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  1. I think I know what the cause might be. Seems like it’s sucking air through the intake hose. I have to pull the drive and check hose and nipple. Runs great when not on plane, but the minute it gets up on plane, when the hose is up on plane.
  2. Hi fellow chappys. I have a 2003 220 SSi with the 5.0 VP GXI/SX power plant. The boat has been running great. I recently replaced gimbal bearing, bellows, o- rings, etc on the outdrive. Ran great last week. Took it out this weekend and it’s overheating. While underway, the temp creeps up until it hits about 180, then it jumps over 200 and warnings go off and engine power drops. I can shift it into neutral and rev it up to bring the temps back down very quickly. Once underway again, the temps go up again. In an attempt to hopefully fix it, I replaced the stat and the impeller, but that did nothing. The circulation pump seems to turn fine and there’s no leak, but it does make a faint noise, a little like loose bolts, but it’s very faint. Could it have failed? I’m far from home and can only attempt limited repairs. Any suggestions? I also posted on iboats forum in hopes of getting suggestions. Thanks!
  3. Staying up late doing lots of research and came upon this: https://www.amazon.com/Meyle-5148140002-Universal-Joint/dp/B0075O5CCA/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Meyle+5148140002&qid=1567780722&s=automotive&sr=1-1#customerReviews I find it hard to believe that a $15 u-joint is going to last, but I guess these are made in Germany or Japan, and boaters are using them. Anyone have any experience with these?
  4. Good evening. I am in the process of replacing my U-Joint Bellows and Gimbal Bearing. I pulled the drive because of some vibration when turning and figured I'd clean it up and replace some things since the boat is new to me. Its a 2003 220 SSi, 5.0 GXi and SX-M drive. For starters, when pulling the drive, the Gimbal Bearing came out with it. It was on the drive shaft. The good news is that it slid right off without much difficulty, so I think maybe the alignment is off and that's possibly why it came out, and also why I may have some vibration. Otherwise, I'm not really sure why the bearing came out with the drive since it wasn't totally stuck on the drive shaft. Maybe it wasn't installed properly. It was a little difficult pulling the drive out, but I finally got it after about 10 mins of tugging. The Gimbal Bearing didn't look too bad, although it was completely covered in grease. I have a zerk fitting on the drive but the bearing did not have a hole for it. I thought that was odd. There is no water or rust and the bearing turns nicely. The U-joints are also relatively smooth, but there is grease coming out at the seams, and there is no zerk fitting on the u-joints, so I figured I'd just replace them too just in case they are the issue. Hopefully when I'm done, it will run nice and smooth. I did notice that my u-joints have the clips on the outside, not on the inside. The spiders listed for my drive are 3850812, but those have the clips on the inside. I did read a post on another forum that lists my spiders as 3860232 or Sierra 18-6406. Can anyone confirm or deny if these are the correct spiders? I need to order them asap and I want to make sure they are correct. I plan on doing it all myself, and since the u-joints are not cheap, I want to make sure I get the correct ones. I guess Volvo changed these at some point. Thanks!
  5. Looks like I might have to try the Intex inflatable option also. I think the foam mat is going to take up too much space and be a real PITA. Thanks!
  6. I ended up ordering one of these Seaview cable glands. The gray color will somewhat match the tower so hopefully it works out ok. Apparently, you can drill out the rubber to accommodate any diameter cable up to 17mm. I'm estimating I'll be at about 14mm, so hopefully this works.
  7. I believe the base of my tower is solid steel. It’s an Extreme Phat tower. I am planning to go straight out the side of the rear leg and into the side of the boat. The amps are in the starboard side behind the panels. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. I am installing speakers on my Wakeboard Tower on a 220 SSi. I plan on running three 2-pole 12 gauge wires for two speakers and a tower light. The wires will have to exit the leg of the tower just before the base and will enter the side of the boat through some kind of fitting. The three wires will be wrapped in a single braided wire loom where it exits the tower leg through a rubber grommet and then it will have to go through the side of the boat somehow. I am estimating that the loom will be roughly 1/2" to 5/8" in diameter. I was planning on using a wire gland like the one pictured, but I am having a hard time finding one that is tall enough to handle the thickness of the hull. I think they are made for metal panels that are very thin. I like the fact that they are black and would match the wire, I am trying to avoid chrome. Does anyone have a better idea for running a 5/8" loom through the side of the boat? I want it to look clean. I don't want to use connectors since the base of the tower does not come off, so there will never be a need to disconnect the wires. Thanks!
  9. That depends on the GPS I get since I don't have one. I was thinking of getting an entire setup with a display. Was hoping to have more than just GPH.
  10. Looks like they might work back to 2004, but maybe not 2003. I'll have to look up my engine serial number to get more info. Thanks for the links.
  11. I have a 2003 220 SSI with a VP GXi. Am I able to add some kind of interface or electronics that would give me engine data like mpg, mileage/hours, speed, temp, etc on my iPhone or even to a permanently installed device? I know VP offers something called Easy Connect or Electronic Vessel Control (EVC). I'm not sure if my motor is too old to provide this kind of data. There is an ignition module on the GXi, although I'm not sure if that is something I can connect to. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!
  12. Ok, we're a little off-topic here. Has anyone strapped one of these to a tower above their heads? Thanks!
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