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  1. I’d like to get identical unit so it would fit in panel properly
  2. My 2003 Signature 320, the shoreside power indicator ( AC VOLTS ) is dead, in parts manual, I don’t think it shows individual components - anyone have any ideas where I can get replacement? Or any place that may do repairs? I checked the leads and they do show power using my multimeter.
  3. My dash is in pieces now in my garage, working with NEWWIREMARINE.COM who sold me the switches and they are building the three new panels that comprise my dash as I’m not only replacing the switches but also upgrading electronics, radio etc. and have holes that won’t be covered by the more modern equipment plus the panels were really ratty. I’d suggest you go to their site and see the switch covers and also their dash replacementS, mine will be heavily customized so will be sending them templates. I don’t have pricing yet as I’m still scoping out everything but they say they will make cutouts for everything including the switches with their new covers. I’ll post pictures as this saga continues but I’ve attached a “Before” picture for reference
  4. Equipped with twin Mercruiser 350 mags and bravo 3's - I'm looking into buying a Raymarine EV100 autopilot system to go with my new Axiom GPS and radar (which uses the EV1 heading sensor that's part of the EV100 system) and I'm confused about my steering system. Looking at the back of the steering (the dash is being upgraded and everything is off and easy access to the back of the helm). I see steering cables. But the manual talks about hydraulic steering and a pump directly behind the helm which I don't have. But there is some kind of power assist as the wheel will barely turn until the motor(s) are running. So where does the autopilot connect, ie, what kind of system do I have? Anyone have any info?
  5. On my new to me 2003 Signature 320, I was looking to check the vent line for obstructions as the holding tank seemed to be building up pressure (according to previous owner) and I thought perhaps the charcoal filter might be clogged. I removed the vent line at the tank and there wasn’t a filter at the tank or in the vent line there. Could it be at the actual vent on the side of the boat which is pretty hard for me to get to since I’m docked port side in and the vent is on the starboard side. Ideas?
  6. Has anyone changed over the water fill and waste pump out caps? On my boat they are nearly unreachable without reversing my docking so I am moored port side in (which is very hard at my particular dock) and i was shocked that they were not tethered like the gas cap. The gas cap is raised so you can easily grip it when removing it while the water/waste caps are recessed and very hard to hold while unscrewing. Anyone change them over and perhaps tethered them at the same time? If so, please provide details. on a separate note, the faucet in my cockpit sink was dripping and I couldn’t find a local replacement for the valve. I got one from Scandvik who makes the faucet and it fits perfectly, no more drips. About $26 plus shipping.
  7. I wound up buying new switch covers from New Wire Marine. The original covers were around $5 each but I upgraded to laser etched which are around $8 but will require new holes (I’m replacing the entire dash panel so not a problem) as their shape is slightly different and therefore slightly wider. They also sell for $4 the removal tool.
  8. Wingnut - thanks very much for the info, appreciate it. They are pretty expensive though (I was going to replace all. I wonder if any other source that may be cheaper ?
  9. On my (new to me) 2003 Signature 320, most of the rocker switches at the helm are so worn, that it is impossible to read their functions. I have figured out most but would like to have them be readable, any info on replacing them with their correct functions?
  10. I believe I may need to replace the hot water heater on the 320, anyone know the brand of the original or a good Replacement?
  11. I’m looking at a 2003 320 with MerCruisers 350 MAG with bravo 3s. Anyone have an idea of GPH @ cruising speed which I understand is around 3,000 rpms but not sure of typical speed. Also, anything special to lookout for during survey or walk around? Thanks. Larry S Bayville, NJ
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