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  1. I've been struggling to find the source of water in my bilge - hadn't checked the sump box yet. Will now and thanks for the insight on the repair
  2. JohnZ

    Cockpit lighting

    Nice video tour. Man that boat has a lot of storage space for its size!
  3. Maxrider, if you want to be confrontational and in someone's face, Facebook and Twitter await you. We prefer to have healthy, respectful exchanges here.
  4. That overhead pic is fantastic!! That is why we boat (well, at least one of the reasons) Thanks for sharing
  5. I also did a try before I buy from this guy - reasonable rental fee if you are hesitant to jump in and buy right away https://handymanstoolcrib.com/whats-in-the-crib%3F
  6. The cycling I was referring to is when a fixture is in use. Prior to the accumulator, the pump would turn on as soon as you opened any fixture. Now there is some capacity so that it only turns on every other usage of a faucet
  7. No issues with pressure, flow, etc. I might recommend looking for the next size up of accumulator though. I still cycle the pump a little more than I would like. It all depends on how much space you have (mine is behind the fridge in the galley down below so not a lot to work with unless I did a lot of tubing rework)
  8. My parts manual was not specific to the make/model of the pump itself, but this is what I had in my 330 which I ultimately replaced https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000O8B3WM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Food for thought - I also added a small accumulator downstream of the pump in an effort to limit the cycling https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000O8D5XM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. +1 Mine is made of starboard, not metal
  10. Have you reached out to any local canvas shops in your area? If you have your original, any canvas person can duplicate
  11. The first thing you need to know is whether you already have a 2000 bus connected to your chartplotter. If you do, connection to it is easier than connecting to the 183 - simply a matter of a new T connector (which may have come with the radio)
  12. My 330 has a master electronics switch at the helm which powers up the Garmin and the VHF - you have me thinking on what that circuit is rated for. Will check when I head down later today or tomorrow
  13. I'm a big fan of both Regal and Formula - keep in mind that my perspective is on cruisers. Formula layout below decks is fantastic (34PC & up). Regal was my first so holds a special spot - and it didn't disappoint either - fit, finish, performance - just too small for our use. But one thing I really like on my 330 Sig over both Regal & Formula is the mate seat at the help. My wife actually gets a bigger seat than I do. Not a fan of that typical port side lounger that you find in most cruisers.
  14. I would prefer the unused accessory switch and would not recommend direct to battery. And connecting to your chartplotter using the NMEA 2000 bus is a good idea as it will enable the DSC features - you will need to register your radio and get an MMSI number through Boat US
  15. I would suggest that you put yourself in that cuddy before signing the final check - does anyone near you have something similar? 5 people in that cabinet is going to be snug and result in a lot of togetherness! Remember, little kids don't stay little for very long
  16. I see signs of overheating on the wire at 4 o'clock from your circle - looks to be at a butt splice or in-line fuse. That's a bit of an overall mess right there. That large bug un-insulated is asking for a short circuit as you bounce around. You will have to do a lot of individual circuit tracing to find/correct issues. How good are you with a meter and overall electrical troubleshooting?
  17. Thanks for the update on the resolution Robb. I need to put this on my list to check as I am going through some problems on that same type and vintage VP engine. Started with misfire on one cylinder only though. What was the initial reason you had to change out the long block? I might be heading down that same road but if it turns out this is only a sensor issue it would be great to avoid the time and herd of deer TIA
  18. There should be a fuse or button breaker - check the panel by your battery switches or maybe it is located around the helm. I also have a switch in the power panel that is labeled freshwater - make sure that is on. Those pumps also work on a pressure switch and depending on the pump, it is likely integral to the overall pump package. That switch could be bad so Phillbo's suggestion on a new pump can still be correct. Look up the pump model on google to see how it is controlled
  19. Have the same issue on my 330 - interested to see what you figure out
  20. JohnZ

    Lost power

    Have you checked the fuel system? Could be a sign of dirty/clogged injectors as well
  21. I've been reading a lot on the lithium iron phosphate batteries as well (LiFePO4) - much more stable, less prone to overheating / explosion than the earlier versions. My longer term aspiration is to add solar arrays to the hardtop & bimini (flexible arrays) and couple with a battery bank and inverter. This would replace the generator when that time comes. For what you are thinking of, you will likely need a different charger for the lithium
  22. JohnZ

    Hello All

    Newer and bigger are almost always better. Tell us more about this one - year, engine, hours, etc.
  23. Don't look past the possibility of dirty fuel injectors. Adaptive learning considers what the fuel table in the ECM says is needed in the way of air & fuel. It makes corrections based on what it sees from the O2 sensors, fuel flow and a number of other parameters. Not ruling out the O2 sensors, but dirty injectors could also be a candidate. Does the engine differently at idle vs planing speeds? If so, is it rough at idle speed (rpm varying)?
  24. Hey Sparker - I have the 2013 330 - Have not experienced upcharges on maintenance on the starboard engine, but will admit it is a PITA to get to the stbd side of it Equally challenging to work on the generator - Have not added a TV up top - don't really use the two down below much either. Boat tends to be my escape Phones and iPad get me to whatever news & weather I need - You did pick up on one of the issues I do have with it - storage is a premium down below. Not much hanging space at all We tend to us the mid berth for storage more than anything else - it is only the two of us so it works. As far as where to store the table, honestly, no idea, have never taken it down - always need it & use it. The table for the mid cabin stows under the bench that is at the end of the forward berth. That is the only storage under that seat. And yes, there are some compartments under the forward berth - both under the mattress (small ones) as well as to the sides of the mattress. There is a fairly large compartment in the floor - good for tools, spare life jackets and such. And the storage in the galley is tight as well. Overall, doable for an overnight or two in a marina or on the hook. Going to be a challenge for that 2 week excursion down the Chesapeake Bay or the ICW to the Carolinas - those longer trips will definitely need to use the mid berth - There is a spot specifically for the gas grill. It is in the compartment where the shore power connection & swim shower head are located. Seats nicely on a metal plate to keep it from rocking around. The mounting pole stores in there as well - Don't have an extended swim platform. The one on mine is integral to the overall structure - not a bolt on - I would doubt the 330 is trailer friendly - weight, beam and height will be challenges all around. It is over 13,000 pounds, and 10'-8" above the waterline so add another 2' to the keel plus almost another 2' for the trailer. Feels like a professional boat mover job. And likely a permit required load. But can't say for sure as mine stays in the slip in the marina all season This site will give you the trailer restrictions for each state https://americanboating.org/towing.asp All in all, I really like the boat (current port engine issue not withstanding). For cruisers like this, the builder has to make a choice between area below and area in the cockpit up top. Sea Ray and Formula tend to put their emphasis down below. Chap is a little more balanced - a little more space up top and a little less down below. If you were to make any mods on one you buy, I suggest considering the extended bimini over the cockpit. Keeps the Mrs much more comfortable and happy Good luck with you shopping
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