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  1. Jetflyer

    Mercruiser 4.3LH Serpentine Belt

    I found the problem! Thank you for all of the suggestions. What I found.... The alternator brace from the lower block to the bottom lug on the alternator was broken. It broke right at the alternator. Looks to have been a bad stamping from production based on the internal staining. This allowed the alternator to pivot or flex when loaded up. Installed new brace and belt, and all worked as advertised. This brace is used on the V6 and the V8 engines. Chuck
  2. Proud owner of a 1999 1830SS with the Mercruiser 4.3 LH. Had the Chap out on the Tennessee River @ Pickwick over the July 4th weekend. Late on the 4th I discovered that the serpentine belt was shredding on the front edge. It appears to have walked forward. No engine run problems. I did observe that the alternator was not charging at the normal rate, but still 10-11 volts. I discovered the problem while stowing the canvas top. Anyone have knowledge why the belt would walk forward on the pulleys? Thanks Chuck
  3. Jetflyer

    Hello,I'm a new Chaparral owner.

    Hello, I'm a new Chaparral owner. Recently purchased a 1999 1830 SS LE with 250 hrs on the 4.3LH. She just needed a bit of TLC. One item that I am attempting to correct/repair is the trim gauge indication. I have attempted to adjust trim sender, replaced the disk inside, and nothing helps. Guage will swing from full down to full up with only a couple of degrees change. I checked/cleaned contacts on gauge, but I am unable to locate the leads coming in through the transom. I would really like for this to work as advertised.... Anyone have suggestions? Also can anyone tell me what the ACC switch controls? It doesn't seem to control anything other than the red light in the switch. Thanks Chuck