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  1. Where is the transducer located and yes we have tons of fish in this lake.
  2. I bought a beautiful 2010 Chaparral 226SSI and we love it. There is only one annoying issue. We can be siting in 60 foot of water and the depth alarm will go off when its set on 5 feet. Why? Where is the transducer located? Is it possibly loose? Can you turn the depth alarm off? If so how? I see where I can set the limit for the alarm but not deactivate it all together. Short of turning it off what do I need to do, replace the transducer? The boat sat in dry storage for years without being used, it's a 2010 with less than 100 hours on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am also curious if anyone has a 226SSI and has upgraded their Clarion stereo systems. I would like to have bluetooth, but would like to keep the remote pods on the back and drivers side if possible. THANKS Mike on Lake Norman, NC
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