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  1. For what its worth, we started with a Regal 28' Express Cruiser figuring it would be plenty big to cruise the Chesapeake, do overnights in a marina or on the hook. One trip down the Bay to St Michael's proved that wrong. It was a beautiful boat and extremely well built. But the 28 was too short, too narrow (only 8.5' beam) and too light (only 8k lbs) to give a comfortable ride. We now have a 330 Sig and it has made a world of difference. And I have found the Chap to be every bit as well built (fit, finish, etc) as the Regal
  2. JohnZ

    Winter Battery Care

    No worries on jacking the thread - happy to try to help - but doubt I will be much help. I was lucky. The previous owner did a bunch of nice upgrades last year and then decided to move up to a larger vessel. This was perfect for me since we were upgrading from a 28' Regal. They added the extended bimini, replaced the forward isenglass with acrylic (which includes a sweet padded storage bag) and installed new sea grass mats on the cockpit area. The previous owner was out of Baltimore - I'm not sure who did the work but they did a great job. If I run across a name I'll forward it to you. Sorry for not being able to give you more
  3. JohnZ

    Garmin 5212

    Yes it is. I've been working with Garmin CS and they have been surprisingly engaging and willing to offer suggestions. Unfortunately no solution as yet. And its now on blocks under cover so this goes onto the list for spring
  4. JohnZ

    Winter Battery Care

    What make/model maintainer do you have? Would you recommend it? I've been looking on line at a number of them and the reviews are very consistent for all of them - large population loves them but then a group has had consistent issues with overcharging. I've got new batteries and really don't want to fry them over the winter
  5. Anyone in cold weather climates pull your batteries for the winter and store indoors? Do you find the need to give them a topper charge once in a while over the winter? Or do you keep them on a trickle charge the entire time? Thanks
  6. I'm with Slowhand. I have never found a situation where Kroil won't free up the parts. Spray it and let it penetrate. Repeat as needed
  7. JohnZ

    2013 330 Signature

    Thanks for the thoughts - I graduated ND a LONG time ago and now have a son there as well. I got really lucky when I stumbled onto this 330 - its just over 5 years old but looks brand new. And runs like a top - and most importantly my wife loves it too. What are you running and where?
  8. JohnZ

    Garmin 5212

    I have a Garmin 5212 on my boat and it has the g2 maps installed. I own the g3 maps from a previous chartplotter and would like to install them (figure newer must be better, right). I contacted Garmin customer support and their guidance was to load the g3 maps onto an SD card, put that card in the slot and the maps will load when the unit boots up. That did not work - so I have sent another note to Garmin asking for more guidance. I figured I would reach out to this group to see if anyone else has successfully loaded new maps onto an older chartplotter. Thanks in advance for any help
  9. I'm new to this forum - we just upgraded to this boat. So far we absolutely love it. We found one that was gently used and kindly cared for. I've been searching through the posts and don't find much related to this model. I'm wondering if any other 330 owners are able to share with me anything that I should keep my eyes and ears out for on this boat. Any problems you may have run across or any of your experiences that I can benefit from? Thanks to all in advance - John
  10. Technically our marina says no to open flames but cooking using propane or IR is never enforced. People grill all the time in the slips
  11. I installed it in my previous boat. Did it myself. Very easy. My boat wasn't one in their files that had already been done so they sent me a clear film to trace the areas that I wanted to cover (steps, swim platform, etc.). I used acetone to clean the surface before applying the material. They have a pressure sensitive adhesive - used a roller to get good adhesion. Worked great. I had one area that pulled up (a leading edge on the swim platform). They sent me some adhesive; I redid the install process on that area and had no problems after that. Love the material and the price was way better than SeaDek. Great customer service. I can't comment on the fish blood though.
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