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  1. The area between the stringer and topsides and floor is full of floatation foam. So if it has water in it I doubt you would hear it sloshing around. However I guess there could be a void in the front as the stringers don’t go all the way to the bow. If there is water up there you will need to drill a hole through the “floor” in a forward compartment and pump it out. The use a plug or access cover to seal the hole. I would recommend a 4” hole so you can use a 4” access cover to seal it up when your done. I had to install one in the starboard stern storage area of my 226 because the idiot that mounted the table storage bracket drilled the holes in the wrong place and didn’t seal them up when he mounted it in the right place. So the screw holes let water into the floatation foam. Fun project!
  2. They make a 6 to 8 pin adapter. Clarion 6 to 8 pin I upgraded my CDM8 to a M608 and it was 100% plug and play. My MW3s work just fine with it.
  3. Mine has all Gemlux hardware including the cleats. Gemlux is a brand know to be quality, and I have no problem with them leaking. Gemlux pop up cleat
  4. Depends on the water you are boating in. If it's fresh water there is really not much of a need to worry about flushing. I boat in brackish water and flush mine after every use.
  5. dan02gt

    Vovlo Thermostat

    I did the same thing when I changed mine out.
  6. Try changing it from 6P to 3P/6C.
  7. Had the same issue with mine. It's a known design flaw.
  8. That’s a odd one. I think I would get a fuel pressure gauge and check the fuel pressure. If you can check it in one of the instances where it has shut off and doesn’t want to restart that would be best. That way you can eliminate fuel and move on to spark.
  9. Yes he did, and I would fire him for that if he worked for me. I own a small business and have employees that make mistakes and most of the time it's no big deal. We fix it, try to prevent if from happening again, and we move on. You're steering wheel wasn't a mistake. The guy just didn't do his job and then lied and said he did.
  10. dan02gt

    Tachometer Issue

    That's a basic tach with hour meter. The hours are stored in it and can't be transferred. The Packard connector should be wired like this: Purple is + Blue is lights Yellow is - ground Gray is tach signal. The Faria 36032 would be a good replacement for sub $150 https://www.anchorexpress.com/faria-4-spun-silver-tachometer-with-hourmeter-6000-rpm-gas-inboard-36032?_vsrefdom=googleads&gclid=CjwKCAjw_qb3BRAVEiwAvwq6Vi7bMHNWdga3zfxB5N2Xgc1pr8nxEJuIyFQt134f0TgJv1a3ZEOOvBoClswQAvD_BwE You will need to remove the Packard connector and install crimp ring connectors on the wires to connect them but that's easy enough.
  11. dan02gt


    They make 6-8 pin adapters, but at this point a modern head unit might be in order.
  12. dan02gt


    Like a moth to flame. Maybe OP like Mozart at a low listening level to help relax. Not everyone that like music plays rap at 140 db.
  13. NASA's culture killed those 14 people. Ignoring known issues to make launches happen to look good politically and advance careers. Engineers warned multiple people multiple times about foam strikes, O-Rings, and all sorts of other issues. The powers that be didn't care. The book Ridding Rockets gives very good insight on the culture at NASA. My dad is a retired engineer for an industrial equipment manufacturer. Multiple times he was asked to look into a quality issue a dealer had reported. It would be impossible for this equipment to leave the factory with these defects not detected if the quality control test that were to be performed had actually been performed. The bottom line was that the guy doing quality checks didn't do them and said he did. My dad's solution was to fire the quality guys for not doing their jobs. Management didn't want to hear this. They wanted to engineer another solution instead if dealing with the people problem. Bottom line: If you can't get people to do their job to correct way, all the procedures in the world are not going to fix the issues.
  14. dan02gt


    Is yours 6 pin or 8 pin?
  15. You’re probably talking about this guy: https://mancavemechanic.com/ I would have him look at it before dumping the cash on a new one.
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