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  1. That's exactly what it's for. It an extra anode to deal with stray currents in a marina. Helps avoid those stray currents from eating up the anodes on your boat. I found one in my boat when I boat it as well - and to be honest, have never seen one in use.
  2. My 330 has the twin 5.7 and runs great. There is a 350 on my dock but it has the 8.1's. I think you are smart to look into this - does seem like it could be under powered
  3. Ok - here's the scenario 2013 Volvo 300 CE-A(AQ) s/n A225379 fuel injected duo prop drive EVC (no shift cable) As I was leaving the marina, the starboard engine stopped responding and would no longer go in gear - forward or reverse. No alarms Oil pressure and temps normal Engine would run in idle Limped back to the slip Worked through some basic checks - props rotated freely No blown fuses No leaks Trans fluid level normal No electrical connections not connected Engine would rev up when in Throttle Only mode Plan is to go to the marina after work tomorrow and start at the beginning on troubleshooting. One of the first checks will be the fuel filter. Any suggestions on other directions to look? What prevents the drive from going in gear? Is there a particular plug connector to look at for corrosion as a starting point? TIA
  4. I have an older Clarion sound system that does not have bluetooth capability. I found BT receiver that I can plug into the older style stereo input jack. Now its easy to use Pandora and Spotify from the cell.
  5. What was the ball park price? The mattress on my 330 is in need of replacement as well. I've been looking at some multi-layer options on amazon so that I can trim it to fit but haven't pulled the trigger yet
  6. All a matter of the amount of risk you are willing to accept - you alone can judge that. For me, not interested in a project boat (or one that could become a project boat) So if it were my shoes in this deal, I'd be moving on to the next option. And there is always a next option out there
  7. Hey Mike - where are you and where are the boats? My main advice is to be cautious and be a smart, informed buyer of salt water boats. The good, clean ones are going to be much harder to find. And pictures will not tell you the full story. If the one you are interested in is not in your area, be sure to have someone that you trust look it over first, before you buy a plane ticket or hire a surveyor & mechanic. My wounds are still not fully healed from a wasted trip to Miami so do survey and sea trial on one that was supposed to be clean, etc etc Phrases like "lift kept" won't tell you if the engines were flushed after each use. Pictures won't tell you if there is any musty odors or cosmetics in the salon (if looking at a cruiser)
  8. Our previous boat was a Regal 28 without a generator. While we could do overnights on the hook, we were limited by the weather for comfortable sleeping. Not having A/C for those nights was a big deal. Electronics, radio, even fridge ran on the 12VDC without problem. The generator became a must-have on the list when shopping for the one we eventually boaught (330 Signature)
  9. You have the best, most entertaining posts on this site! Thanks for sharing
  10. JohnZ

    boat key

    Cecil Marine should be able to help you out
  11. Agree on the need to replace - at this point a timing issue. Some unsettling in the personal life due to COVID situation but it will get replaced in the not too distant future. I will also be wanting to add radar (which will require a chartplotter replacement) as we start to venture out of the Bay to explore down the Atlantic coast as well as up the coast towards New England
  12. Great offer - thanks. Boston a bit of a hike from my area though. As I read the compatibility section on the Garmin website, they no longer provides updates for it and the g3 map set is not compatible with my unit. Is there anything I am missing that I can do with a 5212 running v7.8 and map g2 v2012 13.50? Thanks
  13. Have you thought about using an iPad or similar with one of many various navigation apps for those few times when you want the extra security of a chartplotter? If you have an iPad, you can get an annual subscription to Navionics for <$25 - Garmin owns Navionics - chart quality is same or better than a Garmin. Then maybe another $50 for an iPad mounting bracket. Its a real economic solution. And that's the way I've gone. My 330 has an obsolete 500 series GPSMap unit - can't be upgraded. So I can use the iPad for charts and the chartplotter for all the other features on the 2000 bus like gauges and such. Food for thought
  14. I've had good success with AquaMarine decking material - same type of construction as SeaDek but costs less
  15. What maintenance do you do on that sump? I regularly will run hydrogen peroxide through it to clean Helps to keep the parts freely moving which also can help reduce the load and wear on the motor.
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