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  1. A part of my problem is #1- not certain what it is. Writing on them is all wearing off. Anyone with a 300 - 2001 Could you send even a photo of your switch line. Great prices on rockers switches... https://newwiremarine.com/marine-grade-switches/
  2. HELP - Anyone have a list and or photo of the line of rocker switches. This is what I can see on my 2001 Sig 300. This is what I can read for my rocker covers, wish to order new set. HELP me out, please. 1- AFT/Bilge ? 2- Forward bilge 3-Horn 4-Nav / Anchored 5-Courtest lights 6-Wiper 7-Depth Finder 8-Water Pressure 9-Stereo 10-Sump Pump 11-Engine room light 12-Port ( Tim ) 13- Star (Trim )
  3. Was this issue ever figured out?? I'm interested even though it is a old topic.
  4. I had a Regal prior to buying this Chaparral. On the Regal the hot water came off the engine on the port side, a water plug hole. The cold came off of the cycle pump on the starboard side, T-ed into softer of the two tubes. What I'm wondering is, would the cold be pressurized? Someone on another form suggests putting the pump after the hot/cold mixer valve ( taps ) and I was hoping someone else had this set up. I've posted on a Regal site in hopes of getting the answer if it is not found here.
  5. Phillbo, yes I've got a water heater. I wish not use the tanked water. Want to pull water out of lake, heat through the engine...
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    Nice boat!!! wink.
  7. I should further add, I had a Mercury 5.7 on the old boat and on this one twin 5 litre engines, also Mercury.
  8. Chaparral 300 - 2001. Currently our shower uses water out of our holding tank. My old boat Regal 242-1999 drew water off the engine, the hot off the port of the engine, and the cold off of the starboard. From there it went to the pump for the transom and we had unlimited hot water as long as the boat engine was running and cold as well. As I no longer have the boat, I can't look into which water line was to the water pump. Can anyone give me a little help. As soon as it wars up here, I want to buy some fittings and make the much needed changes. Fresh water boat and lake.
  9. You can check at the RV parts, I found sink parts that were compatible for my 2001 Chap.
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