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  1. A boat that big is going to be a handful to dock with a single. I would go twins if possible.
  2. There has been a trend of dealers selling boats with outboards and not stern drives. Last time I was at the dealer my boat came from they had 1 stern drive Chaparral. The rest were outboards. They are the trendy thing and easier to service. I just can’t get over the feeling that they are like a girl with a beautiful body and a witch’s nose. I’m really surprised they are not willing to order you one.
  3. Very interesting. Makes me question if they could be fitted to my 226 SSI. I would love it to be self bailing. Check with Gemlux. Chaparral uses tons of their hardware. Something like this might to the trick: https://gemlux.com/collections/marine-plumbing/products/779 I’m just not sure what size you have.
  4. You need to look for a scupper that has a flap or one way ball. It doesn’t need to be Chaparral specific. Any one that will fit should work. I’m really curious on your setup as non of the small US Chaparrals are self bailing.
  5. I remember coming to this site years before I was a Chaparral Owner and thought that this was a great owners forum. Tons of useful info. Lots of traffic. Knowledgeable members. All of that seems to have vanished now. Net Boat Talk looks like a nice site but do a Google search for Chaparral Owners or Chaparral Forums and it's nowhere to be found. It's hard to get new members if Chaparral owners looking for a community or just help in general can't find it. I think some SEO would go a long ways for netboattalk. I owned a Stingray and they had a owners forum that required a Stingray H
  6. They are made by Taylor Made Products. You might have luck reaching out to them directly: https://www.taylormadeproducts.com/windshield-glass-solutions/
  7. So you took delivery of the boat with all those issues? If so did the dealer commit to fixing them at the time you were doing paper work? Sounds like it got the crap beat out of it during transport. The dealer really should have seen all that mess during their inspection and fixed it. It honestly sounds like they don't want to mess with it. At this point I think you need to talk to a different dealer.
  8. Your Garmin should be pulling engine hours directly from the engine's ECU via the NMEA 2000 bus. The hours that it displays are the actual run time on the engine.
  9. I haven’t seen any performance data on those two motors, but I bet both of them would perform better than that the 4 cylinder Yamaha. They are both V6s so I would expect a better power curve.
  10. Both the Yamaha 150 and 200 are 4 cylinder motors. The 150 is known as a strong 150 (makes around 168 HP) and the 200 has been known as a weak 200. The general consensus seems that the 200 is worth 3 or so MPH up top vs the 150. I did find that Yamaha has performance bulletins for a Regal 21 OBX (that is very similar to the 21 SSI OB in terms of weight and design) with both the 150 and 200 so you can compare. Regal 21 with 200HP Regal 21 with 150HP On the Regal the difference is about 4 MPH which is significant in my book and I would go with the 200.
  11. I've had Seadek and now I have Aqua Marine Deck. They seem to be the exact same to me. Neither Seadek nor Aqua Marine Deck had a template for my boat listed on their website, but I emailed them and come to find out both companies had one on file.
  12. What kind of tabs do you have? If they are hydraulic Bennett's there should be a trim pump with a reservoir and solenoids on it somewhere on your transom. However the fluid level being low would cause them to not go down. They have a spring in them for the return. You should be able to disconnect the line from the trim pump assembly have have it retract. If you have Lenco Electric tabs it's probably a stuck actuator or bad switch.
  13. I have no clue what inside the arch if anything, but I suspect it’s hollow. My boat doesn’t have one to investigate. Is it using 2 #8 screws to secure? You said you couldn’t get a #10 to work? If so I think the epoxy method would be your best bet. Drill out the holes larger, fill with the epoxy, drill the holes after it cures, and reinstall. Check out thehulltruth.com tons of experience on there with this kind of stuff.
  14. The depth number is basically the average depth of the lower of each days 2 low tides.
  15. The camp site you are staying at is further south than I have ever stayed. I have always used the ramp in Manteo off of HW64 by Pirates Cove. We like to go to a sand bar known as Banana Island that is off of the north part of Manteo. You can see it jutting out on a Google Satellite image. The channel is clearly marked from the ramp to there and the water is plenty deep.
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