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  1. Payday loans are rip-offs. You're better off with a home equity line of credit or a regulat boat loan.
  2. Dealers in my area ran out of 2021 models and are desperate to buy used boats to re-sell. I'm keeping mine because it's paid for. Boats are very popular because people used them to violate ChinaVirus lockdowns and mask mandates for the past year and half of the plandemic.
  3. I'm using Progressive now. Just called them this weekend because I paid off the boat early, great customer support. GEICO is too expensive.
  4. The prices that people are willing to pay for used boats nowadays are incredible. Boats are the best way to avoid lockdowns and masks. The local dealers are having trouble keeping inventory, they are making cash offers so they can flip the boat.
  5. Don't forget to bring a nice tablecloth that can soak up a mess. You just tie everything up, then untie at the dumpster near the dock and let it all out. Don't forget to pre-select an appropirate music library.
  6. The biggest cost in all boats is storage. You gotta keep it somewhere when you aren't using it. Marinas charge by the foot per month. You can store it yourself at your property, but then you'd need a vehicle that can tow plus a trailer. Insurance is cheap, routine maintenance is cheap, and fuel costs depend on how fast you want to go and how often you anchor out.
  7. We barely used the interior grills or stoves in our bigger boats in the past. The smoke, smell, and clean-up aren't worth it. Get one installed in the cockpit or get a model that hangs over the side. You'll get your money's worth out of those.
  8. It's not required to register the boat, but I took the free online course anyway via BoatUS. The insurance company asked about it too. I think it saved us a few bucks. https://www.boatus.org/free/
  9. The head compartment is a godsend. I have kids and kids invite other kids and they want to go at random times. My wife loves it because she can use it to change clothes in a pinch. Our guests can relieve themselves without having to stop the boat or jump in the water. https://rumble.com/vbkwb1-blasian-babies-family-boat-beach.html
  10. I boat in seawater or in brackish water. Your best option is to store the boat out of the salt. I keep mine in a dry stack marina than stores boats up to 40 feet LOA. You call ahead and they put it in the water for you. Most of your salt related problems occur at the dock, especially when hooked up to shoreside electricity. As an added bonus, these types of facilities are hurricane resistant, gated, cameras, alarms, fire suppression, no UV damage, no wind damage, etc. Where you store your boat in FL can affect your insurance premium. https://rumble.com/vbnpuv-blasian-babies-family-top-rack-mar
  11. I thnk you have the "Fish & Ski" edition. Get in contact with the nearest Chaparral dealer to see if they have a ski pylon that goes on top of the chair support. I have the seat filler cushion and seat back from the factory in my "Standard" edition with wakeboard tower. There are two slide channels and a latch screwed into the gap. The seat back slides in and you latch it in place. The seat cushion attaches via push snaps in front and the back is under the seat back. You can pause our family home movie in order to get a better idea. You bought a great boat, and you're going to have fun! ht
  12. I concur. Get a survey done, if it hasn't been done already. The marine surveyor will point out any problems, safety issues, and additional gear that you'll need or want when taking your family out further. A water towing membership is handy, too. I haven't used mine but it's so cheap that I keep renewing.
  13. The trick is to add fuel stabilizer before you fill up the tank. Then you take the boat out for a day so that the stabilizer/fuel mix gets all the way to the engine. You pull back in and put the boat away for the winter with an almost full tank of stabilizer/fuel mix. I just buy whatever gasoline stabilizer is on sale at the auto store in the ratio that matches the gallon capacity of my fuel tank.
  14. Sport boats don't count as a residence, unfortunately!
  15. Same here, boat dealers and Yamaha are including 6 year manufacturer warranties by default nowadays. Even if the "special" is over, you can just ask and they throw it in just to close the sale. The only drawbacks to me for having an outboard is losing room on the swim platform, a hit on the looks, and better balance of having engine mass lower in the middle of the hull. I wanted simpler maintenance and fewer holes in the hull because I don't have much free time plus the ability to tilt higher up. Suzuki and 7Marine (Volvo) have dual-prop outboards nowadays. If I was in fresh water, then I'd go
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