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  1. Thanks for posting that @Mhenry1282, however my merc setup does not seem to have much in common with your vp. FWIW, I still have not figured this out or had a chance to get it back to the dealer. The gauge does the self test correctly when powered on so I believe that rules it out. The internals on the sender itself were dry and looked fine. A DVM hooked up to the sender leads where they connect to the transom harness on the engine show a smoothly varying impedance as the sender is rotated. I also noticed my trim limit is no longer functioning. I can raise the drive all the way to trailering position with a single held press on the binnacle trim switch. I have to imagine that what ever is wrong is causing both issues.
  2. Solid solution! Quick question, do you use a bow cover, and if so, how do you use the center cover support with the filler cushions in place?
  3. Yeah, agreed! And they are on board with this. Unfortunately, due to a long and boring story, I am not able to get the boat back to them until we pull it for the season. Kinda hoping it is something easy and I could fix it myself in the meantime.
  4. This was after my engine had to be pulled and reinstalled (don't ask). Trim senders are only 3 years old and were reading consistently before the work. There are three wires on the engine harness where the sender connects; one orange that is unlabeled, one orange labeled digital trim, and one black unlabeled. Currently the two sender wires are connected to the black and orange unlabeled wires. Is that right, or should it be connected to the orange digital trim wire? I have the square smart craft gauges with the digital readout below the tach and the trim all by itself. If it is connected correctly, how do I go about troubleshooting the gauge and the sender to see who is at fault?? Thanks a ton for any help!!
  5. Mine came with short legs, 12" or so, that can be swapped out with the normal ones to hold the bimini just above the rear seat.
  6. I don’t have any personal experience with it, yet, but the Weber q series seems to have quite a marine following: https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/685947-ultimate-boat-grill.html
  7. Try sticking the cut off end of a zip tie in each hole. I have had great luck with this in fiberglass.
  8. Is that a chaparral part number? I have had much better luck sourcing parts through the original manufacturer (ie not Chaparral) and their part number. Easier to get and much cheaper this way. Typically you can find what you need printed somewhere on the part itself.
  9. Pricey, but I am pretty sure this is the one: https://www.mikesmarine.com/p-35705-igloo-25-qt-marine-cooler.aspx
  10. Merc. Is this the proper one? My gauges look nothing like the ones shown. https://dmna.ny.gov/nynm/manuals/Mercury_SmartCraft_Operations_Manual.pdf
  11. They are on an 08 Sunesta and are the square style with all needles in separate gauges and the digital readout below the tach. My boat came with what I thought was a full set of manuals but no info to be found on these gauges. Google was no help. Is there such a manual??
  12. I waited to get a look inside mine. There were scratches at both ends but honestly it is pretty difficult to access the damage as there is no spec that I could find. The cover side was definitely worse, and our budget did not have room for that aftermarket pump, so plastic outer housing it is. Hard to say at this point if that was the right decision or not but our cooling system has been rock solid so far this season.
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