that allows you to connect 2 batteries to 1 common output. This switch give you the option of using battery 1, 2, or both to power everything and is what Chaparral installs from the factory. You would also need to add a ACR with this switch. I suspect the add a battery kit is what you are looking though.
  7. That's about how the Volvo V8-270 sets in my 226 SSi and it's not bad to work on. Those side panels can be removed fairly easily for better access.
  8. I had that happen with my Clarion. The helm remote would max the volume and the only way to fix it was to power cycle the head unit.
  9. No it should be fine. I've been running a AGM in my '91 foxbody with a 130A G3 alternator for a few years and it's been fine.
  10. dan02gt

    depth gauges

    So do you have an transom mount transducer or a through hull?
  11. dan02gt

    depth gauges

    I have a Garmin Echomap 74CV connected to the factory installed Airmar B60 transducer. It works fine at all speeds. What setup do you have?
  12. how about having yours fixed? Gauge Saver
  13. The amp and sub you have listed will be good choices. I'm actually running a 5 channel Pioneer. The Gm-d9705. The fact that's it's not marine rated doesn't bother me as it is mounted high and dry. For a sub I run the Kicker 45KMF104. It's all budget stuff but sounds really good.
  14. Power is power. So at the same volume level the current draw will be the same regardless of the maximum possible output of the amp. Now certain amp designs are more efficient than others. For instance a class D is significantly more efficient than a class A/B design. I've ran 5 channel class D amps for years with no problems running down the batteries. Now if you go to the sand bar and run your system wide open for a couple of hours you will probably kill a battery, but at normal listening levels you shouldn't have a issue.
  15. You know any time there is a discussion on upgrading boat audio systems they come out of the woodworks. I don't get it. Seems like most people just want a decent sounding system that can be heard clearly at cruising speeds and reproduce the music somewhat accurately. I know that's what I want. Sure there are the wakeboarders that that use HLCD systems that can be heard a mile away, but that's not most of us.
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