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  1. Klub Marcus

    Observed a New Boater - Chaparral Owner

    My wife is paying for dry "boatel" storage because we can't control other boats and neither of us wants to sail to sheltered water during a hurricane. We thought it was worth it to sign a 1 year contract. You call ahead if you want to get underway and they give you four moves each day between the warehouse, water, and wash racks.
  2. Klub Marcus

    Can Trump save Microsoft ?

    Microsoft is so bad the last few years that I switched to a used MacBook Pro for responsible tasks and bought a Playstation for not-so-responsible tasks.
  3. Klub Marcus

    LED Docking Lights

    I agree with you and Phillbo. Docking lights are for looks and for derelict docks with insufficient lighting that you wouldn't want to tie up to anyway. My boat came with them, but I wouldn't order them if they were an option because it's just another hull penetration / electrical component to deal with.
  4. Klub Marcus

    Can the 230 or 250 Suncoast's handle the ocean?

    I wouldn't take a SunCoast or bowriders in general offshore. They just aren't designed for it: only 1 bilge pump, insufficient reserve floatation, easy to take water over the bow and stern and swamping the cockpit / bilge, single engine, single battery, no built in VHF radio with tall antenna, no radar/AIS, etc. I'd stick to inland waters or remain in sight of the beach on a calm day. If your boat gets shoved around by the wakes of large boats in inland waters, then ocean conditions are going to murder you. The real offshore boats are noticeably heavier, sturdier built, bigger engines, beefier batteries, higher freeboards, taller windshields, and a ton more convenience and lifesaving equipment in case the p00p hits the fan.
  5. Klub Marcus

    Changing Batteries

    Yep, the manuals have specifications for what battery to buy in order to match alternator output, cranking amps, expected electrical load, etc.
  6. Klub Marcus

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    I can't tell so far, but you're right that it looks like an Airmar B60. I'm going to need a selfie stick for my phone to look for manufacturer markings.
  7. Klub Marcus

    SunCoast vs H2O

    You are right about that. I remember paddling on an outrigger canoe with my brother when I was really young and boating with my family on the parent's wooden hulled sportfisher catching plenty of catfish instead of billfish. Ha Ha! Enjoy the weather as much as you can because you have real winters up there. I spent a few years in NH when I worked out of the MA tech corridor and digging an entire car out of snow was an eye opening experience. Outside Chesapeake Bay there are times of the year where you can see whales close to shore. I'm sure there are sharks out there, but they aren't an attraction. Just make sure your boat doesn't turn into a Shark Week episode! I told my dealer that this boat is the most expensive GoPro accessory I ever bought.
  8. If gas is leaking out, then the ShopVac isn't the problem. If boats are so dangerous that you can't use a ShopVac, then boating manufacturers are retards and need to go out of business or get replaced by better ones. Customers shouldn't be paying to worry about gasoline leaks because boat engineers aren't up to par.
  9. Klub Marcus

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    I already updated the software and downloaded new charts this past weekend. It was simple and I used an old 2 Gb microSD card that I had laying around. The hardest part was waiting for all the data to transfer from my phone to the chartplotter. I'm still using split screen because it looks cooler and I can see bottom details. ActiveCaptain also has updates from boaters that can be cross checked by other boaters in order to make up for chart errors. I appreciate the advice and inputs, gents.
  10. Klub Marcus

    SunCoast vs H2O

    Thank you for the compliment and thank you for your contributions to the forum. It helps shoppers who are looking around on owner's boards. My kids like to ham it up when the camera is rolling. The forklift was new to me since I was only familiar with owners keeping a boat on the water or using trailers to launch and retrieve on boat ramps. The Yamaha F150XB has been trouble free the few times it's been used. It starts every time, keeps everything charged, and the layout beneath the cowl is straightforward. The Mercury 3L 150hp would've been the alternative. The only drawback is the space lost on the swim platform in exchange for ease of maintenance.
  11. I'll check for an anchor locker drain. The more trips we take, the more we can see how much water can get in the bilge. So far it's nowhere near enough to activate the bilge pump float switch. The top of the shop-vac comes off as a separate unit and is much smaller and it's in great condition. I'll be careful with the shop vac and I intend to use it only when the boat is on the wash rack while draining out.
  12. Klub Marcus

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    Thanks for the tip. I'm scrounging around for a spare microSD card that doesn't have valuable pictures or video and I'll use it to install updates and upgrades.
  13. Klub Marcus

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    I have the factory installed thru-hull transducer, haven't taken a close look as to the brand and model. The charted depths are out of date when you're away from the channels in my area so it is "boater beware" according ActiveCaptain users.
  14. Klub Marcus

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    The transducer shoots straight down so the real reason that I split screen is "because it looks cool". The full screen view is better and I will switch it back once the kids have their fill of the touchscreen. I boat in the Albemarle Canal and Elizabeth River which feed into Chesapeake Bay.
  15. Klub Marcus

    SunCoast vs H2O

    We selected the SunCoast because of the head compartment and porta-potty. IIRC the H20 didn't have a separate compartment, you could just bring a porta-potty onboard. We have little kids so we need to be ready for emergencies! We went with an outboard because we have a short winter and you get freakishly nice clear sunny days when you can't resist dropping the boat in the water even though it's cold. Our boat came with a Yamaha, but I would've been happy with a Mercury.