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  1. To answer the other question in regards to what speed for music ; three separate thoughts 1. While the kids are tubing or wake boarding they want to hear their song 2. just chilling in a cove 3. Cruising at roughly 25 mph
  2. Steve and Steph keep this going, I don’t feel it’s getting de railed. Good info. I know nothing about stereo systems so the more the better. what I am hearing is that you don’t feel the M800/8V2 is sufficient to push the 6 factory Polk speakers, the JL sub and the two 7.7 tower speakers ?? Is that correct ?
  3. What’s the difference in the 7.8 to the 8.8 tower speakers ?? Is it bass or mid range that is better ?? hate to do this and regret or wish I would have done it different
  4. SteveandSteph - what’s the difference between the M6 and M3’s ??
  5. First estimate came in from one of the audio places in Fox Lake IL. All JL Audio M800 sub M3-7.7 tower speakers M3 10”” sub thoughts on this combo ?
  6. Looking to upgrade my 2019 257 SSX during this off season. Have stock Polk head unit with 6 Polk speakers. Thinking of going with two towers and a 10” sub. Anyone have any recommendations?? thanks
  7. Got in the boat this weekend - bilge pump light is on and bilge was running - POWER Switch was OFF - no water in engine compartment I turned the power switch ON - tried to turn the bilge switch off but it would not turn OFF - always stayed lit up and pump would run. I ended up in plugging the bilge at night Is the switch BAD??
  8. No one else have this issue ?
  9. Just purchased a 2019 257 SSX and we cannot figure out how to get the rear seat lounger upper portion to lock in place. Hard to explain but the seat top pushes back for the seat option then pushes forward for the rear facing lounger. Problem is it it gets easily bumped into and changes positions sometimes when walking past it? Surely there is a way to lock it into one position or the other ? thanks
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