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  1. yep yellow is used in the marine world as a ground so that's probably it.
  2. You must have the Veethree square gauges. My understanding is they are not repairable and have not available to buy replacements for years now. Do you know if they are analog or SmartCraft? If they are SmartCraft you could possibly get a MercMonitor of VesselView to work in your dash with a little modification.
  3. Rocker switches with LEDs require a ground. I'll willing to bet the ground wire that connects to all your rockers is disconnected somewhere.
  4. As much as I like my I/O I would not want to own one if I had to keep it slipped in salt water. Way to much maintenance. If your engines are closed cooling that's a big help in salt water but it still does stop all the damage it does to the outdrive and areas that are raw water cooled. I would consider selling it as we are in sellers market and when the market finds it's mind, buying a something like a 300 OSX with outboards.
  5. Mine had some corrosion on it so I cleaned it up and used zinc primer and topped it off with Volvo spray paint from Amazon like Cleaver said and it turned out great.
  6. It's more than likely a software/firmware bug either in the software reading the hours or the firmware in the ECM reporting them. No wire is going to cause that as it counts hours based off or things like the cranks shaft position sensor. No way that boat ran at 2000 RPM for 1000 hours.
  7. Welcome Laura. What boats have you looked at?
  8. I've had Volvo and Merc. Both have their cons and pros. The thing that might lead me towards Volvo in you case is this. Around 2015-2016 GM stopped production of the 4.3L, 5.0L, and 5.7L engines that all marine power packages were based on. So Volvo and Merc had 2 choices: 1. Make their own engines 2. upgrade to the more modern GM engines as a base. Merc made their own based on the pervious GM engine with their own modifications. Volvo went the the more modern LS based GM platforms. So if you have a Merc, gone are the days of using GM parts or GM blocks in the case of an engine failure
  9. When you look the pictures of the 23 SSi on the website they show the doors on both sides for storage access.
  10. I have a 2014 226 SSi which is very similar to the 23 SSi. Mine is powered with the Volvo V8-270 with the single prop SX drive. Boat does 47-48MPH with a 3 blade and 45 with a 4 blade prop. That’s with a full tank of gas 2 adults and 2 children and all our stuff. I would love to have the 300HP with duo drive and if in your position that’s what I would order. Low speed maneuvering in reverse is not best on mine. Holeshot and acceleration are good though. As for the storage door mine only has one on the port side console but not the starboard side. The port side door is also used to
  11. My stern light stays in the ski locker secured in pole clips. Yes you will get the GO7 Touch. They make several different versions that have different charts so who knows what you're going to get. My guess would be the base map version. Simrad Go7
  12. Are the bunks adjustable on the trailer you have found?
  13. The rev 4 is a big prop that takes HP to swing. You’re already over propped with that 20P aluminum going to a SS prop will drag your RPMs down more. Consider a Powertech SFS4 in 17 or 18 pitch. It’s way cheaper than the Rev4 and will probably perform better on your hull.
  14. I think you will find it's a solid boat and will be great for your family. What power package are you getting in it?
  15. If you order the AC Delco part numbers I listed you will have the correct parts and they will fit a ‘97 Chevy 1500. Just go to Advance Auto parts website pop in the part numbers, use the 20% off coupon listed at top of the site, and order them. No need to try to have a parts counter guy look it up by vehicle.
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