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  1. I use the aids depending on where I am flying. I am not in a club so some spots I fly are very tight and the aids help a ton. If I have a bunch of airspace I turn them off and do it the old fashioned way. I like fixing them almost as much as flying but I do my best not to buy new equipment too often for the wife approval factor. My favorite right now is a UMX timber bush plane that I have a float kit for. Such a nice flying plane for its size (micro). It has full flaps and leading edge slats that can slow it down to the point that you can fly it anywhere. If there is more than a light wind it can literally hold its position in the air headed into the wind. A nice bonus is that it fits in the box fully assembled with floats so it will surely be easy to take along on the boat.
  2. Oh man, you were still flying with a 72mhz system?!? 2.4ghz is a huge step in in technology from those days. Hopefully your new transmitter is programmable too, that is also a game changer. I am big into scale flight too... ever since my grandfather handed me a Kyosho Nexus 30 that he had built but never flown. That is a huge nitro powered collective pitch heli from the late 90’s if you are not familiar. I am going to fly this thing I thought. How hard could it be I thought? LOL 2 decades later and I’m fully addicted with a bunch of fixed wings and helis to choose from. And yes, the Nexus has been flown! It is a white knuckle experience!!
  3. And they will only price match the same make and model. Most of what is so cheap from Overton’s is not available from west marine. Still very useful info. I used it once this fall and saved $100 on an onboard charger price matched to Amazon.
  4. New boat owner here looking to gear up for my first season. I am noticing some of the things I need like dock lines, fenders, anchor kits, life jackets, ect are much cheaper on Overton's compared to retailers such as West marine. Even West Marines 40-50% black friday discount prices are still slightly more than Overton's on some of these items. Is Overton's stuff junk? West marine over priced?? Is there somewhere else I should be buying this stuff from??? As usual, thanks a ton for any useful feedback!
  5. If I am not mistaken those are PWC engines. I would double check what the boat people say by calling a PWC shop or possibly even let them do it.
  6. What a cool setup! Is that shown on a Sunesta? Where do you store it?? And where did you get that mount??? I can’t seem to find one for sale with one that looks like that.
  7. It is pretty easy to bypass the failure prone switch that turns off the front nav light when flipped over. That is most likely responsible. There is an indicator light on the dash switch to tell you if it is on and not like it is the end of the world if it is on in the upside down position anyways. Mine needs replacement for other reasons and I plan to bypass that POS straight out of the box. The last thing I need is for that to die at the wrong time. The bulb in there is a standard dome light bulb for cars. You can get replacements in incandescent or LED at any decent auto parts store, just bring in your old one and it is easy to see which ones will work. The LED version in the link above is twice what they cost on amazon and the LED bulbs at Autozone were less than $20 if you are set on that feature. Your all around light for the rear is very likely a bulb or contact issue, maybe both. The bulb for that is also an automotive based bulb and can be sourced just like the one in the front. If the contacts are corroded you can scrape that off with an abrasive and protect them with an anticorrosive coating such as dielectric grease. If all else fails that entire assembly is only like $40 on amazon.
  8. My 2008 264 Sunesta came with a 100cf Fireboy unit. They are set up with a harness that leads to an indicator light on the dash and I have seen some reports that it also cuts power to the blowers when discharged. I just called them, as I need a replacement, and the current pn is CG20100227-B. I imagine using one from this line in your application is a safe bet and they have a worksheet on their website for determining the proper size.
  9. Yep, it’s a done deal. All winterized and locked up till spring. We live along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan between Holland and Saugatuck. Most boats are out around here... one marina we are looking at for next season had their pullout deadline today and another in consideration has theirs on the 15th. A friend treated us to a free spot in his heated storage unit for the winter but we had to be in it by the end of this week to make it work. Otherwise I would of held out for a chance at another boat able day because in Michigan you just never know what kind of weather is around the corner.
  10. Ha, I would of never guessed. Beautiful boat by the way! Seeing it all cozy in its slip on a sunny day brings a tear to my eye as I am backing mine into a storage unit for the winter this afternoon. Haven’t even been out on it yet aside from the sea trial. Gonna be a looong winter!!
  11. Do you have radar up there?!? Lol. I always think of them as a wakeboard towers because that is the only reason I would want one. I can confirm those short pieces are for holding the bimini in a lower position for trailering. They hold it a bit lower than the windshield and position it over the rear seat. I imagine it makes quite a difference in mileage and considerably lowers the overhead clearance required. Glad I have them!!
  12. I don’t have the wakeboard tower, just the standard Bimini. The storage position sounds logical, I will check into that next time on the boat. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Just got a used 264 and I found these short supports down in one of the lower compartments. They are about 12” long, slight s curve in them, and balls on both ends. My bimini is installed and functional so I am a bit confused on where and how they are used?
  14. We are in Michigan so most boats have been pulled by now. We might sneak in a ride before storing it but probably not.
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