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  1. Yes it’s flotation foam. You can drill a hole in that floor and go through the foam to the hull. If you do that seal it up really good as you do not want water intrusion into your foam.
  2. They are for the injection of flotation foam. You have a couple more in the bow section. They are not sealed with very good sealant (plain silicon). I removed all mine, cleaned them up, and resealed with 4200 to ensure no water intrusion into the foam.
  3. Man that’s a good deal. A buddy of mine has been looking without much luck. It’s either ragged out or $30k+.
  4. In 2019 you could. The used boat market has sucked for buyers since COVID happened. Now 20k gets you a boat full of someone else’s problems.
  5. By it new and take care of it and you will get many years of trouble free fun. For a I/O: Yearly oil change Every 2 years do the drive oil and fuel filter. Grease the coupler about every 100 hours. Every 2-3 years do the raw water impeller. If in salt or brackish water flush after every use. Every 5-7 years pull the drive and replace the bellows. Inspect the gimbal bearing and U joint. Store with the drive almost full down to prolong their life. Replace your accessory belt every 5 years. Install a battery maintainer and your batteries will
  6. My guess is that they we able to make a few small tweaks and gain a few more HP. Also the 4.5L MerCruiser is 250hp so I’m sure they wanted it to be comparable for marketing reasons.
  7. The hill is solid fiberglass no wood coring there. Mount it in the bilge near the bilge pump and you should be good to go.
  8. It’s probably an Airmar B60. It’s just your standard 50/200. The one in my 2014 226 was a 6 pin so I had to use a 6 to 8 pin adapter when I upgraded my chartplotter.
  9. I also use the Yachts Devices Volvo gateway and it works great.
  10. This right here. Blue Seas Systems had a run of defective switches. The back breaks off of them. They redesigned the switch a few years later. The old style has the screws that hold the back on and the plastic they go into snaps with time. The new style has the back permanently bonded on and no screws.
  11. My Volvo can be flushed in the water via the engine bay flush port. I think there is a kit for MerCruisers to be able to do the same. In your case I would want a closed cooling system. You probably know this all ready but you will need to have it bottom painted and have it hauled out regularly for maintenance. By service I mean gear oil, bellows, and anode changes.
  12. You’re tach is way off. The math indicates you are turning ~5500 RPMs at 48 MPH. I think dropping to a 17P would put you right in the middle of your recommended WOT range.
  13. I can run the math on it a tell you if it’s the tach or not, but I’ll need the gear ratio of your outdrive.
  14. They have used Panasonic in the past. Some of the premium packages come with JL Audio. Clarion would also be a good guess.
  15. Try polishing it with this and a wool pad: Meguiars Heavy Oxidation Remover You might also try what to try something like black streak remover or hull cleaner. Like Ed said you might have your trailer to deep. What kind of guide post do you have that it scuffed your gel? Some tips for docking: 1. Never approach faster than you want to hit the dock 2. Approach at a 45* angle to the dock 3. When you are about 50' from the dock cut the wheel towards the dock and pop it in reverse. This should pull the stern around so the boat sets parallel to the dock. I
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