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  1. So mine says in a garage that never gets below 55* so I don’t winterize it. My previous boat that didn’t have that privilege had a MerCruiser 4.3L all I did for 5 years was open the single point drain and take the blue plugs out. Never a issue! The down side it that supposedly not having any water in the block and heads can cause them to rust/corrode faster due to the additional oxygen.
  2. Nice boat for cruising around, sand bar duty, and water sports. Not that great for fishing. What kind of fishing do you want to do? Of course the previous owner of my boat had rod holders on the Bimini poles so who knows.
  3. So I looked up the Bravo trim sender and it looks like it does have 2 wires. I'm digging way back in my memory from my 4.3L MPI /Alpha combo. I converted that trim gauge from analog to digital when I upgraded my gauges to full SmartCraft. I remember having to move a trim wire from analog to digital. But I think the analog and digital connection might have been on the engine harness and not the trim sender harness. The analog input sends the trim info to the helm to be wired into a gauge. The digital input puts the info into the SmartCraft network.
  4. Actually let’s backup a little. What outdrive do you have?
  5. That’s not true. The sender does both digital or analog depending on which wire you choose. Try have a look at the wiring on your trim gauge. If it connects to the other gauges via jumper cable it’s probably digital. If the trim wires connect directly to it it’s going to be analog.
  6. You need to figure out what trim gauge you have. If it's an SmartCart system link gauge you want to use the digital trim wire. If its the old school analog type then use the analog wire.
  7. While I really can't find any published information to back it up, I suspect that the Mercruiser checking in a 4.5L will provide more torque down low than the 2.8L Yamaha. With the right prop that would make it better for water sports. The 150 Yamaha is a dang good motor though and a strong one for a 150. I think it will work for you. You will need to prop it correctly though. I regularly have 4 adults and 4 kids under 11 on my 22' boat, but couldn't image having thay many people on my old 19' boat. I would highly recommend stepping up to at least the 21' if you can. It will make things much more fun.
  8. dan02gt


    Welcome aboard. By rub rails do you mean the bunks on the trailer?
  9. dan02gt

    Is it just me???

    Isn’t it the only Chaparral website? So that make it both the best and worst.
  10. I use a Moeller vacuum pump with the adapter that screws on to the dip stick. Takes it 5-10 minutes to pull all the oil out.
  11. You guys mean Harris. I’m not Biden knows what a boat is at this point in time.
  12. We’re just having fun now. OP has checked out and moved on to other forums to trash Volvo. I hope he gets a long block from one of the places mentioned and gets back on the water, but I doubt we will ever know.
  13. I’ve been submerging them all the way, but I might try to go a little deeper and see what happens.
  14. Mercury is innovating their asses off. The new 150 is rock solid. The new 300 V8 is bad $^&, and the 450R at under 700lbs is crazy. Meanwhile Yamaha releases the 425 and almost 1000lbs lol.
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