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  1. Does anyone have experience with the new 3L I6 duramax that Chevy just started using? We are eyeing up a new Tahoe towards the end of the year and this engine package has me interested but there is not much feedback on them yet.
  2. My bottom paint is peeling so I am going to have it all removed and start from scratch. It is ablative now but this gives me a chance to head in a new direction. My googling and talks with the locals have drummed up these two unique approaches. Has anyone had experience with both? The internet makes VC-17 sound like the best thing since sliced bread. One of my buddies has it and claims he hates the stuff due to the seasonal chore of applying it. I’m wondering if he wouldn’t think it was so bad if he had a chance to try the alternative. Due to the cost associated with this, I am very tempted to get a set of those trailer mounted lifts and do much of this myself going forward. That also kinda leads me towards VC-17 because it seems maintenance is easier but more frequent. kinda talking to myself here... anyone have some experience with this to share? Oh, we are slipped in Lake Macatawa but expect most of our use to be in Lake Michigan.
  3. Cool project! I assume you could of done without the abs and push button if you did not want external pairing control? Is there a button capable of that on the insma board itself??
  4. Dustin Mustangs


    The one is my Sunesta 264 locker is marked Super hooker #8 on the side of the shank. Google that and you will find plenty of online vendors. I’m assuming that is what it came with from the factory but don’t know for certain. Judging by the dimensions I can find online, it seems the ‘stock’ bar needs to be shortened slightly on each side to fit. I’m about to buy one too. With shipping figured in, looks like homedepot (Lol) is the cheapest place to get them.
  5. Have you looked on the light itself for a manufacturer and part number? Most likely it was not made by Chaparral and buying it through them, or somewhere like Cecil Marine, adds a huge premium. Find the original manufacturer’s part number and source it with that info. In my experience this normally saves you 50% or more.
  6. That hole in the bracket that is not pictured gets elongated. The plate makes the pump slightly longer.
  7. He didn’t say specifically what he saw, but he mentioned that it looked like it might need a new impeller as he was watching his scan tool. I was already planning to replace it so I didn’t bother asking for details. The blades have set and the housing is scratched so it does not seem all that unreasonable to me.
  8. Clear coat? On a boat??
  9. Thanks for the replies. I did some more digging on my end and I think I figured it out. New plastic housing kit with stainless wear plate part number 862776A01 and impeller kit part number 47-8M0104229 Please let me know if this does not look right, otherwise I should be set.
  10. Boat is new to me. I had a mechanic sea trial it before storage last season and he said the ECM had a code stored suggesting it could use a new impeller. No alarms or overheating though. So I have the pump pulled and split. Impeller is getting changed even though it seems to look pretty good. I am wondering about the scratches in my housing though. Is there a spec on what is acceptable? My finely calibrated finger (only partly kidding) tells me the drive side scratches are 0.1-0.2mm and the back side is 0.2-0.3mm deep. Is this ok?? Picture of it is included below. This is on a 6.2L MPI, S/N 1A301305 and my pump has the brass housing. Could someone verify the impeller part number I need? My local stores are closed so I need to source it on the internet and want to make sure I get the correct part. I have seen https://www.mercruiserparts.com/ suggested for part look up but my experiences with it so far have not exactly inspired confidence. I have also seen some recommend getting an impeller ‘kit’ as apposed to just an impeller but I cant find one listed on that site. What is included with the kit, is it something I should consider, and what is the part number??? Pic: https://imgur.com/a/jyk4YsR
  11. It would make sense that this joint would be pretty tight after a decade of service. Have you tried penetrating oil?
  12. Can we widen this thread to include tips for reaching any of the cleats pretty please. I was advised to re-bed the back ones and thought oh yeah, no problem. Then I tried to teach the nuts. Uhhhhh...
  13. You would want the non-fade set. They will adjust their output with volume but not front/rear channel fade adjustments.
  14. Recreational boating legal again in Michigan as of May 1st!! https://tenor.com/ba2hP.gif ^Is this the best we can do for gifs around here?^
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