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  1. Nice! I grew up sailing on Lake Pontchartrain as a kid- we lived in Metairie. Family moved out of the area and I've taken up my boating on the Chesapeake Bay and traded sails for twin Volvo's. Loved my time in LA
  2. Nice looking job. Now the obvious questions - who did it, where are you located, how long did it take them, was it a replacement in kind or did you do any upgrades/enhancements? Thanks for sharing
  3. Interesting - didn't know that had that scheme on a stern drive. I've only been aware of them on the IPS pods. For what its worth, a good buddy of mine has the IPS pods on his rig and he says he would never go that way again. As he puts it, you are leading with your face on anything underwater. They are very unforgiving - I've seen his boat up on blocks mid summer more than a couple of times due to the results of hitting something submerged with the prop facing forward
  4. Love it too! But there are no AC discharges up top - only the original ones in the salon area below decks. But I have left the door open to get some air up top. This extended bimini was done by the original owner the season prior to selling it to me and a huge improvement. I need to add screens to the roll down isinglass though - minor upgrade. He took great care of the boat which is to my benefit
  5. Its interesting to learn about the types of issues facing folks depending on where you are located. Being on the upper Chesapeake Bay, we are not subjected to variations in water like this. But we do see other impacts from high water from other areas - as an example, when the Susquehanna River levels rise due to extreme rainfalls, the Conwingo Dam (located at the base of the river and head of the bay) will open. This doesn't impact water level, it impacts levels of debris in the bay. Two summers ago was ridiculous - lost more than a month of the season due to logs & trees (talking 40' + in length), telephone poles and overall a ton of trash that does wonders to running gear below the waterline. The area circled in red shouldn't be brown - should be the same color as the rest of the bay. Hoping for a clean season - that by the way is right around the corner!
  6. I can't seem to access the pics anymore. Interested in the cockpit sink idea. Was the replacement faucet simply one you picked up from a home center? And on my 330, the pressure at that fixture is super high - its unusable for its intended use. Did you have this issue and if so, did the new faucet improve the pressure regulation? Did that expansion tank solve the pressure problem in the cockpit (if in fact you had one)? Thanks
  7. I am being told that there are no new updates for the 5212 and that the 5212 is unable to run g3 maps due to processor limitations. If I am under bad info, please let me know - will help me avoid bigger $$ to upgrade from my current 5212
  8. JohnZ

    2012 310 template

    I used AquaMarine for the swim platform on my previous boat. Liked it a lot. No issues with heat. I am going to add to a few places on my 330 Sig. As luck would have it they have templates for everything on my boat except where I want to add it (the stairs to the fore deck). Worth a quick email to their customer service link on their website - they are very responsive
  9. Love it too - one of the unique features that drew us to this particular one. It was done by the previous owner so unfortunately no idea who did the work - but do know it was done in the Baltimore MD area. Real quality work though so I have been trying to find out who did it for future reference. Will post if I learn more.
  10. Glad to hear you had good experiences with the 330 - I just bought my 2013 this past Labor Day. So far so good. My wife's ultimate boat would have the wind screen, main deck galley & entertaining space with the slider to the rear. Good luck with the Carver.
  11. And mine is in a white clothe wrapper so it may not even look like the table at first glance
  12. This one caught my attention too. I have twin duoprops though so don't know that I could take advantage. Would be interested if anyone on the Chesapeake is selling / demonstrating. Always like to learn and see new innovations
  13. For what its worth, we started with a Regal 28' Express Cruiser figuring it would be plenty big to cruise the Chesapeake, do overnights in a marina or on the hook. One trip down the Bay to St Michael's proved that wrong. It was a beautiful boat and extremely well built. But the 28 was too short, too narrow (only 8.5' beam) and too light (only 8k lbs) to give a comfortable ride. We now have a 330 Sig and it has made a world of difference. And I have found the Chap to be every bit as well built (fit, finish, etc) as the Regal
  14. JohnZ

    Winter Battery Care

    No worries on jacking the thread - happy to try to help - but doubt I will be much help. I was lucky. The previous owner did a bunch of nice upgrades last year and then decided to move up to a larger vessel. This was perfect for me since we were upgrading from a 28' Regal. They added the extended bimini, replaced the forward isenglass with acrylic (which includes a sweet padded storage bag) and installed new sea grass mats on the cockpit area. The previous owner was out of Baltimore - I'm not sure who did the work but they did a great job. If I run across a name I'll forward it to you. Sorry for not being able to give you more
  15. JohnZ

    Garmin 5212

    Yes it is. I've been working with Garmin CS and they have been surprisingly engaging and willing to offer suggestions. Unfortunately no solution as yet. And its now on blocks under cover so this goes onto the list for spring
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