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  1. Iggy, you were correct the pinout was totally wrong from the Yacht Devices interface plug. I cross-reference what you gave me on the Smartcraft 6 pin Deutsch plug and lined that up with the Yacht Devices interface and I am getting lots of information from everything using Yacht Devices web application (I am using that as a test display first). A couple of things are not fully functional yet but most are. The fuel gauges for one, I have to look into that. Since I had the NMEA2K network plugged into the Raymarine e80 It also shows some information on there also. So the progress is good so
  2. Thanks...That's a start but I think I need more explanation if you can help more. Did you move the pins (or cut & splice) on the tach plugin? Or on the gateway adapter? I have attached a picture of the harness plug that comes to the helm (normally connected to the tach) and is now plugged into the yacht devices harness unmodified. I appreciate your help! Mike
  3. Iggy, Do you remember which pins you moved? I am tackling this project again and I have been unable to get it to communicate. Even though my set up is slightly different than yours (dual mercruisers). It sounds identical as far as wiring. I have five wires that run to the tach which is digital and then split out to the other analog style gauges. Thanks.... Mike
  4. Yeah, I figured I might have to find a local person to cut me one from a metal of my choice. As far as the radar, that is not something I want to hear but I have done little research. I hope you are wrong, lol! Thanks for the info.
  5. My Raymarine E80 is so dated, I am not sure which newer display(s) I want to switch to. There were a few adapter plates a few years ago that Raymarine made to switch out the E80 with a newer model but that model is another legacy model.
  6. I get what you were saying. My Yacht Device interface is on its way. I didn't know it was shipping through the Russian Post Office, hopefully that doesn't take too long.
  7. Yeah, a few new dash plates will probably be needed. The stock ones show some wear and tear already. Is there anyone that sells new plates that are blank or do I have to have it made custom?
  8. So are you are saying it's easy to interface one brand with another? It just sounds so RARE!
  9. I have only leaned towards Raymarine because it's already on the boat. The radar is an open array and I am not sure I want to replace everything with another brand right off the bat.
  10. That is exactly my overall goal! Looks great! The option below may come into the mix also for along with one or two larger MFDs for radar and charts etc. I will decide when I start seeing what data is available on the network.
  11. That is my understanding too. I did buy another plug adapter for plugging directly into the 10 pin on the Mercruiser engine (from yacht device too). If it doesn't work at the gauges then I will put the Yacht Device interface at the engine and connect to the NMEA2000 Network there.
  12. In the long run I may just use multiple MFDs and get rid of all the stock gauges (since they are starting to have issues) or I may go to the small configurable displays. Either way the six pin connection is at the gauges that tires into the Smartcraft network. If the gauges get removed I would still use that connection to interface to the NMEA2000 network.
  13. Thanks for all the advice so far. I pulled a few things apart today and I found that the main gauge in the middle of the cluster (that has the digital readout) does have a 6 pin plug like the Yacht Devices interface uses and I see a couple references to SC on wires which I assume is Smartcraft. I could not find an actual junction box in the area of the helm even though a tag connected to the plug (picture below) said 'to j-box' on it. I think I'm going to order the yacht devices interface and connect it behind the gauges and then tie it into my NMEA2000 network that I am installing. If anyone
  14. Rjbergen, you are saying exactly the way I was thinking. I looked at that exact adapter that you spoke of and that's where my interest was peeked. I am installing the NMEA2K network in the next couple of days. I ordered enough items to run the network from the helm to the engine compartment. therefore I could tie in on either end (or anywhere in between) and the network would be there for any other improvements I would like to make through out the boat. The digital gauge displays water temperature, fuel consumption of each engine, depth and more. I definitely will be tying it in one way or the
  15. I have what I believe are the stock gauges. The one in the middle is part digital all the rest are needle style. I guess that's where I get lost on whether they're Smartcraft or not.
  16. Has anyone integrated the dual Mercruiser 496 MAGs on a 2008 350 Signature to a MFD (NMEA 2000 or other ways)? If so, did you interface directly to the Mercruisers with purchased parts or were you able to connect the link in the dash for the existing gauges? Any guidance would be appreciated. There seems to be multiple options out there for this interface. Thanks in advance! Mike
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