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  1. Hi all, I have a 2001 180 SSE. The shifter cable is broken. It’s red in color and has the numbers 301947-03-168 printed on it. It has a Volvo Penta SX outdrive. I can’t find the part number on the internet. Amazon has several listings for marine cables but I would rather not order the wrong one. I believe the last three digits (168) when divided by 12 gives you 14 feet. Does anybody know what cable I need?
  2. JT1

    2001 180SSE

    I forgot to mention I did remove the spark plugs and no water came flying out of cylinders while cranking it. Spark plugs were mismatched, 3 Champion and 1 NGK plug. I always worry when I see things like that.
  3. JT1

    2001 180SSE

    I made a little progress yesterday. I removed the gas from tank, over 15 gallons of fuel that was very dark in color. It was flammable though. Then added 3 gallons of fresh, replaced battery and tried to start. No luck so I beat the #$^% out of the starter motor and it began to crank. With some starting fluid it was running and sounded kind of good except for the knocking from the starting fluid. Boat engine will not run on its own. There is no fuel getting to carburetor. I’m going to replace the fuel pump and have the starter motor rebuilt. Everything bolted to the engine says Volvo Penta (alternator, drive belt and some brackets). I guess the block was replaced with the Mercruiser, I tried to find some block stamping or tag to identify but no luck. I also know it needs a shifter cable, I can see it’s frayed and binding. This boat is a 2001 180 SSE. Not sure what year the motor is. Where can I buy parts for this boat? I want a fuel pump, shifter cable and carburetor overhaul kit to start with. Thanks
  4. JT1

    2001 180SSE

    I hope somebody along the way hasn’t mix matched parts. My friend bought it used
  5. JT1

    2001 180SSE

    Thanks Coldone. I thought that might be why it was there. Tomorrow is the big day that I start to try and get this engine running. Any thoughts on the best way to get out the 6 year old gasoline? I bought a siphon tube but maybe this won’t work. Maybe I hook up siphon tube to fuel pump inlet hose and drain that way. Any thoughts appreciated thanks
  6. JT1

    2001 180SSE

    Hi all, I’m a new boat owner. My friend gave me his 2001 180 SSE because he neglected it. It sat through several winters without ever being winterized and the boat was parked because it wouldn’t move forward or backward. I do believe the drive issue is because of a frayed or broken cable. It has a Volvo Penta SX drive on the back and a Mercruiser 3.0L lx for Motor. I plan to start looking at it this upcoming weekend. I’m going to have to drain/siphon the fuel, replace battery and most likely remove and clean carburetor just to try to see if it will start. I’m hoping it will not need an engine. I noticed a garden hose fitting at back of boat, does anyone know what purpose it serves? I am sure I will have a lot of questions after I start to look at it on Saturday Thanks in advance
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