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  1. I pulled the bulbs and I don't see any markings. They look like 194s, I just want some that are a little brighter. Trying to figure out the lumens I need out of an LED is a bit challenging.
  2. Less power draw, less heat (see initial post), color options, and last longer. Seems like enough already.... So, you would rather where a hat with lights in it than have proper working lights in your boat. That is ridiculous.
  3. I don't believe there is a dimmer. Gauges are clean and clear. Lights shine around the edge of each gauge, but not the gauge itself. Its like the lights are behind the gauge. I'll have to check them out.
  4. It looks like superleds.com doesn't exist anymore. My current bow nav light appears to be an attwood 3800 series, which is more of an aqua blue and red than a green and red. I was hoping I could just swap the bulbs inside without replacing the whole fixture since the chrome is still nice. I think the courtesy lights might have to be replaced along with the fittings, which appear to be relatively inexpensive. The gauge lights are another story. I definitely do not want to replace the gauge lights. I might just have to pull the bulbs and see what they look like. Hopefully they are accessi
  5. Good afternoon Chappys, I have a 220 SSI with a few courtesy cockpit lights, original lighted chrome bezel dash gauges, and the factory navigation light on the bow. I would like to switch all these lights to LEDs if possible. The courtesy lights are nice, but a little too "amber". The Nav light gets incredibly hot and I have burned my hand several times while climbing off the bow at night and putting my hand down on the chrome housing. Lastly, my gauges are simply not visible at night. All of the gauges light up, but the light is so poor I can't even see them. I'm hoping I can get L
  6. I'll have to get a photo. I've definitely seen some VP drives trimmed up quite a bit higher than mine. I'm wondering if there could be have been something added to the rams that cause them to hit their limit sooner. Thanks!
  7. I'm wondering if I can adjust my trim to get a few more inches at the top end. Everyone asks me if I'm trimmed all the way out, like near a beach or on the trailer, because it doesn't seem like I am. It seems like it could go a little higher. When I'm fully trimmed up, I have a few inches between the top of my drive and the bottom of my swim step. 2003 220 SSi. To give you an idea, the front of my skeg is roughly parallel to the ground when on the trailer and its just about level with the rear of my trailer. Was the trim set to stop in order to avoid damage to the ESP? Can I make an adj
  8. I'm pretty sure the first question will be, what motor are you running?
  9. Can someone help me identify this part? It’s some sort of upholstery clip. I want to get new ones since the headrest keeps coming loose. It’s held on by two of these. Anyone know what these are called? Thanks.
  10. I think I know what the cause might be. Seems like it’s sucking air through the intake hose. I have to pull the drive and check hose and nipple. Runs great when not on plane, but the minute it gets up on plane, when the hose is up on plane.
  11. Hi fellow chappys. I have a 2003 220 SSi with the 5.0 VP GXI/SX power plant. The boat has been running great. I recently replaced gimbal bearing, bellows, o- rings, etc on the outdrive. Ran great last week. Took it out this weekend and it’s overheating. While underway, the temp creeps up until it hits about 180, then it jumps over 200 and warnings go off and engine power drops. I can shift it into neutral and rev it up to bring the temps back down very quickly. Once underway again, the temps go up again. In an attempt to hopefully fix it, I replaced the stat and the impeller, but that did n
  12. Staying up late doing lots of research and came upon this: https://www.amazon.com/Meyle-5148140002-Universal-Joint/dp/B0075O5CCA/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Meyle+5148140002&qid=1567780722&s=automotive&sr=1-1#customerReviews I find it hard to believe that a $15 u-joint is going to last, but I guess these are made in Germany or Japan, and boaters are using them. Anyone have any experience with these?
  13. Good evening. I am in the process of replacing my U-Joint Bellows and Gimbal Bearing. I pulled the drive because of some vibration when turning and figured I'd clean it up and replace some things since the boat is new to me. Its a 2003 220 SSi, 5.0 GXi and SX-M drive. For starters, when pulling the drive, the Gimbal Bearing came out with it. It was on the drive shaft. The good news is that it slid right off without much difficulty, so I think maybe the alignment is off and that's possibly why it came out, and also why I may have some vibration. Otherwise, I'm not really sure why the bea
  14. Looks like I might have to try the Intex inflatable option also. I think the foam mat is going to take up too much space and be a real PITA. Thanks!
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