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  1. I concur. Get a survey done, if it hasn't been done already. The marine surveyor will point out any problems, safety issues, and additional gear that you'll need or want when taking your family out further. A water towing membership is handy, too. I haven't used mine but it's so cheap that I keep renewing.
  2. The trick is to add fuel stabilizer before you fill up the tank. Then you take the boat out for a day so that the stabilizer/fuel mix gets all the way to the engine. You pull back in and put the boat away for the winter with an almost full tank of stabilizer/fuel mix. I just buy whatever gasoline stabilizer is on sale at the auto store in the ratio that matches the gallon capacity of my fuel tank.
  3. Sport boats don't count as a residence, unfortunately!
  4. Same here, boat dealers and Yamaha are including 6 year manufacturer warranties by default nowadays. Even if the "special" is over, you can just ask and they throw it in just to close the sale. The only drawbacks to me for having an outboard is losing room on the swim platform, a hit on the looks, and better balance of having engine mass lower in the middle of the hull. I wanted simpler maintenance and fewer holes in the hull because I don't have much free time plus the ability to tilt higher up. Suzuki and 7Marine (Volvo) have dual-prop outboards nowadays. If I was in fresh water, then I'd go
  5. My local dealer has one in stock. If you buy it, then tell them that I want a kickback for the referral! https://www.centervillemarina.com/inventory/2019-chaparral-230-suncoast-in-stock-price-just-reduced-chesapeake-va-23320-10676569i Yes, I would buy another boat from them based on my first boat first year of ownership experience.
  6. I read that Sea Ray is building their boats at some outstanding boatyards in Poland. https://www.luxuo.com/motoring/yachting/poland-yacht-building-yacht-style-1.html If I end up getting into fishing and wanting a larger boat, then I'm looking at Robalo, same company as Chaparral and same dealer network. Otherwise, Regal looks like a good choice since Chap stopped making cabin cruisers.
  7. I'm keeping an eye on this company. https://www.sharrowmarine.com/store If my factory prop ever fails, then I'll buy a Sharrow Prop. Hopefully the price will drop as they become more common by then!
  8. My factory cockpit cover was too tight over the aft jumper seats so i bought these. http://mrsnappy.com/home/shop/ I'm buying another pack since I realized I could use it on the cooler cushion, I can pull on the cushion and the elastic allows it to flip down in order to get into the compartment easier.
  9. Same here. Mine is under the rear seat adjacent to the boarding ladder. If I'm not sure if I turned it off prior to leaving the marina, then I just climb up the ladder and pop the seat cushion up.
  10. It's nice to have the transom remote because of the aft facing jump seats on our boat. Usually, we're controlling the Clarion system via Bluetooth on smartphones. If you check out the factory Clarian system, you'll notice that it has outputs and/or wires to add a subwoofer and/or an amplifier.
  11. Sometimes the only difference between an automotive AGM battery and a boat AGM battery is that one says "marine" on it. I'll get an AGM if the default battery ever dies on me.
  12. I agree. Chaparral has better looking boats.
  13. I'm a big fan of "boatel" storage. They are typically hurricane proof with security cameras and fire suppression. Check around, the cost per foot isn't that much more than an open slip in exchange for peace of mind. I still use bow and cockpit covers, keeps random drips and debris out of the interior while the boat is indoors.
  14. Do you have a marine VHF radio installed in the boat, or a pair of handhelds that can be recharged onboard? I use mine to talk to bridge lift operators and listening to general radio traffic. Another thing that always comes in handy is a bucket, put a trash can liner in or your grocery bag from the day's food run. The bucket is supposed to be there in case you need to bail water out in an emergency, but it makes a heck of a trash receptacle. Keeping a rag onboard with leather cleaner/conditioner is handy for cleaning up food, drink, and suntan lotion stains before they set.
  15. I'm a big fan of smooth water when taking kids along. I vote for Lake Anna or upper Potomac. We go boating around the Elizabeth River and Chesapeake-Albemarle Canal. The wife and kids don't like waves.
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